Tile Cleaning Tips You Must Know

According to the BBC news on showering habits, the average bath time lasts eight minutes. This information was compiled from “data loggers” that recorded 2,600 showers by 100 families over a 10-day period in the UK. Today life between bills, schedules, and appointments can drain your energy and positive attitude at some times, we truly got it. Having the courage to face life nowadays is admirable.  And it is totally reasonable that form time to time we might have to claim for a spare time to do whatever makes us fill those absences.

Therefore, FinishBuild joins you in the idea of rising again. Figuratively speaking, you may want to take a last review of your day and press reboot bottom. Generally that bottom is often discovered in a nice hot shower. Porcelain tiles have advantages resistance to staining for example, whether from food, water and chemicals. When fired, porcelain is exposed to very high temperatures, which allows it to achieve a glazed appearance and very durable surface.

But when it comes to that particular time of the day where all problems and uncomfortable situations wash away, it is comprehendible to aim to a spotless and hygienic restroom. FinishBuild glazed porcelain tiles are covered with a layer of liquid glass and then fired, so the glass is baked into the tile surface. This provides a very effective barrier from staining, which is one of the strongest elements that can seriously deteriorate your sanitary areas.


The problem

Generally, water damage occurs in sneakiness way on porcelain tiles, which makes of it a small but devastating process. By the time you have recognize that there is orange, sadly its hard work time.

Stains usually show up due to many reasons, such as water leaking, which promotes microorganism growing. The more they grow, the more tiles are compromised. And if you have a busy schedule and forget to clean it, then is a time bomb. To prevent this, it is recommendable to do invasive cleaning and also try one of the best options is to treat it with a sealer. This will give it the same level of protection that comes with glazed tile while not altering the visual appeal.

In order to keep your tile on its optimal condition, before applying any type of sealer, try to make up your mind whether you would like to use a solvent-based or water-based product. A good water-based sealer is very effective in protecting porcelain, though because porcelain is so dense, a solvent-based product can more easily penetrate into the stoneware. Remember that the goal is to impregnate the porcelain tile so it is safe from the inside out.

Clean and sparkling areas do not necessary means bathrooms only, this statement agrees with any zone into direct contact to dirt and water, such as an entryway. Meant for kitchens, bathrooms and entrances, however, we will want to make sure regarding if you are using either glazed porcelain tiles or unfinished porcelain tiles, in order to do the suitable cleaning process.


Porcelain tiles mark can vanish easily with vinegar. Vinegar is well known as a natural purifier element that also can be available in your own kitchen and is not only one of the simplest but also the most effective means lime. They also have an antibacterial effect. They help against the formation of bacteria and fungi. On the other hand lemon juice can be a nice option too. Lemon has innumerable uses associated to decontamination and odor neutralization. The choice is yours, after all is more a matter of taste, the fragrance you rather have after cleaning the room.

For better results on bright white bathroom flooring and a lovely aroma you might want to try a non-abrasive product procedure. FinishBuild staff suggests homemade cleaning mix 1 cup water, 1/2 cup vinegar, a bit of neutral dish soap and 16 drops of your favorite essential oil o essence. Be eco-friendly, with the help of an old but well preserved toothbrush, dive into your homemade cleaning mix and cover your tiles with a soft but steady movement. Leave the cleaning cover in your bathroom for a couple of minutes and spray the glass door down after squeegeeing. After about an hour, tile joints are bright and shiny straight. Remember to avoid the vinegar in case you have a stone-tile bathroom.

Tools are items you can use on your favor in order to achieve your cleaning goals. Use a reliable sponge or foam cleaning pad to scrub bathroom tiles forms, always following the patterns directions to avoid scraping the cover that tiles usually came with.

Replacing tiles is another option that we might like you to consider if your bathroom flooring is way too damage. No matter how diligent you are, sometimes it wise to accept that you can replace that hideous grout. But remember, even though, this might be a great opportunity for DIY enthusiastics, concerning bathroom tiles is a wise choice to delegate that procedure to a specialist.


Subsequently to problem and solutions that might work for you on desperate times, FinishBuild staff believe than nothing preserves your currently products as caring. As regular workouts take care of your fitness, bathroom tiles cleanness take care of your health and sanity at the same time.

As we have checked, the success would depend on how constant your cleaning and vacuuming method is. Several bathroom cleaning products may affect you porcelain tiles, damaging or can even gloomy your bathroom flooring and wall surfaces. Dirt and dust will scratch the surface of porcelain. So, in order to preserve relaxing areas such as restrooms, FinishBuild consider that bathroom floors deserve your attention once in a while, therefore it should be deep vacuumed 1 day a week to remove abrasive agents from the tiles surface, and 2 times light cleaned and dust mopped during week. In case you join natural stone on this relaxing areas then should be cleaned with neutral cleaners, avoid vinegar or acid products.

To sum up, your wellbeing, last but never least, you should take care of your hands. Get ready, I get onto the main character in action and go fashion with gloves. Regarding bathroom tiles we propose you to give it a chance to those old pieces of clothes to this task. You might feel like a ghost busters staff.

Anyhow, we hope this article might help, enrolled or entertained you in relation to porcelain tiles cleaning & caring.