Natural Inspiring DIY Project: Christmas Wreaths

The most wonderful time of the year is already here! Christmas has been considered by many people around the world a truly magical holiday. I do not why but during this festive season people are jollier and kinder than usual, well I guess this is due to the Christmas spirit which is spread anywhere these days. I believe that the Christmas spirit should be preserved in each of us, no matter how difficult or challenging our situations are, when we focus on the inspiration that this amazing season of the year offers, harmony instantly makes from every household a beautiful place.

Christmas is fantastic holiday where everybody gathers in order to start a growing conversation about what Christmas means to them, they also strive to share it all with family and friends, this way comfort and inner calm show up allowing people to diminish their period of stress; I think that random acts of kindness are great chances to get you and your family in a more Christmas-y demeanor. On the other hand, I have to highlight that besides being one of the most awesome holidays of the year, Christmas is also the most wasteful one; the huge environmental impact this festive season causes can be reflected by the production of many of our favorite holiday treats, ornaments, staples and decorating items; having said this, what if we all could make our own eco- friendly Christmas decorations? This post is about giving you some inspiring ideas on how to make your own Christmas wreaths; I would like to share with you other possibilities of having beautiful unique (and why not bold) ornaments and decorating items that not only provide your home with eye- catching look but also are small changes with big and positive impact on our planet.

Christmas Wreaths: Natural DIY Project

You probably have got your Christmas tree covered with stunning ornaments, but now you are facing the challenge of completing your decoration for this beautiful season of the year, and of course wreaths are very traditional elements in any Christmas decor, so you should not miss the opportunity to create your own ones. Wreaths were first originated in ancient Rome; they were thought to be a sign of victory and status, so when it comes to create them my recommendation is to opt for colors and textures that suitably work for your home’s needs. What I really like about natural wreaths is that you can aim to include eucalyptus, fir or holly in order to have a truly fragrant environment at home. The first step you need to make is gathering a few Christmas wreath supplies that you probably have storage at home:

  • Wreath ring; you can find it in its basic flat version in a Christmas tree farm.
  • Pine, Cedar, or holly clippings.
  • Garden pruners.
  • Floral wire.
  • Wire snippets.
  • Your favorite decorations floral picks.
  • Floral sticks.

It Is Time to Start Your Natural DIY Project

  • Scour the woods for the attractive fir brush you will need to clip down to wreath size pieces; you will need to use approximately 25 large branches to complete a 14” Christmas wreath.
  • Fasten the floral wire to the metal ring.
  • Now you need to make a small bunch of brush about 3 to 4 pieces. Be sure to start with a large piece in the back, and then layer on smaller pieces.
  • Twist the wire around the cut ends of the brush to secure it to the ring.
  • Now, make another bunch of brush; then lay the second bunch on top of the first, slightly lower.
  • Take the wire and wrap the wreath 2 or 3 times around it, then pull the wire spool tightly towards you to fasten it. Make sure to repeat this step a few times more, add bunch by bunch until you scope back where you began the wreath.
  • Next, lift up the ends of the first bunch of brush you started with, then poke the final bunch un under the tips, and to secure the entire piece wrap it with wire.
  • Your wreath is almost ready, what you need to do to complete it is to make a loop with the wire, this way you will have an easy hanging, after that twist loose en around the wire frame.
  • Ok your wreath is complete, now grab some pruners to snip back any pieces on brush that seem to be too long or out of place.
  • The last and funniest step is to decorate your natural Christmas wreath the way you want. In case you will place it on a table, then I would like to suggest scent candles you can light up to provide your spaces with a warmer feel during Christmas evenings.

In my opinion, wreaths are the perfect complement to start these holidays; they are so versatile that you can strive to make them to suit almost any space of your home. Moreover, the charming side of creating your own natural wreaths is that you will enjoy of a fresh arrangement that lasts in the cold weather; this is just one of the many alternatives you can create, but you can always experiment with all kinds of materials that lead you to create the wreath arrangement that best fit your entire decor.

In the U.S. 28,000miles of ribbon are used for Christmas decorating purposes, all those miles of ribbon will be enough to tie a bow around planet Earth; if only every family reuse two feet of this DIY material, they will be recycling and upcycling a significant quantity of waste that cost you more money every year. I honestly believe that giving Christmas DIY projects a try would be an entertaining and delightful way of spending good quality time; whether you opt for natural wreaths, Mason jar crafts or driftwood trees, these decorations will make the best of your spaces this year, and the best part is that you will need simple materials that you probably have already at home. Think beyond traditional Christmas decor you can find in your local home store, and create extraordinary decorating items from ordinary materials…you dream it, we Build it!