Prettier Christmas Trees Decor Ideas

“Christmas isn’t a season, it’s a feeling” Edna Ferber.

Christmas is already here! And even though it may seem like the most stressful celebration of the year due to the increased amount of traffic or the endless lines we have to do in malls or stores, we always have to focus on highlighting the positive from each situation; this might be why for many people Christmas is the best holiday of the year. Every culture and family has their own unique way to celebrate such a delightful holiday; most of them are followed for generations, but what it is true is that Christmas brings excitement, and it is a great moment to spend time on wishing the best to our loved ones. Sometimes spreading the Christmas spirit goes unnoticed but this is something that can help many people to feel better during the funniest holiday of the year.

Among all of the reasons people love Christmas, we have chosen setting the Christmas tree as the main decoration task to be developed in this post. There is just something about having a Christmas tree in the room that make people want to burst into all those carols. Anyone might think that throwing some lights on a tree and hanging simple ornaments is the proper way to decorate a Christmas tree. There are others who keep the meticulous tradition of setting their trees following the typical: garland first, small ornaments at the top, larger near the bottom and the tinsel last. Today we would like to share with you good tips that can give you more inspiration to create a prettier version of your Christmas tree.

Choose the Right Place & the Right Tree

As many of us make trees and gift the center of our own Christmas tradition, your tree should be placed in the center of the holiday action so friends and family can enjoy of it. Let the room you have chosen to place your tree inspire the entire decoration; this is more an intuition matter than anything else, but you can also consider the existing elements in the space you have opted for and coordinate them with the tree and the ornaments. In addition, you need to remember that your tree is your canvas so it is essential to select a gorgeous one, be sure you take home a tree which charmingly showcase your favorite ornaments; there are people who prefer the look and smell provided by a real pine or fir tree, and there are others who rather like the reliability of a fake one. There are also some important factors that may dictate your final choice: housing rules (whether you have a condo or a house), or the fire safety regulations.

Crafty Decorations

We know many of our readers are very creative; therefore looking for unique ornaments can actually save you some money, as you can create DIY ornaments that not only are beautiful but also reflect your own style. The best part of this idea is that your family and friends can get involved in this project, and have fun while doing handmade ornaments that do not require you to have expensive supplies which can also be hard to find. To make this idea possible, you might want to set a day where you and your family spend quality time on making ornaments that they will see hanging on the tree.

Keep Your Style Intact

If you want to keep your style even when planning your Christmas décor, then find a theme that truly expresses your style and stick with it.  Glamorous and very ornamented Christmas trees may be a trend, but if you do not feel identify with that style then you do not have to follow tendencies. Actually, there are many ways to both reflect your style and make your Christmas tree prettier than the last year; one of them is to but items that are not necessarily Christmas décor to decorate your tree, garlands, small berries wreaths to fill in the sparse areas and place them in such a way nobody can’t tell they are not traditional Christmas ornaments.

Breaking the Rules Is Ok

The most useful tip we can give you to create a prettier Christmas tree is to decorate it base on how you think looks good, do not worry about what is the trendiest way to decorate a tree (remember that trends come and go very fast). For instance, mixing old and new can be an amazing way to break the “Christmas tree rules”; combining vintage ornaments in varying sizes and bright baubles all of shapes work really well together to create an attractive impact.

Keep it Elegant

What about considering a fancy forest look in your tree? Keep your ornaments’ colors and trimming neutral, incorporate break resistant ball ornaments, and ribbons that replicate a birch bark and create a look that look amazing even in the busiest part of your home.

Do you know that in 1908 insurance companies in the USA tried to get a law that would ban candles from being used on Christmas trees? This was due to the many fires they have caused, and this is why we need to say a big thank to Ralph Morris who came up with the brilliant idea of pulling the lights from and old telephone switchboard and wiring them on a tree, they were run from a battery.

As Ralph Morris the Christmas safer did, in FinishBuild we absolutely love to be part of every home improvement project you make; so putting your Christmas tree will not be the exception. You have just gone through our selection of great ideas to better the look of the Christmas tree you have always wanted, so consider all of them to define a focal point in your home during this holiday. Making sure your tree looks amazing and eye- catching does not need to be an overwhelmed task to accomplish, you will only need some planning, stick on the budget you have thought for this decoration and arrange all of the decorating items in order…done, you are ready to start one of the most joyful project of this beautiful holiday…you dream, we Build it!