When a house is no longer the new model we bought back, people start to get bored. Leisure on the one hand makes us think about leaving it that way, feeling sad. The most optimistic rethink the option of wanting to change everything for something more new, however, when they are already on the road they are faced with a monster that is practically a product of their imagination.

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In FinishBuild we have done an interesting remembering exercise. We have gathered together in order to check and analyze what improvements our company has achieved in these last months; it was actually a very rewarding activity that has made me think of my first posts. Going a little bit back in time, I remember that the first products we could offer to our clients were basically related to flooring. Times have changed, and today we as a home company are one step closer to become an online store where people can buy almost everything they think about when it comes the time to build or remodel any space of their homes. Continue Reading…


Haven’t you experienced the fresh and great smell of a just cut bouquet of flowers? Don’t you love it? Beyond bringing beauty and fragrance, when you think of flowers as part of your home decor you are also providing your spaces with an array of health benefits, including mood improvement instantly. Expert suggest that people with fresh flowers in their homes are most likely to feel less worried and experiment fewer periods of anxiety or depression and in my opinion, this is an amazing reason to place flowers in your home than can easily take the place of a boring everyday table decor. Continue Reading…


Becoming a parent is, to say the least, the biggest responsibility someone can take on; there is nothing else that is more important than this life changing experience. Even though I am not a mother yet, I have heard it is incredible how the enormity of such life- defining issue can be. But how does it feel to have a child with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)? Well, there are parents who describe it as an overwhelming way to live their lives; however, they do a lot in order to help control and reduce the symptoms. I have known some people who have children with ADHD and to my mind, it is really admirable how they contribute to help their children overcome daily challenges; they do it all! They channel their children’s energy into positive arenas, and set a structured daily plan for them.

Parents of children with such conditions must know that the idea is to empower, and not to control kids who have been labeled ADHD. They should then make sure their child is surrounded by the right living space environment; this is a crucial aspect that needs to be taken into consideration. After doing some research, I have compiled some suggestions that might help you develop the ideal living space environment for your children or teen with ADHD; you will be able to improve your home living style but most important, you will provide your child with optimal living conditions.

Optimal changes to the bedroom

When it comes to provide your kid with an optimal bedroom environment that contributes to eliminate those common things that increase your child’s anxiety levels, it would be very important to keep the walls within view fairly plain if possible, windows can be a distracting element for your child so strive to face his/her workspace away from them. In addition, too many toys in your child’s room or any other distracting item will certainly lead to more opportunities for distraction; good ways to address this is by focusing on what your kid loves the most, and store those items in out of sight or out of mind areas. In the long term, this will gradually allow you to explore new interests for your child. Regarding color options for the bedroom, fortunately there are plenty of alternatives; greens, muted browns, warm earth tones or calming blue hues are the best ideas you can opt for. Serene images put in nice artwork for your child’s bedroom is another great idea you can consider; gently flowing river over ranging ocean scene, or calming nature scenes such as flowers, gardens or trees are interesting alternatives that if placed in a limit number of posters, will harmoniously minimize visual distractions. By making these small changes, you will promote a soothing environment for your child with ADHD.

Optimal changes to the rest of your house

A proper home design for your child with ADHD will make the difference in his/ her development; this is why it is so important to create ADHD friendly spaces throughout your home. Start by creating a low- distraction work area, where there is little background noise that allows your child doing his/her homework and studying in a quite environment. Many homeowners love having eye- catching and colorful home items in each area of their properties, however for parents of children with ADHD it is recommended to forget about decorative objects that can easily distract their children, it would be better to strive for a relaxing almost spa-like feel home; with calming vibes that beautifully combine your and your child’s styles. Other aspects you should carefully check at home are good chairs, proper lighting, and temperature levels that make your child feel comfortable; this will be the best supportive way to create a home that meets your entire child’s needs. Place a workstation where you can close the blinds when it comes the time for your child to study

Today there are plenty of options you can choose from the home market, in order to offer your child with ADHD supportive ways that can lead him/her to live and enjoy of a stable, happy and suitable home. From beautiful work area designs, which can perform all of the features required by children with ADHD, to soothing wall color pallets that contribute to balance their moods or anxiety levels, you will totally succeed at being a parent of a child with this disorder; making small but significant changes at home will go a long way on helping your child to achieve a life that not only promotes learning for them, but also alleviate the symptoms of ADHD. Of course, it will be vital to address child’s problems at an early stage; this will certainly increase the chance of offering them a successful life.


