July 2016 Summer Beach Room Ideas with FinishBuild


Did you know that Praia do Cassino counts with 212 kilometers in Brazil making it one of the longest beaches worldwide? On summer season FinishBuild also goes on vacation with you. Not only with flooring options but on interior design suggestions to make your rooms fresher on 2016, therefore, even though if you do not leave by the coast side we happily invite you to invest into your personal beach paradise.  Moving ahead on building your own personal piece of heaven, the first tip to take into account is recognize what you truly like, which usually seems to be one of the most complicated part of creating a perfect beach space when options are endless. Certainly we agree on the fact that that special area must have what you regularly use on your daily routine. And this depends rigorously on your personality, as well as the design part which is a delight because is the fun ornament part to make your place the coziest. Let’s begin with some options…

The undisclosed tip of design when it comes to beach rooms is to work with a palette that balances the interior of the house with the amazing outdoor landscape. Patterns and textures are the second angle to take in consideration. If we take a few seconds to imagine the landscape by the sea you might agree with us on the fact that is a stunning and perfect arrangement very different elements situated in a single place.

Nature is on your side

As an unstable environment, seaside exposes plants and animals to changeable and potentially harsh conditions. Some animals burrow into the sand and feed on material deposited by the waves. Crabs, insects, shorebirds and turtles also bury their eggs feed in ocean beaches. Consequently, if you are currently living by the sea, these aspects can help you to consider eco-friendly products and inspire you as well. Nature is on your side and you can always get the benefits of wildlife regarding styles and color palettes. Features as the brightness of the sun is indispensable. Light is always welcome on summer areas, so we suggest you to add some large panels against concrete or wooden structures. A beach house should be as opened to the outside world as possible. Windows like these let sun and air inside, and jog your memory to that piece of heaven you always have been craving for. On the other hand, if you want a bit of privacy, choose an alternative covering solution, such as bamboo blinds or light fabrics which allows you air course entrance. Keep into account that this adding would definitely provide texture to your summer spaces. The lumpy texture combines perfectly with sand and the amazing blueness of the ocean. Therefore, do not hesitate on adding simple design items with is elegant and attractive looks at the same time.

FinishBuild contemplates beach homes as uncluttered and fresh spaces. Similar to our Zen style post, we might like to share that less is more. Try by adding unpretentious modular pieces that can resist constant exposure to sun, sand, or humidity and also work for any occasion. The furniture items should be natural, as the accessories in order to match the seaside theme you are attempting to introduce. Conversely, another option regarding natural enhancement would be plants, sea stars, shells and even gravels. Use natural behavior on your favor.


Neutral schemes such as white, beige, cream, or brown colors will make your beach-side place airy and spacious. Shifting hues of yellow and blue will add interest and playfulness, take into account that the secret of adequate furnishing is nothing but finding a balance between elegance, robustness and smooth colors. Subsequently, elements you choose should be not necessary sophisticated, but tasteful enough. It basically means that furniture in beach houses or beach areas has the multi-functional characteristic, for instance, coffee tables come with storage space beneath; while folding sofas turn into comfortable beds for unexpected guests.

Another aspect you should consider is the color of your furniture. The same as walls, furniture ought to be light and relaxing. You can see the contentment of people strolling in the beach and that is what you have to project in your bedroom. Therefore when painting your sleeping accommodations go for sunny yellow mixed with blue for the waters and sky lastly white or light beige for the fine sand. Regarding tables, you might want to consider having to purchase a great dining table for the entire family, ideally one which allows you to serve rich seafood like, filled lobsters and crab salads. On this occasion we endorse you to get a wooden plank table, with simple chairs or long panel benches.



. As we go on summer theme we would like to go a little bit further on specific beach-side themes. Let’s pretend you might want to have a beach look on your personal bedroom with a relaxed coastal style. Start with the right backdrop color. White, a cream-based shade or a grey-based stormy tone could be greater options than a pale purple for instance. Use plenty of other natural colors such as greys, misty greens, sea blues, sand and driftwood browns.


Furnishing. If you have the bless of having plenty of space on your room, try to keep the fresh look with white-painted or weathered-wood furniture the more compacted the better, remember than human beings are very visual, the less space they cover the better. Then fill the room with texture, paneling items, baskets, woven rugs and knitted throws or cushions to help to soften the simple white or grey palette.


Accessories. Embrace the sand and sunny vibes with plenty of coastal-inspired accessories, such as nautical-motif cushions and storm lanterns, and enhance your room’s character with driftwood-look wood. Keep in mind that beach-side style has a timeless look that can be easily adapted to suit your own personal tastes. So, whether you are creating a contemporary paradise island look with cobalt blues, trying out vintage bedroom ideas with antique finds, or natural sun-bleached simplicity teamed with stripes, take a dip into our beautiful beach-themed bedroom ideas for a bit of optimistic and blustery inspiration. One again it has been a pleasure to share recollected ideas with our suggestions added.

Enjoy 2016 because each summer has its own story

You Start, We Finish!