Oh Joy! FinishBuild’s Can’t Miss Modern Nursery Ideas

“Motherhood: all love begins and ends there” Robert Browing.

Considered one of the life’s most precious miracles, pregnancy is a beautiful time in any woman’s life; you are growing a life inside your body, of course there are some discomforts as you gain weight, have swollen ankles and more, but the end result is the best gift you will ever receive. FinishBuild turns a bit maternal in this opportunity just to bring you some ideas and interesting tips, in order to assist you when it comes to choose your baby’s nursery elements, this absolutely needs to be an experience you enjoy and feel comfy with. Since we are sure you want your baby’s room to be a comfortingplace for your family’s new member, it is important for you to know that when babies are first born, they only see well colors such as black, white and grey. Therefore you will want to introduce a few colors into your baby’s room, as our best suggestion we could recommend shades that are softer for instance: blues, greens and pinks, and in this way your baby’s eyes can perceive those color at about the same time as they develop.

Nursery furniture essentials

Without being budget- crushing, FinishBuild has selected some essential items you will really need; here’s what you need to take into consideration before you buy any nursery furniture essentials.

Crib mattress

Regarding this essential furniture element, there are some crib mattresses made of foam since they are considered the firmest and lightest which make them very easy to maneuver when you are changing sheets after a blow-out. Another great option we have considered for you is triple laminated covers crib mattresses; because babies pee, poop and spit out so this this alternative is really handy when it comes to accidents, you will be sure your baby’s mattress is well protected. An exceptional and organic tip we would like to share with you is that whether you decide on foam on vinyl mattress, keep in mind that you can help reducing you future baby’s exposure by letting the new mattress air out, perhaps outside your house or in the garage for a couple of days before placing it in the crib.


Luckily all the cribs in the United States must meet the same federal safety standards, this means that more expensive cribs do not mean better or safer options; you can be sure that there are plenty of safe alternatives out there that suitably fit your price range. In brief, if you have the proper space, love the way it looks and have decided to be done with it, then go for it.


Related to this essential nursery item, FinishBuild recommends you to make sure to check the return policy. It is absolutely true that audio or video monitors can offer peace of mind to parents, however interference can be an important issue to consider due to all the cell towers or wi- fi routers around; so our suggestion will be to think of that you may find you hearing nothing but your neighbor’s conversation or if your home is a small place maybe you this is a probable expense you can cross off your nursery essentials list.

Changing table

This is definitely a necessary nursery element, so a single purpose changing table may be not enough from our point of view. Choosing a contoured pad that attaches to the top of a dresser and stashing your diapers, wipes or any other supply in the top of drawer or in a little side cart; any of the multipurpose changing tables you can find in the nursery market will be great as long ad after your kid is out of diapers, there is still a function they can develop.

FinishBuild’s Modern Nursery Ideas

Wondering how much color you should put in the nursery? In case you are trying to find enough stimulation for your new born family’s member; we might make notice that there is much scientific debate about how colors affects newborns, and even though it is true that babies do not perceive colors properly for a while, they will do it as they get older. This is the reason why we have selected some excellent color options that may help you decide the palette you will like to have in your baby’s room, and then you will read some interesting ideas on how to decorate this very important space of your home.


Provide your baby’s room with a warm, comforting and cozy orange space that promotes an inviting feeling and inspires interpersonal conversation; you can choose between a darker orange shade in order to provide a great cozy atmosphere or a bright orange tone for a modern look.

Always refreshing, calming and most importantly, nurturing: green is the best choice you can make if the idea is to provide a learning environment; this color is able to reflect calmness of thinking and concentration, this positively will influence in your baby’s development process. Moreover, green is also very serene and natural color for decorating.

Blue is a subtle as well as calming alternative. Choose the proper shade, perhaps warm or bright blues and you will increase that cooling feeling that is good for a baby that gets warm easily.

Create a pure, clean and innocent environment in your baby’s room by using white as you choice; however, we recommend to stay away from all white nursery and walls items, instead you can think of splashes of color that evoke emotion and openness.

Decorating ideas

Kid friendly furnishings

With this idea, what we recommend is to make sure that everything in the room is washable and durable, because in a nursery you never know what is going to get dirty. Hardwood will be our pick for your baby’s room floor.

Easy storage

There will always be an excellent idea to opt for extra storage furnishings, for instance those ones that you can place next to the crib or changing table with a cloth storage rack; this way you will be storing lotions, powders, toys and stuffed animals.

Create a room that looks like an artwork

To accomplish this look you can place frame pictures from your baby’s favorite books, this is an interesting as well as interactive idea for children as allows them to learn how to read and at the same time you will be filling blank spaces on the walls in a nice modern way; keep it simple by painting the walls in pastel shades.

Thinking of your and your family’s well- being, in FinishBuild we totally understand that when you bring your baby from the hospital, you want his/her’s room to be both a safe and beautiful space for him or her; this is why we have thought of an article based on suggestions and ideas that can be helpful for you in order to reach your newborn’s room project.