Rectified Porcelain Tiles for a living room

rectified porcelain tiles for a living room destacada 300x138 Rectified Porcelain Tiles for a living room

At FinishBuild we have the opportunity to offer you a gamma of textures on the rectified porcelain matter. The surface patter     ning on tiles can include wood, stone and even metal. Most of these patterns, such as those replicating wood and stone, are produced through transfer printing, where a pattern is pressed into the flooring board itself.

 On this section, since what we are thinking on a warm a cozy place for your family and friends wood patterns might be a good choice. Rectified porcelain tiles, such as, Brush Elm would agree on showing a light color. You might like to take into account the fact that rectified tiles can adjust to your living room dimensions is a plus you might not want to elude, this is due to the manufacturing process which guarantees each tile is exactly the same size and shape, and therefore it is possible to lay them cleanly and carefully with very little extra fill products. So before if you are actually considering this type of flooring products check first the tile dimensions. This way you can make you installation process cheaper and stress-free as well.

One again we would love to recap on the PEI rating, known as The Porcelain Enamel Institute PEI, which said that tiles are classified in order to determine the recommended application for a tile. All tiles are classified with a PEI rating and the scale is as follows:

PEI 0.  Recommended to a non-foot traffic area, for example, a wall-tile  project.

PEI 1. Corresponds to very light traffic areas such as bathroom.

PEI 2.  Is for light traffic places (bathroom and bedroom)

PEI 3. This is the type for light and moderate traffic zones such as, home flooring.

PEI 4. Moderate to heavy traffic, which is usually used to entrance, hallway, kitchen, balcony and some commercial applications)

PEI 5. Heavy traffic direct to all domestic/commercial uses with heavy abrasion/footfall.

Most ceramic floor tiles will carry a PEI rating from 3 to 4 with porcelain tiles ranging from PEI 3 to 5. Finish Build staff suggest regarding PEI 3 or 4 as you best option, because of its many uses and resilient features. For future purposes it is important to take it into account or at least be aware of it before any purchase.

FinishBuild products

rectified porcelain tiles for a living room 1 300x300 Rectified Porcelain Tiles for a living roomPorcelain tiles features are usually thicker and therefore heavier to handle than other ceramic tiles. For this reason, it is generally more expensive. Frequently specialized cements are necessary for installation of porcelain tiles. Consequently, regarding installation methods, it might be wise to use a stronger adhesive to hold the weight on walls.

Continuing with the features of FinishBuild features, another goodness regarding ceramic and rectified porcelain tiles is the flexible ornamental aspects. Rectified porcelain tiles are generally used to increase comfort such as kitchen areas, laundry spaces and also living room zones as well. At the present time our catalog have Kronenhahn wood line, wich corresponds to a smooth wood light colors that might agree on the warm look you might be interested on. Casona Beige, Casona blanco, Vintage Grey come on 8x 48 cm. Others, such as, Sand, White and Imperial Grey from the same line, come on measures of 9x 36 cm.

Items to boost your living room energy

Lights & High ceilings

rectified porcelain tiles for a living room 3 300x300 Rectified Porcelain Tiles for a living roomIf your living room is blessed with high ceilings, you might want to take full advantage of that extra space. While vertical space does not support squeezing in an extra seat, drawing the eye upward does benefit your living room area in order to give the impression that your room is far larger and majestic than it actually is.

Work with your walls

In the case you are into art, music or into any particular geek collection, we encourage you to show it. Nothing describes you more than personal items you truly love. Therefore, fill that vertical space with an electrifying art gallery.


rectified porcelain tiles for a living room 4 300x300 Rectified Porcelain Tiles for a living roomCorner sofa. If you have a small corner living room space, sometimes going with the largest piece of furniture possible can actually make it feel bigger. A generously sized corner sofa for instance, is comfortable and able to seat loads of people and since it reads as just one piece, it helps the room feel uncluttered. A modern corner sofa with clean, straight lines works better in a small space than an overstuffed version.

Petite sofa. You might want to take into account a slimmed-down love seat or a petite sofa on for size instead. Choose one with clean lines and exposed legs for the airiest look. A small sofa floats in the middle of this open-plan space, facing a media center on the wall. One armchair and an upholstered ottoman (that can double as an extra seat) round out the group. Seats: three or four.

Try a backless sofa. In an not built up space, sometimes the best position for the sofa is not on the wall but in the middle of the room, which can really gobble up your space. A backless sofa is a very chic alternative and can be used from both sides, meaning a bonus when seating because options are endless. And if you want to use it in a larger room someday, it can act as a divider between two seating areas.

Or Bounce the sofa. Who says a living room has to require a couch at all? If your space is tight, try rotating two or four armchairs around a coffee table as an alternative. For multifunctional area, make the coffee table a tray-topped ottoman that can be used as a seat, or add a couple of poufs to chill on a cozy place.

Nature elements

rectified porcelain tiles for a living room 2 300x300 Rectified Porcelain Tiles for a living roomFinishBuild is a very enthusiastic on adding nature elements. We believe that the more you and your love ones are in contact with natural surroundings the happier you will be.  Mother Nature is a wonderful and delightful manner to add resonance to a living room. Lush greenery softens corners and fools the eye into thinking there is more to the room than there really is. Plants are especially effective in corners and beside or behind sofas.

Multifunctional furniture

FinishBuild is always supporting multifunctional spaces, consequently nesting side tables that can be moved around as needed are a virtuous idea. Another suggestion might be wall to storage. A floor-to-ceiling storage wall can be customized to contain from books, ornament figures and even a media center. Pull-down desks is very common, in order to safe space and combine activities on the same area.

Go Crystal. To add a more elegant but chic look to your living room area, glass or acrylic are wonderful materials to use in a living room, because they take up zero visual space. Try a coffee table or with crystal look in one of these corners to share a cup of tea or why not you might have lunch there too.

A Fireplace on the living room?

rectified porcelain tiles for a living room 5 300x300 Rectified Porcelain Tiles for a living roomFinish Build staff definitely recommends adding low seats can actually make the fireplace area look more inviting. Another suitable option can be 2 or 3 poufs on a colorful rug to make it more intimate. A pair of small backless seats, in front of the fireplace in the living room to sneak in some extra seating without blocking the room’s prime point.

Finish Build staff hopes that this general tips would have been useful for your current project or your start-over operation. Mandy Hale, once said that happiness is an inside job. Therefore, do not assign anyone else that much power over your life. May your spaces reflect what make you feel happy. You start…we Finish!

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