Stomping, know your floor

There are people who know that any symptoms of the house reflects their personality. This is the floor, we tend to forget him because seems we take it for granted it into our home. However, this is one of the most important features when choosing not only the in home but in the office.

The floor contains all the traffic and also, why not, the elegance of your walk and that of all your visitors. Thus, It is not only think of durability but also in style, in the instant for the choose.

The floors vary as much as the material they are made of, and with that beings able to giving more sobriety, neatness, practicality, or all three, to your space.

Brick floors

Brick floors are usually suitable to withstand high temperatures and give a good decorative tone to the house. People use it mostly for the beach because it’s moisture and salt resistant. It is a very cost effective option and and even though there are not enough options, your choices range from the common. It’s like the ugly duckling of the family, but when well taken care of, is a great advantage.

Hardwood floors

Principally the people know they usually the Hardwood floors give great style, although they are a little expensive, elegance can never disappear even if you walk onthe more rustic elections. Wood is often like a black shirt goes with everything, and an infinite number of ways to match the walls of your home can be achieved from matte and glossy, lacquered, varnished and others. Although there are many sources, repeat, with him you can not escape the elegance

Granite floors

If there was a competition of who is the most quoted, granite takes the prize for its low cost with high resistance over time. It is the favorite of many people because it gives comfort and reliability, as well as being a kind of material very easy to clean and uncomplicated for waxing. While it has a wide range of possibilities in design stones they are always people prefer by decorative sobriety.

Mosaic floors

For those who adore the esthetic, these are usually the favorites. It varies in the middle of a long range of intense products that go in two categories from the granites to the calcareous ones that are easier to maintain.

Floating floors

People opt for this type of floor when the clock plays against them, as well as being ideal because it attracts with its bright and striking features. Unlike many others it is very expensive but (it’s) perfect for when you have young children, ideal for high traffic areas but (is) moisture’s enemy.

9 300x300 Stomping, know your floor

Carpet floors

There is no better choice than carpeting to cover up quickly and elegantly those floors that are in a deplorable state. They can be used in different spaces and the variety of materials

offer endless combination options.

The importance of the floor is greater than we think, is the base. So much so that it is practically the only thing in the house that at first we can not change as quickly as we want

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