As homeowners, we all know how annoying can be having a constant “drip…drip…drip” coming from our kitchen faucet; it could be not only an exasperating noise, but a terrible way to misuse one of the most essential resources out mother nature has provided us with: water. As a matter of fact, kitchen faucet leak is a very common home improvement problem many people have to deal with, worn out washers, seats, o- rings or seal are some of the causes that make your leaky faucet ranges from a simple inconvenient to a really urgent situation which needs to be addressed immediately.

There are four types of kitchen faucets: compression, cartridge, ball and ceramic disk, based on each type as well as their dripping issues, you can fix them yourself because they are generally pretty simple fixings. What you will need to do before starting any leaky faucet repairing project in your kitchen, is to identifying the type of faucet your own as well as getting the proper tools that will help you to do the job right. The following is an interesting compilation I would like to share with you, which shows what are the most common kitchen faucet leak problems and some guidelines you need to follow in order to execute a good home improvement project.

Guidelines: how to fix a Leaky Kitchen Faucet. Fix your Ball Rotary Kitchen Faucet

Materials & Tools Required

Even though you might not need to replace the entire faucet, kitchen ball faucets have several parts that must be replaced. On the other hand, you will need to be sure you have some special tools that you need, they should be designed especially for the make and model of your faucet. Prices of this type of kits normally cost between $8 and $35, it will depend on your faucet model. Regarding materials needed for such improvement project, you can find them in the plumbing section of most home repairs shops and they are:

  • Allen wrenches
  • Slip- joint pliers
  • Needle- nose pliers
  • Flat- head screwdrivers

Turn off the water to your faucet: to make sure you do this properly, look underneath your sink for the pipes which run up. Along those pipes somewhere, you will find the handles you have to turn to shut off in order to stop water flow; twist clockwise to shut off. When water is already off, open the faucet so it water excess can drain; then plug the sink drains, this is important to prevent small parts from falling in during the fixing process.

Detach and remove the handle: start by unscrewing and removing the handle; lift it off and using an allen wrench, remove the screw that you see on the handle’s underside. Set the screw aside, in a safe place.

Use slip- joint pliers to remove the cap and collar: in order to loosen and lift the dome assembly to reveal the bonnet, ball and cam. Now remove the inlet seals and springs, reach into the mechanism itself to accomplish this step, you will need needle- pliers. At this point, it will be a smart idea if you inspect the balls in order to detect signs of wear, cracking or sediment buildup; if you notice any of these problems, then replace the ball.

O- rings replacement: the next step is to use a flat- head screwdriver that helps you to cut off each old o- ring and spring set located below the ball. Make sure you take note of each spring’s orientation, then replace the set with the new one from the repair kit. Orient the spring in the same manner as the set. You can also coat the new o- rings in plumber’s grease before installing.

Resemble the handle: by reversing the above steps, you can resemble the faucet because the leak should be repaired.

Repairing Ideas that You Might Be Interested In

As it has been mentioned in this post, depending on the type of kitchen faucet you have, you will need to check the following three faucet elements to determine why your faucet is leaking:

The Washer

In case you have a faucet with two separate handles tat loosen and tighten to turn on the hot and cold water, you own a compression valve faucet. Then a solution for this type of leak issue is to replace the washers in each handle first.

The O- Ring

Cartridge and compression faucet models have generally o- rings installed within the handles in order to create a waterproof seal. Once o- rings become damaged, they can break and that’s when the leak problem shows up. So by buying the right o- ring size or the new part, replace the old o- rings.

The Cartridge

This type of faucet can have one or two handles. When it comes to turning the handle or handles, this process is a bit smoother and easier than compression faucet; whenever your cartridge faucet is leaking, it would necessary to replace the entire cartridge valve within them; the good news is that they are easy to install.

