International Inspiration: Italian Style in Your Home

Anais Nin said once “we travel, some of us forever, to seek other places, others lives, other souls”, and we could not agree more with such an amazing thought; actually we would complement this quote by adding that traveling is another great source of inspiration for you to decide what style your home deserves. In this post we have decided to (imaginarily) travel to Italy, this incomparable country which is known worldwide by its FOOD!, fashion style, architecture design and unique interior design characteristics in order to show you great ideas that might be considered in your home decorating project. Homes built around the family, this is what we think is the premise of Italian interior design; whenever you see a home designed under Italian patterns you can immediately notice spaces that are functional yet relaxing, as well as joyful and with a vast artistry selection.

From Romans to our modern times, Italian interior design has always been a distinguished trademark, which has been styled and adapted through the centuries, base on both the cultural and artist influences of each period. What it really fascinates us about this gorgeous home decorating style is the harmonic transformation that Italian home style has experienced; at the beginning simple and small decoration used to be the charming decorating concept, over time this concept became more and more detailed and sophisticated, creating interesting spaces that adorably combine traditional values with a modern up to date look.

Essentials on a Home with a Breathtaking Italian Style

There are plenty of reasons why we would like you think about Italian home style as your home’s décor, its gorgeous aesthetics has evolved into chic and glamorous looks that can attractively change any home into a breath taking living experience.  Let Italian décor portraits what you have in mind, take into consideration our following suggestions and transport yourself, your family and guests to a brand new landscape.

Breathtaking Italian Style: Flooring

When it comes to Italian floors, we have to go back up in time and thank to Ancient Italians artisans who worked rustic stones and transformed stoneware of all varieties into absolute pieces of beauty. Therefore, Italian flooring reached a whole new level in decorative standards and is what today we know as amazingly elaborated and very elegant designs, which are a must-have in any home with Italian style. Usually, the stone choices are based on: limestone, granite, tile and marble, all of them need to be selected having in mind their pros and cons, but we are sure that any of your decision will make your rooms look at their best. Bathrooms and kitchens are the most common places where you can see this type of stone as a flooring surface, but in case you want just a touch of Italian floor deign, then accomplish your idea by adding stylish marble tile in your home entryway. Nothing says style and luxury like mosaic and ceramic tiles, they are also other typical decorating features in Italian home design, and this is  due to the fact that mosaics reminiscent of Italian cathedrals: in FinishBuild we have a really interesting variety of them for you.

Breathtaking Italian Style: Furniture

Italian home décor truly embraces warm colors such as brown, gold, rich reds, orange and yellow; in the Italian home theme, they act as accent colors to gorgeously complement the scene. Texture is an important quality in Italian style, therefore stuffy cushions, cute throw pillows and elaborated carpeting are essential items in an Italian furniture set.

Gilted in gold furniture is another popular characteristic whether in traditional or modern Italian home décor; mirror frames, inlaid in mahogany furnishings and inlaid in tiles are the most common decorative accessories where gilt shows up. Crystals, glass and mirrors are also very common in this home style.

Another interesting touch that can be included in a home décor inspired by Italy is having marble as walls cover; it is frequently used to create an interesting contrast between shiny stones and glamour in any of your interiors.

Breathtaking Italian Style: Light Fixtures

Besides enhancing the décor of the Italian home, what we really need to understand about Italian home style is how much passion for detail is putted in a relentless search for perfection. The attention in details extends to the plates of light switches, which are usually made of modern plastic or brass for most homes; however wood is the material selected for a more exclusive decorating, this is, Italian home décor. In past time, Italian homes used to be dark in order to protect family from hard periods of sun; today lighting designs are based on balancing color selection, in order to bring the feel of a Tuscan sunset without scarifying the comfort. Wrought iron light fixtures are the favorite choices for decorating; wall sconces and chandeliers add to your Italy inspired home an old charm that truly represents this incredible style. it is true that when you think of Italian home décor, the first thing that come to mind in “old world”, but this not necessarily means you have to stick only with traditional lighting style; recessed as your task light selection will be suitably fine.

Home decorating styles for each and every room in your home are vast; perhaps this may be seen as a difficult part in the home decorating stage by many homeowners. However, trying to decide which style best fits their needs and preferences must be an enjoyable experience.

From the Medici family home’s décor to today, Italian style stands as an exquisite way to give your home an eye- catching appearance; top- quality furnishings, artistic stone and tile as well as gilt are key pieces that end up in a supreme elegance that guarantees your home will never go out of style.

In FinishBuild we are definitely convinced that even if no two people are exactly alike, you and your family members should combine your personalities, styles and flairs in order to get the best from your home; accentuate with your favorite Italian furniture and home décor, create true Italian- feel spaces…you dream it, we Build it!