Summer flowers alternatives for a flourishing home decor

Every home decor describes homeowners’ style and tastes; in other words, expressing yourself by choosing the designs, space distribution and texture of each unit should be factors you need to carefully consider, all of them will add an embellish look to your home and this is a big reason to be as creative as possible. Summer has finally arrived, and its flowers already bloomed so it is time to start thinking about what type of flowers you will use in order to match your home style with such interesting season, and get the best from each room of your home. I have compiled an attractive list of alternatives which might lead you to change your mind, and choose them from those typical options many people decide on every single year.

Instead of Daisies, try Plumerias

Don’t get me wrong, I love Daisies! However, I do also enjoy giving my home decor a little twist every now and then; Plumerias are great alternatives to Daisies since you can find them in that gorgeous white and yellow color scheme, Plumerias will also keep the clean and bright feel in your home décor but this time with a more tropical as well as summery vibe. Moreover, this amazing flower alternative for your summer decor come in other beautiful and vibrant colors with fragrant scents, Plumerias can be placed in the direct without harm however if you want yours to look at their very best for longer, then strive to give them a little shade sometimes in order to protect foliage and stems from becoming scorched quickly.

It is important to make notice that Plumerias can perfectly survive with little moisture, because they can hold an excess amount of moisture in their stems and branches, so they are very durable in gardens or containers in hot areas; so, when gardening your home’s green areas, you should avoid overwatering the plant.

Instead of Peonies, try double- flowered Tulips

One of the best characteristics of summer is that you can basically base your home decor in minimalist and simple items or ideas, and everything will look fresh and calming; just what you need at home when it is very hot outside. Double- flowered Tulips perform amazingly as an alternative of Peonies due to the fact that they are available in several colors, in case you are would like to bring home vibrant feel and want to go bolder. This type of flowers for your summer decor truly stands out, because their blooms are packed with petals and their effects in any space of your property will be very eye- catching. On the other hand, double- flowered Tulips still have the full, lush and soft touch that peonies offer plus, tulips are known for their sweet smelling and seductive fragrant; their petals are quite tasty and this is why you may actually find Tulip petals in salads. In addition, double- flowered Tulips are much more affordable than peonies; if you are looking for a flower alternative that does not necessarily exceed your budget, double- flowered Tulip bulbs are a less costly so you can grab the ones you like the most and get to gardening, to my mind this is another reason to opt for them.

Instead of Sunflowers, try Gaillardias

Gaillardias are from the Sunflower family, so this alternative still keeps your love for sunflowers intact. This type of flowers is also known as Blanket flowers, are native to central United States and Canada; Gaillardias can be planted to cover entire fields and once they bloom, bright colors can be seen in gardens; another great characteristic of this type of flowers is that they attract butterflies, all these features have made from Gaillardias a very popular flower choice not only for summer but for the whole year, all over the U.S. furthermore, Blanket flowers are bright additions to your garden, they are really easy to grow and you can see them blooming in bi- color tones including orange, red and yellow; this type of flowers bloom from early summer to fall, which makes them perfect in or along big fields.

Instead of Zinnias, try Shrub Roses

This is a low maintenance and beautiful option for your garden during summer. Shrub Roses are elegant, and at the same time they can easily withstand dryness, this is make them the best of the hardiest rose species. The only aspect you might want to pay attention to regarding Shrub Roses is that you must be careful when planting them, as the they have thorns; this option for your garden combines the traits with modern repeat blooming, and divers flower forms, colors and fragrances. Shrub Roses grow tall when planting them with vigorous and far- reaching canes, otherwise they will stay compact; this alternative is great for homeowners that would like to enjoy of their gorgeous landscaping bur without low maintenance commitment.

Instead of Lavender, try Aster

Other than be a very pretty flower, you can find Lavender- scented overload; laundry detergent, candles and many others home option; however, if you still want to keep purple popping in your decor then you will just love Aster. This great alternative to Lavender blooms in bright colors, attracts butterflies and they are also low- maintenance, I believe this is the perfect summer wildflower. Aster means “star” in Latin, and so this name is very suitable for such type of flower which will absolutely uplift and brighten your summer garden.