What may seem like a minimal leaky kitchen faucet, can turn into serious damages that will make you spend both, money and time. You can be surprised by the consequences that an unchecked leaky sink can make to your kitchen; it can put added stresses on your plumbing as well as cause drain clogs and overflows. Moreover, in accordance with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), leaky faucets that drip one time per second can actually reach a waste of water that upwards of 3, 000 gallons each year, and let me tell you that this is enough water to take 180 showers. This number should make you reflect about two aspects; the first one is that your will be spending a lot of money in water bills if you do not strive to solve your kitchen leaky faucet issue, and the second one and most important, by addressing this type of home problem you will be contributing to preserve our main and also threaten natural resource: water.


There is always a corner of our house that does not usually light up. That is in the darkest and that perhaps by its nature we do not like it so much but, even so, we can achieve that with little that this is not the symptom of your frustration. There is always a light at the end of the tunnel or room, there will always be a way with style and practicality to illuminate it.

In itself, many times the people buy and then remember that it was not so necessary so many elements to make of a room little illuminated its desired place. In that sense, it is prudent for the homeowner to evaluate how much light he needs before committing to purchase items that he may not require or need. A small walk through the same place will raise a series of questions that after his answer gives that is necessary and that not. Everything is essential with light, you have to check everything before you act: the color of the walls and ceiling, the materials with which the elements of the building are made, the furniture that was chosen and especially if there is a natural light With which you can play.

All this is basic but infinitely necessary to get down to work, even if you do not know much about decoration. Great things can be done with much smaller ones in the matter of light, it already exists, the home owner just has to know how to channel it in their favor. Essentially for this type of rooms there will always be a state of reference as far as reflections are concerned. Although the reflection does not create the light, it allows that it duplicate whatever its origin point, that is why for dark rooms it is necessary, on the one hand, to use light colors in the ceiling and walls so that some insignificant ray of light can rebound And give us a little more than we want. Like a good ally, the mirrors allow a great help, not only in the sense of giving more luminance to the room but also in the decoration. In that case, in order to fulfill different functions, in appearance and use, it is good to learn some tricks that would benefit the light in our dark room.

The Ace of the Mirror Has Three Simple Tricks for the Dark Rooms

Mirrors that have the same size should be located in opposite directions, in opposite positions where they are positioned. This will allow an infinite succession of reflections creating a sense of infinite depth that leaves the homeowner with a room much wider, deeper and especially lighter. It is a basic rule of our parents, but include in the corridors, especially if they are short, a mirror would give greater depth to the place and as a rule, more depth refers to more light depending on where you are. On the other hand, when the windows do not fulfill all the effect of luminance that should fall more in the mirror this function. If a large mirror is placed near the front wall where the window is located, it will make it look larger and therefore the light pickup a little larger than what was seen previously.

Otherwise, a simple way to conserve without acting, to find or find new elements is to place objects at points that can replicate light from different angles. The most common in such cases is to play with shiny or things made of metallic materials that not only play with the natural light of the day but also with the lighting arrangement that the house has at night.

If you Cannot  Fight with he Enemy, Join

If before all proof, the light is denied in the room, that is, it is not what you want. There will be nothing left to play with what already inhabits it. Taking advantage of the fact that the most opaque places tend to be more beneficial when returning home and rest. It is no coincidence that many of the hotel rooms are like this. Then, with these rooms, it is not enough to decorate it, to make it up so that, at least, if it does not adapt to our ideal state of natural light, it becomes a pleasant dark place of rest and tranquility. But everything does not necessarily have to be a radical pole, you have to balance the balance in all the furniture to improve the appearance and that is not so aggressive. Playing with the ceiling lights will form on the ground a kind of halo that will recreate what you are looking for. There are always ways to find things to suit us.


It is very easy for homeowners to identify water stains after a rainstorm, there are obvious signs people can notice in order to determine there is a problem with the roof. Ok, but what happens if it has not rained and constant leaks are still occurring? The answer to this question can be tricky sometimes as there are different reasons that can be causing such problems. Nevertheless, there is something very important you have to keep in mind and it is the fact that a slow leak is usually harder to find than a big one, this is due to the possibility stains have to migrate from their original opening.

As a new homeowner or potential home’s buyer, it will be essential for you to inspect your entire property in order to determine the different causes of leaks in any area of your home; to achieve this, your visual inspection skills will be key to identify the area above and around the stain, remember that the location of the stain will always give you an idea about where to find the possible source of that annoying water leak. What you are about to read is a list of some of the most common sources of ceiling stains.

