Pet-Friendly Houseplants for your Spaces

In FinishBuild we absolutely love the immediate breath of life that houseplants bring into any space they are placed, that touch of nature makes anyone feels good to be in its presence. Having houseplants in our homes add beauty to the rooms you have chosen for them, not to mention all the health benefits they can provide; plants are able to clean our air and thus they make our homes healthier. Nevertheless there are some plants that are not safe to have around pets. Thinking about this, we have come to the idea of dedicate this article to all those pet owners out there, who have not found the right houseplants with the ideal features that make them safe for their furry friends. The options we have decided to include in this post harmoniously combine both, the safety your pets need and the stylish aspect that will turn you plants into gorgeous decorative elements; make sure to read this information before bringing home a new member of your family and opt for interior plants that make your home stunning and safe for your loved pets.

pet friendly house plants web Pet Friendly Houseplants for your Spaces

Pet- Safe Houseplants Options

We have done some interesting research about the best pet- friendly plant picks you can choose. It is important to mention that we made this selection based on good information provided by the ASPCA, and the following interior houseplants are totally safe for pets.

Spider Plant (Chlorophytum Comosum)

This amazing non- toxic plant has the advantage to create an incredible effect without overpowering the room. Spider plant performs as a great foliage which demands to be noticed in any space where is placed; it has long, spiky and really aesthetic leaves which as grow, they send out runners with baby spiders plants as well. Due to its cascading tendencies and the ability to produce dangling plantlets, this plant is ideal in case you want them on hanging baskets.

Lemon Button Fern

If what you want is to give the perfect accent piece to your shelf or tabletop, Lemon Button Fern is the right choice for this purpose. Its small arching stems and button like foliage makes it an excellent houseplant option, not to mention how beautiful can be having this type of plant when often levels out at a height of about one foot tall; make it simple by just placing it in a terracotta pot and you will have an eye- catching plant at home. On the other hand if your idea is to have one of this plant in a hanging baskets, the lemon button fern’s curved form and delicate leaves is a good reason to choose it.

Areca Palm (Dypsis Lutescens)


Attractive and tropical greenery to your interiors is definitely not a bad idea, with and Areca Palm you achieve the look you want and keep your pets safe because this is a completely pet friendly alternative; you will be thrilled to notice that this plant is ideal for decorating your best interior space, display it proudly in a big pot, for instance a metallic planter and create an instant focal point to the room. Another great feature of this plant is the fact that it comes in a variety of sizes, from tabletop to taller sizes, you choose the size that best work for your space! Areca Palm is well known for its air purifying effects; moreover it is really easy to care for. Our advice on this option is not to over water it, but only hydrate it when the soil below the surface begins to look dry. When it comes to lighting for your Areca Palm, the great suggestion is to allow your plant to gradually acclimate to indoor lighting by fist placing it outside and after a few weeks, bring your Areca Palm inside home to its permanent bright location.

Prayer Plant

This beautiful plant option grabs the attention due to its intricate leaves which boast a variety of green shades and pink detailing. This type of houseplant does fine in medium lighting, additionally it is important to keep its soil moist but not too wet; another good suggestion we can give you is to avoid direct light on your Prayer Plant, as it can cause the leaves to fade. In terms of plants, most of the times simple is best; so when it comes to display your prayer plant try to decide on the pot you like the most but make sure that it does not detract the plant’s unforgettable leaves.

Baby Rubber Plant (Peperomia Obtusifolia)

This beautifully colored with pretty lines plant is perfectly suitable for pots; baby rubber plant is also very easy to take care of. This plant definitely works excellent in containers and glistens, which makes it a great indoor plant. Baby rubber plants adore bright indirect light, and moreover it is easy to overwater them so they ressit temptation.

Horsetail Palm (Beaucarnea Recurvate)

Whether you opt for a wide base or a striking trunk to display its long leaves, Horsetail Palm certainly adds the sculptural look you are looking for. Due to its almost “onion like” bulbs popping up out of the soil, this houseplant alternative brings an interesting element to your décor, if you are a fan of draping fronds, Horsetail Palm plants are just for you, they gratefully mimic natural curves.

Attention! Houseplants to avoid when having pets at home

  • Anthurium
  • Calla Lily
  • Chinese evergreen
  • Dieffenbachia
  • Elephant Ear
  • English Ivy
  • Oleander
  • Philodendron
  • Schefflera
  • Spathiphyllum

So, if your furry family member likes to sample any plants you place in and around your home, do not panic thinking about the potential hazard they are exposed to and instead bring home non- toxic plants like the ones we have already mentioned, and enjoy of an attractive home complement that will definitely brighten your spaces. You may also check out the website in order to make a review on any other plants you might want to bring into your home spaces.