Summer flowers that not only beautify your home, but have secret meanings

You will probably agree with me on the fact that flowers have the amazing ability to brighten up our lives not only with their beauty, but also with their fragrance. However, in this post I have decided not to focus that much in flowers’ characteristics or best places to have them but on that deeper power they have, that goes beyond the surface appeal of their bloom. Here are some of the most interesting meanings that your summer flowers represent, find out them and start using the double purpose your flowers can perform.


Did you know that when peony flowers fully bloomed can get as big as ten inches wide? Yes! This beautiful summer flower which is native to China can actually become bigger than a sunflower. Furthermore, peonies are associated mostly with romance and prosperity; there are people who attributed good fortune to this flower as the blossoms of the peony is round, thus this symbolizes money. Peonies embody romance, with their lush, full, rounded bloom they are seen as a symbol of happy marriages; this is the reason why couples have taken this type of flowers as a tradition when celebrating their 12th wedding anniversary, they give peonies to their guests as presents.

In its native country (China), peony flower is a symbol of nobility; Chinese people give high regards to peonies for a long time now, even though that the most popular time for peony flower was during the Sui and Tang dynasty. In China, peonies also represent honor, they became so important for Chinese people that they are considered the traditional flower symbol of this country.

Morning glory

You can find morning glory flowers in gorgeous colors like blue, purple, red, white or yellow and pretty variations of these colors; this flower is the familiar moon flower you can find in many gardens, and each of the colors you can find them symbolize purity. The most particular fact of this flower is that blooms and dies within a single day; in the Victorian meaning of flowers, morning glories symbolize love, affection or mortality. On the other hand, in Chinese folklore the morning glory flower signifies a single day for lovers to meet.

As I have already noticed, morning glory represents an unrequited or restricted love; which could be understood as a pretty sign or warning that invite us to cherish all of those brief moments when we feel love is in reach, to me this is a beautiful and great way to teach us to treasure every single moment of joy in our lives.


If we go back in history, this flower would show up repeatedly as is one of the most popular flower which many people love, and many others hate. You can actually find the marigold flower related to the Virgin Mary, that is where the name Mary’s gold came from; this summer flower was used to represent the dead in Mexico, today marigold flowers are used in Day of the Dead ceremonies. This type of flower symbolizes grief, cruelty and jealousy, yet it is chosen to be part of many floral bouquets and arrangements.

Marigold flowers are the perfect example to what many people say about flowers: sometimes the biggest messages come from the smallest as well as most common garden flowers. The marigold can signify despair and grief over the loss of love, remembering and celebrating the dead, or coldness due to jealousy; however, it can also symbolize the beauty and warmth of the rising sun, desire for wealth or a symbol that promotes cheer and great relations in a relationship. So, after reading this it will be all up to you next time you see marigold flowers at your local florist and decide on whether take them home or not.


I totally adore sunflowers! They enhance the beauty of any space where you plant or place them, making from a simple place a colorful and warm one. These cheery bloomers have different meanings depending on cultural and religious roots; in China for instance, sunflowers are a symbolism of good luck, longevity and long life since most varieties of this flower stand in full bloom for months on end, even during the hottest days of summer. Some other people consider that sunflower signifies feelings of loyalty and strong bonds between two people, just like its strong and upright stem.

Sunflowers have developed amazing meanings across the world, however in many cultures their symbolism is similar due to their physical characteristics. The meaning I feel more identify with is that sunflowers strive to always seek out positivity and strength, as the bloom turns the face to the sun.


Hydrangea is also known as the Hortensia flower, it is an exceptional versatile summer flower that can be include in exquisite arrangements, garden settings and amazing bouquets. Moreover, they symbolize diverse meanings including, heartfelt and honest emotions of any kind, gratitude and thanksgiving to someone else, abundance and prosperity and many other meanings. As you can read, there are plenty of meanings we can attribute to Hydrangea flowers; this is why it will be advisable for you to pair your Hortensia flowers with other interesting flowers options, in order to make sure you get the right meaning across.