Stains at Outside wall or Ceiling Corners

These of stains appear at the ceiling along outside walls at the corners due to ice dams leakage; which causes trouble when they melt and once ice “dams”, blocks the path of the melting water because it has nowhere to go and typically finds their way in behind your gutters or underneath your shingles. Moreover, when attic’s insulation is insufficient and there are attic air leaks, it is very likely that ice dams causes the leaking. What it takes to prevent this, is to have the attic air leaks sealed and add more insulation to the attic; this way you will have roof leakage from ice dams away.

Stains Below Bathroom Exhaust Fans

This type of stains starts when a bathroom exhaust fan is connected to an un- insulated duct, runs through the attic space and thus does not make an airtight connection to an appropriate roof cap. Furthermore, moisture gets trapped in your home without the right ventilation and insulation system, this leads to condensation to build up. In order to solve this problem, you might need to contact a qualified contractor who can determine whether or not you have an adequate ventilation based on your house’s size. Additionally, you can also run kitchen and bath fans when you cook or use any of your bathrooms, make it a habit if possible.

Stains Below Plumbing Fixtures or Radiators 

Once home inspector finds a stain below a plumbing fixture, the next thing to do is to use a moisture meter to see if there is active leaking. It could happen that the stain is dry, in this case the plumbing fixture above should be meticulously tested, then the stain should be checked again.

Ceiling Stains that Appear Without Any Sign of Roof Leaks

These random ceiling stains occur due to condensation in the attic, for instance. Once enough frost builds up in this area of your home, then it can leave enough water and when it melts stains in many random places show up. This is why it would be very important to check the attic, you should pay special attention to the valleys where two roos planes come together. Also, the insulation should be dry as well as in good condition. In addition, those houses located in cold climates are highly prone to develop ice dams on the roof, this can cause water to leak into the attic from melting snow and ice on the roof.

Early solutions to water stains in your home will be always the best way to keep owning a home that not only looks amazing, but also is in great conditions; strive to avoid a frequent mistake many homeowners make which is ignoring their water stains, the prompter you address them the better you solve a minimal issue that can turn into an irreparable damage. It is true that water stains may have diverse sources which are not that easy to locate; however, deep inspection and counting on the assessment and help of a professional can save you from spending a lot of money as well as time, if you make the decision to call an expert as soon as you start noticing irregular water stains in your home. I also would like to recommend you not to try to fix any stain or damaged drywall until you are sure you have addressed the moisture problem licked that is causing the problem, otherwise water will continue to seep and all of the work and effort you have done will be in vain. In FinishBuild we are aware of the fact that your property is a huge investment, this is why we offer the best home inspection service; whether for your house’s interiors or exteriors, we will make sure your home is protected for many years to come.

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SHOWER REMODELING INSPIRATION FOR A GORGEOUS RENOVATION destacDO 300x138 Shower Remodeling Inspiration for a Gorgeous Renovation

Home improvements represent an exciting challenge for any homeowner, bathroom update is one of the first projects people look to do, since its advantages allow you to enjoy of a great space you will stay in for the long haul or if you are looking to sell your property in the near future. Whether you are striving for more storage, or better efficiency and appearance in your bathroom, you can be sure a remodeling provides an endless array of benefits for you, your family and guests. On the other end of the spectrum, setting a plan and budget ahead will be a great way to blend your personal style with a real amount of money, in order to achieve your dream design. There are other aspects you need to pay special attention too, for instance making sure you choose quality bathroom accessories such as sink, countertop and toilet. In case you want only to make simple changes to this important space of your home, like installing new cabinets, redoing your shower/tub, or even tearing everything down to the studs and starting from scratch, I rounded up some inspiring ideas that might help you start this interesting update in your home.

Seamless Finishes

ip1 300x300 Shower Remodeling Inspiration for a Gorgeous Renovation

A very popular trend that has come to stay is seamless showers, they create a sleeked look which offers easy access for anyone, even for people who face mobility challenges when step up and over a sill.

