Pros and Cons of Glass Tables inside Your Home

Did you know glass containers leads to health benefits because glass is good for your food?  Every element that glass is made of is natural in most of the cases. When is come to glass manufacture sand, soda ash, and limestone are just a few of the original elements that remains since glass was discovered more than 5000 years ago.

Glass packaging is also safe because it preserves food, glass acts as a natural barrier from high temperatures or bacteria. It is therefore the ideal packaging for keeping your foodstuffs safe and wholesome.

This is one of the many uses that invite you to join glass inside your home. However, glass industry developed even more in 1608 when the first glass factory in the United States was built in Jamestown, Virginia. Not only the production of recipients, bottles and any other useful storage objects was produced massively but also, there was a great demand for window glass which was called crown glass. Therefore in order to produce on big scale in 1902, Irving W. Colburn invented the sheet glass drawing machine which made possible the mass production of window glass. For this and other applications on households, FinishBuild is willing to share and go further more on the types of glass in order to provide you the best option for any of your current requirements.

Types of glass

Toughened glass

Toughened glass or tempered glasss is the the most resilience type of glass for home furniture, since is made from annealed glass treated with a thermal tempering process. A sheet of annealed glass is heated to above the “annealing point” of 600°C; its surfaces are then rapidly cooled while the inner portion of the glass remains hotter. The different cooling rates between the surface and the inside of the glass are the main reason of different physical properties, which provide a compressive stress in the surface. Toughened glass also has an increased resistance to breakage as a result of stresses caused by different temperatures within a pane.

Toughened glass has extremely broad applications besides glass sliding doors, glass tables and home panels, for example in buildings field such as transport, as well as in other areas.

Laminated glass

FinishBuild enjoy this option because it resembles laminate flooring. For laminated glass the process of confection is made of two or more layers of glass with one or more “interlayers” of a polymeric material bonded between these glass layers.

One of the pros of this type of glass worth to mention is the laminated glass safety and security, which in case of impact it does not shatter, laminated glass is held together by the interlayer. Beyond that, the interlayer of laminate glass also provides a way to apply several other technologies and benefits, such as coloring, sound dampening, resistance to fire, ultraviolet filtering and other technologies that can be embedded in or with the interlayer.

Annealed Glass

Annealed glass or also called flat glass is the type that has not been heat-strengthened or tempered is “annealed glass”, which means that when glass is annealed, it is slowly cooled to relieve any internal stresses. When not annealed, glass is more likely to crack when exposed to temperature changes. However, for home areas, annealed glass is a great fit for table top glass, FinishBuild cabinet door glass and basement windows.

According to Mark Meshulam from CHICAGO WINDOW EXPERT, annealed glass is heat strengthened so that it can tolerate more rapid and uneven temperature swings during its service life. This is cut into large sheets and shipped to other facilities where secondary processes are applied, including cutting-to-size, heat strengthening, tempering and insulating.

Pros of glass furniture

The illusion of space: Glass furniture adds elegance to the room and it is also the material for the refined and cultured. If you want a glass items to enhance your home area, a good options is a glass kitchen table, which can create a very formal atmosphere, suitable for well-dressed diners with friends.    It adds illusion of a wider space. One of the pros that FinishBuild support is the illusion of space, glass tables in the dining-room would definitely add that sense of extra and wider space. By being able to see through the floor, people get the impression that there is a wider floor space.

   Light distribution: In the kitchen helps on creating a light atmosphere. The transparent characteristic of glass makes the distribution of light better. FinishBuild assures you that glass would add airy and fresh characteristics.

    It is easy to clean: FinishBuild is always aiming to make you work less, and regarding glass, maintenance is delightful, glass tables need only be wiped with a wet piece of cloth. It does not require any other products to make it smoother or shinier like in wooden tables.

    Combines with wood elements: Glass furniture would definitely enhance wooden furniture into your home areas. Since glass has the tendency to highlight the beauty of wooden furniture, get advantage of it, set them together with wooden furniture.


Finger Prints: Even though glass is easy to clean, finger prints would be an issue, so if you are very picky with this, let us notify you that glass furniture is prone to finger prints and smudges that can easily throw off the otherwise immaculate look.

Delicateness: Due to glass’ fragility, you also have to make an effort to ensure that nothing scratches your glass items. However, these can be avoiding if you choose a high glass type. In order to protect your glass tables you might want to add mats or colorful fabrics. FinishBuild also recommends being careful not to drop heavy objects onto glass tables for obvious reasons.

Children safety: If you happen to have young children in the house, this can be a real concern as children will naturally be less aware glass delicacy and it could be hazardous to them if the glass were to break. For households with kids or pets, a glass table is not a safe option. With kids or pets around, clumsy movements can cause the table to break and hurt someone.