Shower Head: Clean Bathroom Tips

Shower head cleaning not only can allow you to be in control of an optimum hygiene but also allow you to maintain an accurate performance in water spraying. Believe or not, over time mineral deposits can plug up the spray holes and make your shower experience less pleasant and less effective. If you actually happen to enjoy showering time as me. You might not find likeable a showerhead that only covers 75 % of its efficiency. Bath-time can not only might be the only place where you can find a little peace and silent but also it is a place where you take care of your body. Therefore, for this reason, because I personally think that we all deserve and should allow ourselves a me-time but also a clean one, I´ve come with the awareness of sharing a caring time to the appliances that make this possible.

Showerhead Deep Cleaning

In the case you can took off the showerhead

 Remove your shower head by turning it counterclockwise until it comes off the wall pipe. If you are unable to unscrew it by hand, an adjustable wrench can do the job, but first wrap the fixture with a rag to prevent scratching the finish. One you have been able to get your shower head off, pour white vinegar mixed with water to completely submerge the fixture and allow it to hang in the liquid.

Allow your showerhead to soak in the vinegar overnight. The acid in the vinegar should penetrate and dissolve any mineral deposits clogging up the spray holes. Subsequently, remove the shower head from the vinegar the following morning and clean off any loosened mineral with an old toothbrush. If you can, try to give it a try in your kitchen sink in order to assure yourself that the vinegar cleaning has been effective. If so, go back to your bathroom and reinstall your shower head and do not forget to help yourself with some plumbing tape to the threads of the wall pipe, wrapping your shower head counterclockwise. After this we recommend you to take a shower in order to enjoy and for re-checking purposes like leak proof, you might have to tighten your showerhead.

The Bag Fixed Shower head cleaning

Another practical and functional way of cleaning for fixed shower heads is to attach a plastic bag with poured white vinegar, just enough to completely submerge it and then wrap it with a strong rubber band around to keep it securely attached to your wall pipe. Afterwards, allow the fixture to soak in the vinegar overnight. Once you efficiently remove the baggie, run hot water through the showerhead for several minutes to remove the released mineral deposits and vinegar.

Can I use another available kitchen cleaner?

Lemon juice

Green and natural, lemon juice is one of the most reliable cleaner that Mother Nature provides. Lemon has citric acid and  when is combine with salt it becomes a copper and brass cleaner, however you should keep an eye and use it with precaution, because even though can return the light to metals, if left on for a long time cannot washed off well. The other benefit of lemon juice is the cool and fresh odor it adds to surfaces you’re planning to clean.


Do you want to stay tuned with non- abrasive products but also want to avoid vinegar odor? We have found in some cases that Ketchup is one rare option. Believe or not that red sauce you keep into your kitchen cabinet happens to be a great cleaner for copper pots and pans. This is due to the fact that among the ingredients, citric acid is part of these sauces. Acids support cleaning metals because they strip off rust, the dark oxide coating that forms on bare metal surfaces.

Bicarbonate of soda

Commonly known for cleaning, by mixing it with water you can create a mildly alkaline solution that helps dissolve dirt and grease. Acting as a good abrasive, Bicarbonate of soda lifts stains from carpets and removes marks from surfaces without scratching them. Besides avoiding the strong odor of vinegar, this powder, it also can help you neutralize strong odors as well.

What you must not forget when cleaning shower head in your bathroom

Even though nowadays, industry has been able to pull off a wide variety of bathroom cleaning products, harsh cleaning chemicals may damage not only your shower heads but also the covering toilet and sink refinishes, which overtime can be a budget expense. Therefore, besides always opting for the natural products if you cannot avoid purchasing at least one of the manufactured nice aromatized cleaning merchandises, try at least those ones that are not strong in odor or happen to have a long extensive list of chemicals involved.

Last but never least FinishBuild would make emphasize on taking care of you and your skin. Generally, nails can get weak when exposed to chemical and continued water exposure, so remember to wear gloves which not only help you on safeguarding your hands but also would definitely allow you to grip items better .

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