Enhance Mood

The design world has improved so much about bathroom’s utility and function, that today it is completely possible to enhance your mood by using different decor elements that contribute creating that desired feeling which harmoniously blend with functionality. Choose multi shower heads for your renovation, you will experiment how amazing is to enjoy a spa- like bathroom that can boost your mood as soon as you come in. If a small bathroom is your case, then strive to remodel it in such a functional way that you can minimize counter space by storing your personal products, rather than storing them.

Industrial Accents

Industrial design in your bathroom is a bold pattern that you can think of for your remodeling project. You can install tiles that extend halfway up to the wall with industrial fixtures. To balance your industrial accents, you may consider warm tones and some natural elements in order to avoid your bathroom looks overly cold.

Mixed & Matched Bathroom

SHOWER REMODELING INSPIRATION FOR A GORGEOUS RENOVATION 4 300x300 Shower Remodeling Inspiration for a Gorgeous RenovationFor a bold look in your bathroom, mix various types of tiles that make this room feel more eye- catching and contemporary. To achieve a modern version of those colorful bathrooms of the 70s, you can opt for white floors made of natural stone, with hand painted tiles in your backsplash and clean shower’s lines, visual interest will make everybody want to come in. As additional inspiring ideas, when it comes time to the decorate you brand new renovation, hang bold and vibrant robes or towels to add pops of color and paint your mirror frame an accent color.

Classic White

Unlike the above idea that I have suggested, you might also consider an all-white bathroom that provides your space with crisp as well as eye- pleasing look. What I like the most about this inspiring idea is how bright your bathroom will be, and there are a wide variety of decorating choices you can select that will make this room of your home feel fresh for years to come.

Unexpected Materials

SHOWER REMODELING INSPIRATION FOR A GORGEOUS RENOVATION 2 300x300 Shower Remodeling Inspiration for a Gorgeous Renovation

Modern bathroom makeovers are following an interesting trend which consists on opting for unexpected materials, natural ones are at the top of the list. Rock, especial treated wood, slate are just some of the many materials homeowners choose for their bathroom update projects because they do not only add warmth and an amazingly chic touch, but are extremely durable as well as stain resistant.

Sometimes homeowners tend to renovate their bathrooms due to existing problems that include leaking shower or loose tile. There are some others who just do it because they want a change, a fresh and new look for this room of their home as they do with any other area, in any case there is nothing more relaxing than some quality time spent in a bathroom you designed, soothing lighting with warm colors are just some ideas to create your own personal escape and be ready for both, facing a new day or unwind from a long hectic day. Before you start this home improvement adventure, you will want to budget for the unexpected in case hidden damages show up, and you find them out just right before you start your renovation; build a 10 to 15 percent cushion into your budget, and if any extra incident happens then you will have a nice little windfall.

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kitchen design on 2017 bring fresh outdoor vibes destacada 300x138 Kitchen Design On 2017: Bring Fresh Outdoor Vibes

 What FinishBuild Recommends

Regarding Color:

When it comes about your kitchen, design with nature in mind in order to connect the outdoor vibe. Working with neutral colors on your kitchen walls can be combined with delicate variations such as grays or beiges. Kitchen walls can be white in order to set a clean essence. Keep into account that neutral palettes will provide you so much more freedom in order to play with your decoration kitchen elements, therefore you would be able to layer up in stronger colors.

kitchen design on 2017 bring fresh outdoor vibes 2 300x300 Kitchen Design On 2017: Bring Fresh Outdoor Vibes

Nature first element:

 Air is vital if you want to feel more connected to nature in your kitchen on this 2017. While it is unquestionable exquisite to have home space where air can flow easily, in your kitchen this nature goodness can provide you nature-loving feeling when you are cooking. Therefore, at FinishBuild we think that by lowing the impact of our environmental footmark, we can opt for sliding windows that allow natural light income and sustainable natural air flowing.

Wood Element:

For many homeowners wood is one of the only materials that can be finished to look like shiny marble or can be left raw and unstained to reveal its gorgeous imperfections of knots and grains. Bringing wood into your interiors is one of the easiest and warmest of natural materials and comes in a variety of finishes, species and applications. From flooring to ceiling beams wood also can be reclaimed and refinished from older buildings to keep its life sustainability ongoing for years in your home.

