Lighting: Take it To An Industrial Level

Industrial lights are an important part of any factory setting. When it comes to bigger spaces such as Industrial zones, you might want to have the most of multifunctional space in order to work with average functionality and accurate finishes. In other words, a proper storage and distribution of goods and associated uses in a manner that does not affect the safety and amenity of local communities. However, these regular tasks cannot be accomplished without a proper working environment. For these reason we would like to dedicate our post to one of the primary elements in order to go Industrial: Lighting.

On Industrial areas space has to be very precise, limited amount of retail and office uses maximum floor space area restriction for office of 500 square meters and allowing councils to specify a maximum leasable floor area for office in a schedule to the zone. While, some new industrial developments seek to provide retail and office space along with industrial activities, others maintain a wide open area where employees share one wide space.

Industrial Lighting aims to offer a wide illumination for working environments, nevertheless, nowadays with fashion era; industrial lighting has been also introduced to big and small business areas and home-design as well. On the other hand, Industrial Lighting market is now providing a specially tailored option to the needs and requirements of a certain commercial area in order to perform better than ever before.

Types of lighting

At FinishBuild, we know that industrial lights are an essential part of your business, which is why, would love to suggest some selection to your current commercial areas. Let’s go with Strip lamps, which are perfect for large spaces that need high-quality illumination without loose. One of the best benefits of fluorescent lighting comes from its energy efficiency.

Strip Lamps

Strip lamps are perfect for large spaces that need high-quality illumination without bulk. In the case of areas with low ceilings, look into our low bay lamps. For areas with high, vaulted ceilings or large buildings, consider our high bay fixtures. It is important to share with your that these kinds of lighting can be accurate for commercial areas where generally light cannot go on the ceiling, so for example if you are working in an area that needs plenty of space and ceiling lighting can make those spaces smaller, then strip lamps are for you.

Fluorescent Lighting

 A regular compact fluorescent lamp (CFL) uses about 75% less energy than a traditional light bulb. That means a fluorescent lamp would only need to use 20 watts of power to produce the same amount of power as an incandescent bulb that needs to use 75 watts of power, according to ShineRetrofits.

Another important and valuable feature of these types of lighting is that they also do not produce as much heat as traditional lighting which allows you to maintain a good temperature in any area. In ShineRetrofits article said that Fluorescent lamps make about 75% less heat compared to an incandescent bulb because they are not using resistance to emit light which lead us to energy savings.

Long-lasting is another respectable aspect of Fluorescent lighting, regularly a traditional incandescent bulb will last between 800 to 1,500 hours. But fluorescent lamps go way away from that. Most will last about 10,000 hours, but many fluorescent are rated to last even higher, some even going as high as an incredible 50,000 hours. Nice feature uh? Having such a great light life offers another added savings, this time in maintenance and labor.

On the other side, Fluorescent Lighting contains Mercury, which is highly toxic to humans, with symptoms of restlessness, inflammatory responses in the lung, gastroenteritis and renal damage. Therefore, beware if by any chance a bulb of this kind gets broken.


As we have mention before, purpose is vital before acquiring a new lighting system. On Industrial areas, such as, supermarkets that are up to 1800 square meters and associated shops up to 500 square meters, require of a more large system of lighting.

LED.  For commercial and industrial purposes, there is LED lighting which offers you long-lived performance and does not take replacement bulbs. The whole fitting is replaced at the end of its useful life. One of the main advantages is that LED lighting is naturally directional for this reason, LED fittings are uncommonly efficient in delivering light, they provide a neutral illumination for commercial areas, for example, which is very common those days.

Tubes. Fluorescent tubes are the most classic industrial and commercial look for environments that require a low-cost source light spreading. At FinifhBuild we enjoy these kinds due to the fact that do not increase or reduce our work areas temperature, and they are positively long-lasting.  However, if you ask for a disadvantage on these types of industrial lighting, it would be the light potential, it is not that strong, and therefore you will theoretically need more fittings to provide the same coverage.

Opting for a major change in order to improve your business are can be a one small but huge step in order to set a different kind of dynamic on your professional dynamic.  So whether is in your factory, shop, showroom or even home areas increasing illumination can definitely mean breaking old patterns for a better future. Not only will this transform the look of the space, but it will also provide greater security.

As always, it was a pleasure to share this Information.

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