Staging Your Home: Visual Tricks to Apply

Do you plan to sell your home soon? Do you know what it takes to get your property ready for viewers or potential buyers? Preparing your home for staging can be daunting but necessary process. By putting all of your effort on getting your home ready to be sold, you do not only ensure your property will be sold faster but you are possibly adding thousands of pounds to its initial value, which can be really helpful if you are thinking of acquiring another home at the same time. Even though when you take the decision to sell your home it is no longer yours, this commodity still needs to be part of a production where you and a staging expert are the directors; because your house should look like a model home, this means that coziness and comfort are two of the most important aspects the will make it an inviting place that stands out from the rest of the other houses on the market.

Beautiful decor is not enough to accomplish an eye- catching place you need to sell; it is also about choosing the right props, getting rid of that furniture that is only making your home’s spaces look smaller and start creating focal points in the main living areas. A good idea might be thinking of preparing a model home, where your potential viewers, their family and friends pleasantly lounge in the living room or sit around the candlelit table. To give you better perspective, I have compiled some effective visual tricks that you can apply when executing such an important project.

Time to Say Bye to Clutter

Before starting with this visual trick, make sure your idea of decluttering your home does not include depersonalize it. When you prepare your home to be sold, the most ideal goal you should accomplish is to get rid of old furniture  that makes your home look clutter, try to follow that house rule which stands that for every new item you bring home, you need to take away an old one. Keep in mind that excess of accumulated stuff will only diminish what viewers and potential buyers really need to envisage; they might find it difficult to picture themselves living there, so try your best at offering a fabulous and bright commodity that perfectly reflects your own lifestyle; believe it, potential buyers feel more attractive about the idea of purchasing your house if you show them that side of your lifestyle.

Appealing and Well-Coordinated Color Schemes

Painting or repainting your house for selling purposes is a smart decision. A fresh lick of neutral paint hues in your walls enhances your home as makes your property seem lighter and bigger. When you choose neutral colors, you enable viewers to imagine how they can adapt each room to their needs, plus you are easing their moving in process as they can use the rooms immediately, if we compare this with another home staging alternatives that still have bright purple or green tones on their walls, you absolutely have a great advantage among them.

Strive To Create a Light & Airy Commodity

If you want your staged home look warm and welcoming for your viewers, then great lighting is what you need to accomplish. A typical problem many homeowners deal with is having improperly lighted in their rooms; the solution to this is increasing the wattage in your lamps and fixtures, do not base the lighting system on only one or two fixture per room, you rather ensure that you have lamps on in any dark area. The trick is to be sure to provide your house with the three types of lighting: ambient which is for general purposes, task such as pendant or under- cabinet applications and accent which is mean to be on tables and walls. I would also add the infallible trick of placing wall mirrors that make a room look not only lighter but brighter; you can put some of them in hallways or smaller areas. Moreover, do not forget about properly clean windows; this will provide the spaces with a light and airy feel that makes your property even more attractive.

Update Old Faces

Since you do not want to spend a lot of money in renovation in a home that will not be yours soon, but on the other hand the kitchen of your home is the most valuable area, there is no need to purchase new kitchen cabinets but instead you can get new doors and drawer fronts. Refacing your kitchen cabinetry is an effective way to update your kitchen, paint and repair everything to match and if needed, add new hardware. Additionally, you might want to consider new plumbing fixtures as well as white goods to provide your kitchen with a fantastic visual effect.

Fix Evident Elements

Fixing any minor repair or completing unfinished project is necessary if you want to sell your property. Then, holes in walls, broken door knobs, cracked tiles or repairing floorboards is key in the home staging process. Furthermore, once you have finished fixing them clean everything until it sparkles; clean and repair tile grouts, get rid of limescale and odors, incorporate fresh flowers or apply the effective trick of baking bread, cakes or brownies for each viewer that visits your home.

Strive to create positive impressions of your home by properly arrange all the elements that are part of that beautiful property you are about to sell. Place furniture in the right spots, choose color- coordination schemes and accessories, and do not forget about rich linens as well as table settings that once together will evoke a cozy and welcoming feeling. Keep in mind that repainting and cleaning are part of the process, but there is so much more you need to do in order to stage a house that looks appealing and sellable.

When you make your property look bigger, brighter and cleaner you are immediately accentuating all of the positive elements that space has. You can also act a demanding critic, who wonders about the best features of each room, what are the most accentuated spaces of the house and how can that house make you feel comfortable; this is an interesting idea you can develop with your home stager expert, the ideal scenario is that your home stager helps you change your mindset from home to a commodity which needs to be ready for selling.