Regarding the esthetics:

Symbols of abundance could definitely be an option on this Fire Yin Rooster year. Wealth can be easily reflected with the natural vibes you crave for this 2017. Explore your kitchen outdoor vibes with handmade wicker baskets, where you can display colorful types of fruit, any other vegetables. Who said it should be only for food? You can also use this earth tones wicker baskets for storing kitchen cleaning cloths, recipes, cooking magazines and so on.

Outdoor vibes of abundance can also be reflected with fresh flowers. There are a quite a few types of indoor plants that can join your kitchen without much problem. In my article Garden Plants: Best Natural Air Filter you can find some of the types of plants that can assist you on esthetics & health at the same time.

On the other hand if what you have in mind aims more to an herbal indoor set I can suggest you to try with the most reliable and honest aromatic plants, such as rosemary, peppermint. There is a more detailed review on my article “What You Must Know about Inner Courtyards

Counter top options:

kitchen design on 2017 bring fresh outdoor vibes 1 300x300 Kitchen Design On 2017: Bring Fresh Outdoor Vibes

Cork and bamboo, are very nice choices on 2017 due to the fact that besides being trendy, this materials offer you the both sides of an eco-friendly vibe and the outdoor energy we attempt to reflect. Since they are renewable materials, cork for instance, has a softer surface that can provide you isolation to wet circumstances but also offer comfort in the flooring field.

Regarding Flooring Materials:

 If are finally falling in love of this outdoor vibe in your kitchen and you are aiming for a more natural look, try by making your floors more eco-friendly, such as cork, bamboo or light colored laminate flooring planks. Then in order to extend your floor’s durability you can wax them over or add a polyurethane layer. I know this might sound confusing since I am trying to offer the best of a greener life, however even though waxing your floor might require daily maintenance, in the case of polyurethane procedures would make your floors longer-lasting and you would avoid extra chemicals.

Regarding Furniture:

Outdoor vibes in your kitchen can join effortlessly through furniture. Explore the benefits of a multipurpose kitchen wood island, which brings a rustic style but also the touch of forests inside your home. Nevertheless, if you already have your kitchen island but it does not fit the outdoor look that we have already mention, you can try with wood-look kitchen stools that are also equally functional but also can reinforce the pacific look of Mother Nature.

Wicker is another furniture material you can also add to your kitchen style. Due to its delicate but strong fibers, wicker can be easily represented on chairs, baskets or even ornament glass containers. The soft tone of wicker communicates an outdoor feeling to any indoor space.


kitchen design on 2017 bring fresh outdoor vibes 3 300x300 Kitchen Design On 2017: Bring Fresh Outdoor Vibes

Are you looking forward to add a significant beauty addition? Indoor or outdoor rugs are perfect here for the nature vibe you want to reflect. Besides being easy to clean, toss them in the wash or hose them off outside, outdoor rugs can add a rustic look in earth colors, such as beige in fun patterns.

kitchen design on 2017 bring fresh outdoor vibes 4 300x300 Kitchen Design On 2017: Bring Fresh Outdoor Vibes

To sum up, We would like to remind you that indoor windows are another cool plus in order to create a connection inside your home. You can use them in order to connect two interior spaces and give the impression of an outdoor connection even when there isn’t one. Explore interior transom window looks, to bring more light into interior rooms, which can become handy for your natural vibes. Floor-to-ceiling windows are also a nice choice if you want kitchen clearness. Anyhow whatever you choose FinishBuild team suggest you that any given step you take, make it worth it but most of all guarantee yourself a happy result.

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Known as a high performance lightweight wall system for interiors, which consists of a GI steel frame that is encased in gypsum plasterboards on side attached with self- drilling screws; drywall is a popular building material that today is present in a significant number of modern construction projects. What makes this material so common in the construction market is that drywall offers a wide range of excellent benefits if compare with other alternatives. When properly installed drywall looks simply beautiful, walls and ceilings are way more attractive and thus, this increase the value of your property.

If we talk about energy efficiency, then this material pops up from the list as it helps improving insulation and contributes to retain room temperature at a remarkable level. Drywall is also one of the favorite option for a construction projects since it is considered a cost efficient choice; this material is affordable for homeowners who are on a budget, and once installed you will only need to painting your walls in order to change your home’s overall appearance.

