Painting Floor Ideas: Add Interest Underfoot

Home makeovers are one of those improvement projects we really enjoy planning with our clients. Remodels give any home a fresh look and they are also play a significant role as your home gets even more value for a possible sell in the future, which is something attractive to consider. Nowadays painting your walls, doors and ceilings is not the only way you have to change your home’s colors; this limited idea has become wider and floors are now taking on a more colorful role.

When you decide to paint your home’s floors, you are beautifully adding warmth and brightness to your spaces without the aid of carpets or rugs. Durable latex and alkyd floor paints are available in sating and gloss finishes, which make them unique and exceptional options for homeowners in order to paint their interior and exterior floors, especially in high traffic areas such as entrances, decks and porches. The idea of walking barefoot for days at a time might be interesting for you, so make the decision and read our amazing painting floor ideas, they can help you reach practical and precious underfoot surfaces.

Step up the style in your home’s underfoot surfaces with these painted floors ideas…

Vibrant Diamond Flooring Designs

The right way to achieve eye- catching diamond design in your floors is by selecting a room of your home with walls covered in white subway tile; and to liven its environment up, you can choose to paint large squares on a diagonal in the any combination of your favorite vibrant colors. Vibrant and natural blue will surely brighten all that room you have opted for remodel, or perhaps you will want to try a orange and white combination for a lively room.

Elegant Black & White Flooring

Take control and strive to incorporate gorgeous color and pattern; for your hallway we have thought about a black and white combination on your old hardwood or concrete that allows you to create an amazing impact in this area of your home.

Make your Home’s Areas Stand Out

To achieve this idea you might wan to paint an area rug, and here you are more than able to free your creativity. Select a smaller section from your scratched or dented hardwood floors and select colors that coordinate with the entire look of the room; make sure to print your own style in the design you opt for.

Wood Look in Your Flooring

Entrance hall is the proper place when is sparsely furnished, and your floor needs to be as good- looking as possible. In case you are working on existing floorboards, floor sanding is needed to remove any existing finish and have a smooth surface to paint. Usually people prefer the look over the naked hardwood, however you are to express your creativity by adding the design and pattern to your floor; painting allows you too incorporate unique looks and this is a nice bonus!

Charming White Painted Flooring

This idea in dedicate to cottage lovers! And the best part is that to achieve this look you do not need to worry about scuffs and scratches, they rather add charm and create a distressed look. There is no better place to have charming white painted flooring than your bedroom; this is a refreshing idea that harmoniously creates a serene environment. White is an ideal color for contemporary spaces as instantly brightens and the caring of this type of floor is not far different than hardwood floors.

Artistic Painted Floors

Since the idea is not to stick with only one color when painting your floors, get creative with checkered pattern in your favorite color selection. Another idea can be trying stripes to give a small room the illusion of being more spacious, once again colors are up to your style and taste.

Painted Stairways

Perhaps you are one of those people who consider that painting a whole floor is too bold for your style. If this is your case, try to make a nice statement in your home by painting the stairs in a contrasting color, that makes a feature of a staircase and include interest to your home design. Stripes or stencils are great at performing stunning visual interest in such a good painting idea. When you decide to give your staircase a new and fresh look, you can add height to your spaces, or accent the entire color patterns of your entire room, create a fashionable entrance or beautifully display your most precious memories in a home art gallery.

Reasons are vast when it comes to opt for floor paints; once you decide to choose the colors your flooring will have, you also have the opportunity to define your spaces. Entrances, bathrooms or hallways can nicely stand out from the rest of your home by just painting the floors in the designs you like the most: diamonds, stripes, squares or plaid, you just have to let your creativity flows to successfully achieve the look you have always wanted in your floors. Furthermore, painting floors have the amazing advantage of ease the maintenance they require; mopping, soap and water will be more than enough to have impeccable and eye- catching flooring and what’s more, high quality floor paint are very easy to apply, this is an excellent plus you should take into consideration. And regarding the durability; painted floor that have been covered with the right floor paints will surely withstand the rigors of everyday use, and still perform at its best. Moreover, this type of paints are great at helping you hide wear and tear; this way your old hardwood or concrete floor will go back to the spotlight as the paint helps hide flaws and imperfections. Let your imagination be part of such a brilliant home improvement project, and enjoy of well- design painted flooring…you dream, we Build it!