Pros and Cons of Vinyl flooring

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Vinyl flooring is well known by its reputation of softness and warmness. Finish Build vinyl flooring is comfortable for your feet and is warmer than natural surfaces such as wood or ceramic. Additionally, it provides some sound isolation which absorbs impact noise and sound. Easy to sweep and vacuuming Finish Build vinyl floors might just need mopping with warm water and slight detergent to provide a more thorough cleaning.



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Even though vinyl floors are frequently chosen for its versatility due to the manufacturing process of vinyl flooring, aspects, such as, the reproduction of just about any look. Technological advances are also now allowing printing samples that perfectly reproduces wood appearance but also texture of natural elements such as stone, rustic wood and slate.

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Finish Build vinyl flooring have high resilience to abrasion and impact damage which consents refinished processes with chemical strippers and mechanical buffing equipment. Planks are available in a variety of colors from Smoked Tawny, Alpine Mist to Silver Dollar.

Setting up

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Vinyl flooring were previously available single in rolls of large sheets, this type of flooring has improved through the years and is now available in more practical, much easier to set up formats. As we have said on previous articles on Finish Build, “click” installation systems make the job. It is a simple process to put in place besides you avoid the need for gluing and other products during the installation. In case that occasionally you have to cut the plank to fit in a smaller space, a pocket knife is all that is needed. If damaged, Finish Build vinyl flooring planks can normally be easily replaced. Therefore our staff recommends keeping a few spare tiles to that purpose. As its production costs are lower than Laminate planks, vinyl flooring is generally a more affordable option than natural materials making it a material of choice for rooms such as the kitchen, bedroom or commercial locations.


Bursts and Furniture

What happen with vinyl flooring products generally is that they have a tendency to warp to any particles left beneath them during installation. For instance, a trapped bit of dust could eventually become a bump into your floors. We consider that you should take extra care during vinyl flooring installation to make sure that there are absolutely no particles left on the subfloor. This can be tedious, yes, but the vacuuming is well worth the final product.

Although vinyl flooring will hold up for many situations, it does not mean that is a super concrete floor. Dropping a glass or moving heavy furniture can result in scratches and gouges that are difficult to remove. If you are into do furniture relocation, be sure to cover the feet with felt, or ask for help, it is not overrated, and lift the piece, with friends or family, off the ground before moving it.

Unlike hardwood, vinyl flooring commonly does not add much resale value to your house or business location. Therefore, if you are renovating in order to increase the value of your home, vinyl flooring may not be the best option.


Vinyl Flooring is a finished flooring material used primarily in commercial and institutional applications.  But most of these products are composed of colored polyvinyl chloride which is highly contaminant to the environment.

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