Now let’s mention an important aspect that can take place at certain point: drywall damage. It is completely normal if your house expands or contracts due to weather conditions, this may cause your drywall’s framing to swell or shrink and therefore cracks appear. There are another types of damages you might be facing, but fortunately they are easy and inexpensive to fix not to mention that you can actually repair them by yourself with minimal equipment. In order to repair and conceal the most common drywall damages, read and follow the steps I have enlisted below.

Small Section Fix

To start this type of repairing, make sure you count on these basic small- patch tools and materials:

  • Drywall joint compound
  • Ready- made drywall patches
  • Painter’s putty
  • Around 6 or 12 inch taping knives
  • Utility knife
  • Sandpaper

Whether the damage was caused by moving a piece of furniture or a door knob, patching with a new piece of drywall is the best solution you can achieve, so get ready- made drywall patches. They are available at big box home stores or in hardware stores, be sure the ones you choose use a peel and stick, metal backed for added strength. Now it is time to clean up the hole’s edges, use a utility knife and by pressing back into any small chunks you might find, you will eliminate flaps that can be still hanging. Then, carefully shape the patch so it can fit the hole, to securely attach the drywall to the surrounding area be sure to leave extra backing.

Next, clean that area that needs to be repaired in order to have maximum adhesion, but don’t clean it too much so the drywall doesn’t get too wet, let it dry and then apply the patch to the area with smooth movements tape edges, using a putty knife to do this is ideal because it will remove air bubbles. It is time to apply a thin coat of joint compound over the damaged area, use a wide blade putty knife to spread it; the idea is to apply compound in such a smooth way that the patch backing is literally feathered into the rest of the wall. at this point, non- shrink joint compound should be applied liberally on the repaired area with a wider putty knife, which produces smoother results. Let the patched area dries thoroughly, and then sand the area by using drywall sandpaper, and if possible attach ii to a drywall sander, you won’t want to create a huge amount of dust. To hide slight imperfections, you can apply a very thin topcoat of joint compound and if you skillfully accomplish this step, you won’t need to do additional sanding.

Popped Nails Section Fix

A nail is obviously used to hold two pieces of material together, so it is completely normal to face this type of repairing. Sometimes the nail head is pounded below the top surface and thus the nail can lose its holding power, therefore it can lead to additional damage. For this repair, besides the before mentioned materials and tools, additional screws and some other tools or materials will be needed, it will depend on the method you follow to execute your fix.

Get the help of a utility knife to scrap away the drywall, scrap until you can see the screw. Next you can continue with one of the two ways to fix nail pops; you may use a hammer to drive the nail back into the studs, then bracket each nail head with closely spaced drywall screws. You can also do this repair by removing the nail and drive a screw in its place, along with a second screw nearby in order to re- secure the drywall to the stud. Be careful when using drywall screws, recess their heads slightly so in case you create a dimple in the drywall surface, you can cover it with joint compound. If there are several screws placed in a row, spot- patch each one with compound and cover them with fiberglass tape.

Corner Bead Fix

Sometimes even good secured drywall outer corner bead can be affected by strong knocks, that lead the outer drywall to chip or crack. To this fix you will also need:

  • Metal cutting saw
  • New corner bead
  • Pry bat or claw hammer
  • Metal snips

To start this repair project cut out the damaged corner bead area. Based on the size of the area, you will have to pry part of the corner bead off the drywall sheets. Then, measure and shape the metal snips to create a new corner bead’s section, apply it using joint compound on the underside. Make sure to secure it on the wall, to cover and blend it back into the wall, apply 1 to 3 additional layers of compound on top of your new corner area.

Drywall is a strong and robust construction material which have many different applications since is used to partition any interior for instance: homes, offices, hotels, schools, industry and hospitals. Although this material typically lasts the lifetime of a building, when it is subjected to abuse or alteration there will be some repairs you will need to address. You can achieve a repair yourself (and save some money), because the finishing work for any drywall repair is really straightforward and manageable for DIYer.

If you are willing to complete drywall repairs there are some practices, you might want to keep in mind to achieve a great project; remember to wait at least 24 hours from the compound’s application to start sanding. Using light pressure with a fine grit sanding sponge is an exceptional way to create a smooth finish on the wall and last but not least, let the primer completely dries before you repaint the patch area, blend it into the painted area and you will have an even smoother final look.