Nylon or Polyester Carpet? Let’s Compare Them

Flooring is a permanent element in your home that you should give a special and important investment every now and then. Since floors are the most used (sometimes abused) surfaces in any home, good choices on flooring certainly contribute to the right selection of furniture, and also have special considerations on traffic, activities and inevitable accidents that will take place on them. In this post we would like to focus on another excellent flooring option you might want to consider for your home: carpets.

This option has been an amazing element in interior décor, due to its great attributes that help to create stunning looks in any of the spaces where installed. When considering carpets for your underfoot surfaces, you need to pay attention specially to the materials you will opt for as this soft flooring option offers softness, comfort, attractiveness, sound insulation, warmth and luxury at once; having mention this we are sure you would not like to go wrong on the selection of your carpeting. Moreover, purchasing quality flooring materials for your home, will allow you to have a feasible investment that lasts in the long term as well as in the short term, because the permanence of quality underfoot surfaces increases your property’s value.

Nylon or Polyester Carpets?

You will have to face many decisions in your life, selecting the most suitable material for your carpets will be one of them. Choose the wrong carpet for any of your home’s spaces and your carpeting will be a disaster before you are ready to get rid of it. Our best suggestion? Do some previous research, keep reading this post and compare these two types of materials for your underfoot surfaces base mainly on their durability, stain resistance, appearance, price and some other factors that might be important for you.


This is probably the most common category homeowners focus on; perhaps because it is not smart at all to like a carpet that does not last. Regarding how durable these two carpet materials are, we have to stand that nylon has the upper hand in this feature. This material is very hard and when dirt gets into this fiber, the sharps edges of nylon particles cut into the carpet fibers, and thus destroy them so this is how you can notice how remarkable the hardness of nylon is. If you compare these two carpeting materials in this category, nylon has also a better bounce- back than polyester, to prove this you walk on it and easily feel its resistance. Nylon fibers are more readily to return to an upright position; this is an awesome plus when you change the position of your furniture because it has been in the same spot for a considerable time, the marks your furniture can leave behind are easier to get rid of if your carpet in made of nylon.

On the other hand, polyester is a soft fiber which is able to make you feel really comfortable; however constant walking on this great underfoot surface makes it crush, this will turn out into a worn out look sooner than you would expect. Furthermore, polyester is also recognized by its attribute of not holding up too well; once dirt gets in this material, makes an instant negative impact, and furniture marks or wear show more quickly.

Stain Resistance

In this category, it is fair to say that there is almost a tide between these two carpeting materials; so you rather base your decision on the previous criteria we have shown. Fortunately, both of these materials perform stain resistance at their best; but since nylon is more absorbent and as you might know, liquids are very hard to get rid of so due to this, polyester is somewhat a better choice. However, we might warn that even when both nylon and polyester are good at resisting stain, this does not necessarily means your carpets are invulnerable to staining; immediate maintenance when you or any of your loved spill a drink, will be the right solution.


Until the two previous categories, it seems that nylon deserves the trophy of this comparison. However it will be more than fair to mention some of the benefits that polyester have; and one of them is that this carpet material is very easy to dye. Ok, this is not a huge difference because nylon can also be dyed; but if you are looking for the boldest designs and colors, you surely can find them in polyester.


Here is really worth to make notice that one of the biggest advantages of polyester is its price. Due to the fact that this carpet material can be made from recycled materials; carpet production of this fiber is cheaper and earth- friendly, this is what mostly draws people to these types of carpet. Polyester carpeting can be purchased for about half the cost of nylon, this translates into saving thousands of dollars.

Carpeting can be one of the wisest choices you can make for your home improvement project, it is a safe option for you and your loved ones, this means you will less likely to deal with slip and fall accidents as occurs on hard surface floors. They can create the look you want either in your home or business as they add style wherever they are installed; the best part is that there is a wide variety of colors, patterns, cuts, so possibilities are thousands when it comes to fulfill your style statements. According to designers and experts, carpets as underfoot alternatives are less labor intensive to clean or maintain than hard surface flooring, therefore carpet can cost less to maintain as well. Moreover, new technologies have made a positive impact on this type of flooring, as they allow carpet to be recycled into a whole brand new product. Manufacturer’s studies have showed that from 121 million pounds of worn carpet which have been collected, 85% was recycled into new carpet, consequently there is no need to acquire raw materials; sustainability takes place here and we absolutely like it!