Rustic & Modern Kitchen with Laminate Flooring

 THE DARK SIDE OF KITCHENS HOW TO WORK WITH BLACK destacada 300x138 Rustic & Modern Kitchen with Laminate Flooring

Would you like to have place at home where you can incorporate nature charm and warmth with modern furniture? Then a rustic modern kitchen could be what you home is missing; an space at home where you can escape the hectic fast-paced city life and just for a moment dream of what a quiet country life combine with modern elements would be like.

Being honest “modern rustic” may sound a buzz term, however FinishBuild feels very enthusiastic when it comes about giving you ideas to upgrade the look in any of your home’s space; in this article we would like to focus on flooring in a kitchen with a rustic finish, just to embody those natural wood elements that many people enjoy when in a countryside area. The idea of this kitchen project is to feature amazing natural elements, a great flooring option and some unexpected modern furniture, which would surprisingly turn into a well modern rustic kitchen style.

FinishBuilds rustic modern ideas

Dark & natural look

%name Rustic & Modern Kitchen with Laminate FlooringFinishBuild’s Brazilian cherry will be your wise choice if you are looking for a warm dark natural look for your kitchen. Wide wooden planks of this excellent laminate floor in conjunction with wood ceiling beams and wood cabinets will bring a wonderful look to your rustic modern kitchen. To light up your beautiful kitchen with a modern touch, you can add a hanging plank with some lanterns or candles over the main counter top or table.

Rustic mixes and modern appliances

Our Strandwoven laminate flooring would be ideal to integrate rustic mixes such as cabinets and counter tops with stainless steel appliances, for instance: oven, stoves and fridge. To illuminate the space, we suggest completing it with pendant lights. Enjoy of a really intimate room while you prepare your and your family favorite’s dishes.

Your favorite rock element and our Sage

Having stone and our stunning Sage laminate floor as underfoot in your kitchen will reflect a true rustic impact. This flooring will be perfect if combine it with any rock element, whether quartz or granite as you counter tops surfaces; you will also appreciate how modern this style will look.

Defining elements in your brand new modern rustic kitchen

Now let’s make it clear, the fact your kitchen is rustic does not necessary mean your furniture has to be;

%name Rustic & Modern Kitchen with Laminate Flooring

Age wood cabinets and a natural fireplace; they will emit that warm glow any rustic kitchen needs to make you, your family and guests cozy. Regarding to the fireplace and since the main aspect Is to portray a rustic style; you can opt for whether stone as your fireplace or a modern wood stove, whatever your choice is, remember that a wood-burning fireplace will suitably complement this natural style room.

Furniture and appliances

Since we are adding the modern finish to your rustic kitchen, needless to say that you should keep theses pieces as modern as you consider; mid-century appliances such as dishwasher drawers or under counter refrigerators nicely suit this kitchen style.

Natural light

Even if your kitchen space does not have a wide open window to let sunlight pour into your kitchen, we are sure that there is at least a window so we recommend not to block them and instead use lightweight curtains to cover them. To balance this natural light aspect with some electrical pieces, our

THE DARK SIDE OF KITCHENS HOW TO WORK WITH BLACK 11 300x300 Rustic & Modern Kitchen with Laminate FlooringStainless steel finishes‘ time

The request for “easy to clean” appliances in the kitchen is on the rise, and what’s better than choosing stainless steel counter tops and back splashes? They are easy to be integrated in your rustic style and the greatest news is that faucet manufacturers are offering up as more and more of these brilliant options.

Natural color pallet

Whether you prefer dark or lighter colors, in any rustic modern kitchen the colors are subdued. You could cover your kitchen’s walls in a natural material like wood or stone.

5 really interesting kitchen facts FinishBuild would like to share with you

So far we have been helping you on how to add that particular modern rustic finish to your kitchen. Additionally, there are some interesting kitchen facts you might like to know about your cozy indoor area:

THE DARK SIDE OF KITCHENS HOW TO WORK WITH BLACK 10 300x300 Rustic & Modern Kitchen with Laminate FlooringIs it your brand new modern rustic kitchen the cleanest area in your house?

When it comes to clean spaces at home, people definitely do not think of the bathroom as a potential area in this category. However we need to let you know that it is actually your kitchen’s sink with the worst culprit, with over 100,000 times more germs that a bathroom or toilet…yes this is true.

Clever cheat to eliminate freezer smells

Speaking of smells, in case you do not how to rid freezer smells in your new rustic modern kitchen; fill a (clean!) sock with coffee granules, because they can remove musty smells from your freezer, you might think this is odd, but it really works.

Hold it on! It’s just an onion

There is no need to experience the dreaded tears when chopping up an onion; to avoid this awful moment, you can carefully cut your onion under cold water. Or if you prefer, you can try putting it in the freezer for a while before chopping it. In addition, if you have trouble trying to remove the onion smell from your hands, use lemon juice to wash them.

What about your chopping board?

The average chopping board has more than 200% more germs than the average toilet seat, did you know that? Based on this statement FinishBuild would like to recommend you to separate boards for raw and cooked food and in order to keep you kitchen healthy, make sure you always use hot soapy water to clean it up. Or you might consider acquiring a glass board, it is not more hygienic than the wooden ones, but they are less likely to retain liquids.

Have the gadgets you simply need to have

Let’s be honest, there are some kitchen necessities we seldom use, for instance: melon baller or avocado slicer, to be precise: 87% of people own those gadgets and they do not use them. So, try to purchase only the kitchen utensils you actually need, this way you save space in your kitchen that can be used to place other useful kitchen elements.

The key to a modern rustic kitchen is a superb laminate flooring that best evokes wood, modern furniture, and preserved and exposed natural architectural elements. Remember that the color scheme should be very simple and if possible, allow windows to bring the outdoors in your kitchen space. In our opinion, this style has an informal elegance and shows modern aspects at their best! FinishBuild encourages you to create modern interiors that express your character and style.

Whether you like it modern, with rustic look or both…you start, we Finish!

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