Pumpkins and Gourds In Your Home Decoration for Fall

Decorating for the current season is something people really enjoy and put their creativity on. Fall season could be seen as a period of changes that leads to the dark of winter. If we focus on decoration, in FinishBuild fall is for us a season for balancing light and dark among the elements that take place in your home’s spaces. Flowers are the most typical arrangements homeowners display in their homes to welcome this reflecting season of the year, however we would like you to think about the following alternative: have you ever thought about including pumpkins and gourds as part of your fall decoration? There are plenty of creative ways to incorporate these other beautiful bounties of nature, and since pumpkins and gourds can be found in unique shapes as well as different shades of yellow, this make them the perfect element that can be combined with your favorite flowers and grasses in order to create a truly gorgeous display for any of your rooms.

Incorporating Pumpkins and Gourds in your Home’s Decoration

Think how much freshness and eye- catching appearance you can add to your home by displaying awesome pumpkins and gourds arrangements. Get some inspiration with the following pretty decorating ideas, and make your home reflects a truly autumnal spirit.

Gourds Arranged in Glass Vases

Using cylindrical glass vases, gather gourds and stack them in varying amounts; you can also add to each display a length of fresh pumpkin vine, place it in the vase with a bit of water and place this gorgeous ornamental on a tabletop or mantel.

Colored Pumpkins as Centerpieces

Choose pumpkins from different colors, and create a festive tone on a table that is piled with pumpkins, gourds and bittersweet; bowls or cake plates are excellent to display this pretty idea, you will notice that the rich fall colors of pumpkins and gourds make from this option such an elegant centerpiece.

Add Even More Freshness to the Front Door

Pile up pumpkins and gourds along with potted croton and mums and create a welcoming front porch that is not only really beautiful but right designed for the season. You will have an eye- catching fest at your home’s entry.

Crafty Gourd Pieces

Small pumpkins and gourds are ideal for this option; involve your family to achieve this creative idea and have a good time while attaching with hot glue on to the gourds sunflowers seeds, feathers and nuts in order to make facial features.

Simple and Useful Candleholders

This is another craft alternative you can create just by cutting off the tops of the gourds you have choose and hollowing out their centers. The next step is to arrange them in a metal tray filled with green hedge apples, try this idea and you will have an easy and beautiful fall display.

Pumpkin- based Vases

Nothing looks more natural and proper for the occasion than a vase made from a pumpkin; choose some orange flowers and cattails and put inside the hollowed out pumpkin to make this idea performs at its best.

Pumpkins and Gourds that Flow

To adorably achieve this exceptional idea, fill some glasses with water and allow mini pumpkins and gourds float inside; Teddy Bear sunflowers set in a shallow dipping bowl, will add the charming finish.

Flowered Pumpkins: Get the Best of the Two Worlds

If the idea is to keep the floral aspect but also include the most typical fall element on your tabletops or small footed urns; then create a gorgeous floral display using yellow and orange mums, stick the heads from the flowers with hot glue all over the pumpkin.

Pumpkin Luminaries to Light up Fall Season

What is better than illuminate a fall night with a candleholder that is proper for the season? You can achieve this fall decorative element by carving a small hole in the top of a miniature pumpkin. Strive to make it wide enough so the candle can be nestled in securely.

Make Pumpkins and Gourds Live Longer…

Other than looking amazingly in your home, these fall ornamentals can also live longer if properly preserved. This is the reason why we advice on doing a proper pumpkin and gourd harvest, cut them with 3 to 4 inches stems since hasty harvest may scratch and then other surface injuries can cause fruit to rot permanently. Wash the pumpkin or gourd you have opted for with a diluted bleach solution, in order to kill any bacteria or mold. Regarding cure, it is ideal to keep pumpkins and gourds in a warm curing environment with good air circulation, 10 days will be more than enough to cure them. Additionally you need to polish your pumpkins and gourds by painting them, to achieve this you can use your favorite paint but fist remember to apply a coat of waterproofing varnish to make them last several years. Lastly, the way you store your fall decorating elements is key in the process of preserving them; the idea is to store these items in a well ventilated room (50°F), this way they can last two to three months.

Live this amazing season of the year so naturally that you can smell fall is in the air when you step in any room of your home; strive to create mind blowing decorating elements using either pumpkins or gourds, we also recommend you to pay attention to the places you want your fall arrangements to be displayed; tables and planters are ideal options but as you already know, this home improvement is all up to you and the style you want to print on it…you dream it, we Build it!