Smart Solutions to Better Organize Your Home

The way your home looks is a clear reflect of your personality; and when life gets busy, keeping a clean home can be a complete challenge. However it is important to remember that having a well- organized house is important not only for you but for your family; you get more activities done, finding things in your house is easier, an organized home also allows your mind to be more relaxed and this inspires you to be more creative. Moreover, when your home has everything properly placed you feel more motivated to invite people over and let’s be honest, at the end of a hard day there is nothing more relaxing than jumping in a bed with clean sheets that definitely contribute to sleep better. Thinking of you, moms and home makers that face the challenge of developing many tasks and responsibilities every day; in FinishBuild we have compiled an really interesting list of smart organizing solutions for your house, that will help you save time and most importantly, sanity! At the end of the day what really matters is to spend more time enjoying your gorgeous home than tidying it up.

Let your mind rest peacefully in a clean home; little changes in the rooms of your house can certainly help reduce the clutter. In FinishBuild we have come across really interesting solutions that will help you to better organize your home’s areas.

Living Room

After a nice afternoon of conversations, food and laughter trash is one of the most common elements you will need to take care of; adding a wastebasket can work perfectly due to the fact that will cut down on clutter. We know that they are not attractive and actually can smell, but a good idea would be find one that harmoniously match your living room’s décor; make sure to have a wastebasket with lid and as well as deodorizing trash bags.

In case you have a coffee table but you forgot about it because of the clutter; it would be great to reassess its organizational capacity. The best investment you can do regarding this is a coffee table where you can storage magazines, remote controls or even drinks coasters, this way you will enjoy of both good- looking and functionality; however if you do not have one of this in your living room, consider adding low storage cubes or bins to stick under the coffee table.

A lot of small photo frames gathered in one place make your living room look unorganized, take control of this by displaying them in new ways. Collage frames are our favorite idea; you will storage lots of photos at once and if you make it digitally is even better, be sure you use vertical space on the wall to place them. Another smart suggestion would be organizing your photos in photo boxes, keeping them in one central location on your bookshelf.



Proper use of space even under the cabinets can be an excellent way to better utilize those areas of your kitchen; whether for placing an appliance, make a lighting application or a dish- towel rod.

Installing shelf organizers will definitely be a smart solution in your kitchen; they make frequently used gear easy to access.

Organizing kitchen items in group based on their similarity and purpose is really convenient: assign them to specific cabinets and you will notice how different the cooking dynamic in your kitchen is.

To complement the above organizing solution, place your kitchenware based on the frequent use you give to them. By arranging everyday dishes on an “easy to reach” in a lower shelf, and “special occasion” pieces up above.

Give cookbooks space, and as they are not exposed to humidity and grease from the fridge or stove, they will be fine on open shelves. Moreover they will add an interesting decorative finish to your kitchen.


Storing items under the bed will always be a smart option because you can make this space a great extension of your closet; this will give you the chance to rotate your seasonal items. Make sure to stick a label on the outside of each container so when you peek under the bed, you can identify what you are looking for.

Say bye to the shoe pile! Invest in a shoe rack, this is a wise solution since bags and shoes tend to das and take up valuable hanging space. Moreover, when you opt for an expanding tiered shoe rack below your clothes, you keep your shoes accessible and away from staining materials. Additionally, another good suggestion we can give you is to let go those pairs of shoes you are not wearing anymore, even if you enjoy abundance, sometimes it is totally fine to donate some of those items.

Keep your jewelry in order with a hanging organizer; fortunately there is a wide variety of them and have plenty of clear pockets; this way any piece of your jewelry collection get tangled, plus by having such a great organizer in your bedroom, you will be encouraged to wear your jewelry pieces more often.

It may sound insignificant but making your bed every day is the best way you have to better organize what you need for its next use. See your bed as your sanctuary, spend few minutes every morning to making it and you will surely develop the habit of keeping order in the room, and thus you feel motivated to pick up that ugly pile of clothes on the floor.


A plastic tub or made from your favorite material under your sink, loaded up with your hair products is the quickest solution to unorganized gels, sprays, combs and hair dryers that only create clutter; the best part is that when you fix your hair, you can take the whole tub out and put what you need away, without creating any mess.

Sometimes towel racks are not big enough to hang everyone’s towels; so be creative and add hooks to the bathroom, where you can easily create a space for each member of the family to hang their towels.

Make the best of your bathroom’s space; over the toilet bath furniture you can place extra toilet paper, toiletries and why not more towels. This is an inexpensive way to make your bathroom look more attractive.

There is not best feeling than when you live in a clean and organized, where you have got “it” together. Of course organization takes time, it does not happen overnight and the idea is to focus on progress, instead of immediate results. Setting a home with a fresh and organized environment is also a matter of consistency. Furthermore, even though your main goal is to have a well- organized home, you need to be aware of possible accidents that can show up; you should follow an organizing routine knowing that there will be moments when you need to pay more attention to what you are enjoying with your family, and then you will find time to clean up. Good moments do not need to be the most organized, that is just real life and it is ok.

Do not let the clutter rule your life, start up with little organizing changes, they will result into a big and good-looking impact in the way your home looks; find out with us how to make the most out of your spaces…you start, we Finish!