It’s summer time! These DIY wreaths are the perfect complement for your home decor this season

Hanging up seasonal stunners is another amazing way to express your taste in your home, wreaths can absolutely be part of your indoor or outdoor decor and if you make them with your favorite summer flowers, the combination will be incredible. The following are three very interesting ideas I have picked, in order to give some ideas for your next crafty self-project.

Gorgeous tulips wreath

Are you looking forward to develop your DIYer skills? Then I think that this project is exactly what you need to start from; create a tulips wreath for your door that is gorgeous and can also make you feel proud of yourself, these are the materials and tools you will need:

  • Two grapevine wreaths
  • Zip ties/ florist wires
  • Faux tulips (choose them in your most favorite colors, peach color will work wonderfully for instance)
  • Monogram letter
  • Paint
  • Four yards of burlap ribbon (or any other decorative ribbon of your preference)

Step #1: in order to get the best from a designer’s trick, I recommend you to double the base wreath, either you zip tie them together or wire them you will absolutely notice the difference once your DIY project is done.

Step #2: you will need at least 3 bundles of tulips, each one should have 10 tulips in each stem. Now, cut the tulips apart as well as the other type of flowers you choose (in case you have opted for others). The next step is to arrange them in a long bouquet, be sure you like the way they start looking and once you are happy with the shape you give to them, zip tie them together; you may need to use your hot glue gun to make your flowers stay in place. Repeat this process again, then make the same with your second bundle.

Step #3: zip tie the two bundles you have just shaped, strive to zip tie the whole floral arrangement on the wreath. Once you have make your two bundles stay in place, paint a monogram letter that suitably work with your wreath; the following thing you should do is let your creativity flows, glue the letter to the wreath, tie a pretty ribbon in between the two bundles of tulips.

Pretty Hydrangea wreath

Here’s another great DIY idea for making your summer decor an eye- catching one, not to mention how budget- friendly can be. It is about a Hydrangea wreath, and these are the materials you need to have to make it happen:

  • Two grapevine wreaths
  • Zip ties/ florist wires
  • Faux Hydrangeas
  • Four yards of burlap ribbon

Step #1: start your pretty Hydrangea ornament by wiring 2 grapevine wreaths together, why 2? Well, this is a home decorator’s secret that will help you create an exceptional statement, two base wreaths wired together will work wonderfully at keeping your decor item in place and performing at its best. On the other hand, if you prefer to add an initial but wooden initial and paint it in such a matching color that works beautifully with both, your wreath and door; you can use a latex paint.

Step #2: make a beautiful bow with the burlap ribbon you have chosen, and add it to your summer wreath; I really love the combination of burlap with bright green edging, but you could also opt for any other type of ribbon. The next step is to cut all but two inches of the stem off of your hydrangeas.

Step #3: use your hot glue gun to stick one Hydrangea flower to the left of the bow, one to the right and two right above the bow; next, add stems of green blooms to both of the sides of the Hydrangeas, and keep adding more flowers as you consider, you could actually include Queen Anne’s Lace as well as green pom- pom flowers in order to make the wreath full.

Summer floral wreath

Make your house’s main entrance gorgeously bloom for summer with this DIY wreath, make sure to grab the following supplies and get ready to create a decor item that will make a huge impact.

  • Greenery bundles and berry stems
  • 12-inch foam wreath form
  • Florals like: pink peonies, peach rose bouquets
  • Hot glue gun
  • Scissors
  • Clippers

Step #1: lay the 12- inch foam wreath form on its back and place little group of flowers randomly. In order to secure them, puncture holes in the foam with the stem part of the flowers; place the flowers leaving a considerable space between them, take each flower out one by one and fill the holes with hot glue. To accomplish a full covered floral wreath, save a couple of flowers and a little bit of the greenery you have chosen to cover all of the sides that perhaps can look empty.

Step #2: to make your wreath look even more gorgeous, get some inspiration by adding a few pieces of greenery as you consider, glue them on the foam wreath form and take a few minutes to see how your floral wreath looks; be sure you are happy with what you are seeing.

Step #3: as I have recommended in the step #1, take those extra blooms you saved at the beginning of the project, and include them in the areas that you see empty or with a lot of greenery/ berry stems. You will have the final result, hopefully it is a wreath you absolutely love!