FinishBuild & Lowe’s as One of The Best Alternatives

 According to The National Federation of Independent Business on its article of “The importance of Strategic Business Partnerships”says that partnerships could denote your business new products access, expansion, increase customer reliability among others.

On this occasion we took our time on display you a review of the aspects we do have in common with Lowe’s Company so far.

Ever since we decided to start our blog we have had searched further more our own capacities. Go beyond FinishBuild staff knowledge means that we have had to research updated information in order to deliver you a proficient quantity of information. We believe that by building together you and us can create solid and better surfaces. These last few months have turn out of a full effort and constant encouragement on the subject of all our FinishBuild team. Build Direct Company, for example has been a very good instructor in terms of functionality, efficiency and caring. Therefore we are grateful for allowing us to share information related to the flooring products field. It is also important for us to mention that when it comes to make progress in any aspect of life, it is essential to be synchronized with the bests.

Up to now FinishBuild has joined the industry of floors as virtual flooring and home company settled in Doral, Florida. We came up with the idea of being able to provide a multidisciplinary online system built by consumers to customers. Therefore, one of our goals when it comes to flooring products is be able to supply our clients in a detailed way with, flooring products stipulations, for instance. High quality displays of our current sample catalog, and moreover, brands flooring products physical characteristics.

FinishBuild has established bonds to direct suppliers. We are lucky to household flooring brands such as, Kronenhahn, Parkay floors and MoonWalk. This friendship allows our staff to be able to offer comprehensive recommendations in order to make your flooring choice easier.

Nevertheless, the path to victory is long and since FinishBuild team is always looking forward in order to improve, we would like to dedicate this post on one of outstanding and constantly improving company such as, Lowe´s.

Are you asking why? Maybe the question is why not? Despite the fact Lowes is nowadays a big enterprise Lowe´s Company began like FinishBuild small and modest, as a hardware store listed in 1946. As its slogan stands for “never stop improving”, Lowe´s home become a company which brought about customers inspiration and support them at on every occasion and any kind of customer´s project aspect.

Lowe’s & FinishBuild services

Lowe’s Customer service

One of the important facts that both companies have as a priority is the fact that we are aware of our customer examinations whether is to ask for information or to make a suggestion of our services. Therefore, being prepared regarding our customers’ needs is one of the primary necessities in order to improve and build together for a better service.

Lowe’s Installation

2016 has been a nice year for a young company such as, FinishBuild, which happens to have thus far another facility in order to get the best of us and the satisfaction of our customers: flooring products installation procedures. Our staff is now able to provide as Lowe’s do-it-for-me (DIFM) service. We dare to say that this extra service help us both to make our customers smile.

Lowe’s Strategy and content

It is tricky to talk about an online web site without social media management, nowadays, we have established certain attachment. FinishBuild is privileged because during this evolving process it has been able of gathering an unequaled work team that works together with the premise of building better. Therefore, in pro of getting close to our clients we have joined social media as well. Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook are part of our social tools. Equally Lowe´s Company has contemplates the same idea of involving people to a long- lasting partnership by including this same social media apps and Tumblr as well.

In order to keep improving regarding contents, FinishBuild has elaborate a blog space that is committed to a daily post on our website with the aim of holding new ideas and review making regarding styles and companies that inspire us. On this way, FinishBuild staff is able to suggest notions regarding home topics to or customers’ preferences.

Nevertheless, since we do care about our client’s opinion we have added an interactive panel for us to observe what people have to contribute or request regarding any of our topics and products. On the hand, Lowe’s has a How-Tos section that also provides useful tips regarding any of its products, even though it is not a blog, this section has proven its potential as well.

Lowe’s World caring

Nowadays, due to the massive pollution and nature disasters affecting our environment, companies have had the initiative of helping our planet on different practices, for example the use a lot of lumber on furniture, sustainable forestry techniques which are applied which take minimalist style to the top.

In the case of FinishBuild by reducing the environmental impact we improve the sustainability our forests. FinishBuild flooring products are now liberated from natural resources as an alternative for wood- look boards. Other important fact if that our flooring products do not need abrasive cleaning products which deteriorates floor boards quality. Therefore we reduce the use of chemicals on homes.