Our Picks on the Most Durable Floors Options

Building a house might be considered as the mother of all projects. Everyone should know that when it comes to create the place where family makes lifetime memories, there are undoubtedly a lot of things to consider, review and coordinate, so building your dreamy home needs to be taken as one of the biggest projects of your life. Design, landscaping, energy efficiency and of course the ground where you will build on are some of the many aspects that require to be consider in order to achieve a solid home which can last for generations. This post is precisely about one of the aspects we have just mentioned the ground or flooring of your home, which is at the same time the principal line of home products FinishBuild introduced for the first time in its website.

Floors take up a lot of visible space and thus, it is completely right that you might want to choose the ones that look great now, what about the selection of a flooring that not only look amazing but also is able to stand up to the wear and tear of considerable high traffic? The most reasonable way to provide an answer to this interrogation is to remember that when the heart insists on a type of flooring that your head considers is not a very durable option, it is time to contemplate flooring that suits your purposes and everyone’s tastes.

Busy homes with pets, kids and casual entertaining gatherings certainly require installing a type of floor that can stand up to the abuse. Likewise, if you are planning to change the floor of a property for rental, you need to opt for a floor that you install and then forget about. The following are our picks on the most durable alternatives you can find in the flooring market and surely in our website.

Ceramic or Porcelain Tile Flooring

Tile has been a great flooring choice for centuries; this alternative provides a durable coated surface that is also hygienic as well as easy to clean, not only for your home or commercial areas’ indoor but outdoor environments. Ceramic or porcelain tiles are highly resistant to emergencies such as scratches and spills. Additionally, we have to make notice that this alternative for you floors needs a good installation in order to perform greatly; an improper sub- floor or voids will contribute to cracking tiles that will have you spend money in the short term.

Hardwood Floors

This is definitely one of the most durable flooring options we can offer to you; its high quality makes it an exceptional underfoot surface that if well maintained will be a long lasting choice. However, there are important factors you should check before choosing hardwood. The first thing you need to consider is the hardness of this flooring material, Brazilian redwood would be always better than any soft wood like pine, which is very prone to dent and ding easily. On the second place, you need to study you potential hardwood’s finishes because no matter what type of wood you opt for, you should know that the finish of your floor is the principal and most important protection to reach durability. The finish your floors have is the first that takes the main brunt of wear and tear, so if within time your hardwood floor looks a bit shabby there will be the opportunity to re- sand it or re- finish it again and this is a huge plus you will enjoy by deciding on hardwood. The third aspect you need to explore regarding this flooring material is related to the care and maintenance, and about this we all know that any flooring require good treatment and maintenance that helps it to improve its performance, and what contributes to keep your hardwood flooring looking very good is to avoid high heels and pay attention on how much strong sunlight falls directly on your hardwood floors. For heavy furniture that lay on hardwood, a good idea will be using area rugs.

Bamboo Floors

Great look, price and most importantly sustainable earth- friendly option, bamboo has incredibly become a popular flooring option many people are really considering as their underfoot surface. Nevertheless, we might highlight that the attempts by manufacturers to create a more competitively priced bamboo flooring version has led to lower the quality of the products that enter the market, making flooring from younger bamboo with only few coats of finish that can wear quickly. To find the most durable bamboo flooring you might need to purchase it from trusted manufacturers that have a solid track record in producing this type of flooring. Check closely at the quality of your bamboo boards, low quality finishes are a bad sign so keep your eyes on this aspect. Reasonable pricing is not always cheap prices so do not opt for the cheapest bamboo floor but choose a decent price ($6-8$ per square foot is a good one).

Laminate Floors

This is not a classy flooring option but believe us when we say that it much more durable and cheaper than many other you can find in the flooring market. Laminate floors are excellent alternative to bamboo or cork that efficiently resist busy households, due to the high density fiberboard core that is made of and its transparent resin top wear layer. These are great attributes which make laminate flooring a good quality option, not to mention how resistant to sunlight, fading and moisture can be. It is true you can find this flooring option really attractive, not only because of its durability but its price; laminate floors are cheap but it is important not to choose the cheapest alternatives that can be cheap economy which may result into huge money investment in the future. Our laminate flooring options will nicely suit your durability needs at really reasonable prices.

We have carefully selected the most durable flooring options, in order to give you some ideas that might help you out when facing this essential decision for a home building project. Heavy traffic areas whether at home or commercial spaces demand that you decide on tough, durable and solid underfoot surfaces that perform at their best and achieve an eye- catching appearance. It is time to invest on flooring that is on a budget as well as last in the long term…you dream it, we Build it!