Interior Home Design: Wall Painting for 2017

Each individual is blessed on its own way, for example, in the case of dogs is known that in matters of vision, reach and color gamma is lower than ours. However, they happen to come with the gift of smell sense which in our case is merely basic. On the other hand, human vision depends on three types of color receptors, which tuned from long, medium and short wavelengths of light, perceived by us as red, green and blue.

Subsequently evolution has taken an important role in the matter of packing us with the necessary skills in order to survive. Monkeys are able to appreciate colors, and in many scientific studies it has been proved that colors are a way of warning primates in daily wild life. Other assumptions contemplate the idea of feeding purposes, since fruits may vary in color, vision sense help monkeys to recognize, classify food that is potentially good to eat or bad in any of the cases.

Moving on, color is responsible -in most of the cases- to designate warnings, moods, actions and even personality aspects in life. But when it comes about interior design, colors can enhance home spaces, define purposes in a particular areas and even increase the warmness or coldness in a room.

If you are planning on painting on holydays, keep into account that in order to add a different look to your surroundings, you have to check your old wall paint status. Painting over dirty, oily surfaces, can make you do a double job due to the fact that paint will easily peel off. So before painting you should clean the dirty areas with a heavy-duty cleaner proposed for pre-paint cleaning. FinishBuild believes that by taken all considerations before painting you can achieve the look you want, plus a less after-cleaning time, which leads us to protect wall neighboring items.

Preventing is always an extra caring touch for those home areas you are planning to paint. Therefore, cover and protect those edges, corners or even furniture that you cannot avoid. For this task we recommend the always trustworthy tape which can assist you on folding off areas for sharp lines, furniture and furnishings, floor molding, doorknobs and widow lines. We know it might take time, maybe more than you imagine, however at the end of the project you will see that is better to remove the dub tape than cleaning every single painting split.

Take into account that for a smooth well-done painting 5-gallon buckets with a roller grid to roller pans are a more comfy option instead using the can directly. Simple and saving extra paint, buckets with grids, allow you to dip the roller a quarter of the way into the paint and run it over the ramp to work better.

Wall Painting Techniques

Besides being a loving act, wall home painting can be a fun experience. By adding a different technique that you find appealing you can add texture and an entire boosting dimension to your wall. FinishBuild has come with some wall painting suggestions for you to consider to start fresh & transformed in 2017.

  1. Sponging is our number one wall painting technique due to its incredible but simple looks. Due to its easy application, you can start with a solid base coat using a damp sea sponge to apply glaze in another color on top to provide subtle texture to the wall. On the other hand, in the case you are opting for a more textured look, you can sponge a third color on the wall for a more histrionic look. What I personally like regarding this DIY wall painting technique is that if you happen to live in an old building with damaged walls or areas that reflect heavy traffic, sponging is the one that would definitely help you in adding texture and camouflage them.

2. Stenciling is our second technique to opt for in order to start fresh in 2017. Explore neutral tones such as beige and grey, which are always a safe option to go with in the case you want a classic but outstanding look, consider combinations with lighter colors and darker ones to create depth. This wall painting technique allows you to spice in a soft way. This painting process consists on using a stencil that can go taped into the wall and consequently be fill in the open section with paint of your chosen color.

  3.Frottage is not only for those who aim for a more organic and shabby look, but also for those who like a bit of character on their walls. Frottage involves applying colored glaze to a piece of paper and pressing it to the wall that has been prepared with a base coat. When you peel the paper off, the surface has a beautifully mottled appearance. Even though any type of paper could work for frottage wall painting, avoid newspaper or magazine pages because ink may stain your wall. In the case you find yourself in the mood of trying new, you can give an opportunity to plastic wraps, burlap, lace patterns or cheesecloth materials. Depending on the material that you use, the frottage wall painting project would accent your wall, so, do not hesitate on pulling colors your secretly desire but haven’t use because the might look so strong or weird. Go fresh and bold on 2017.

4. Option number four at FinishBuild would be ragging. Similar to sponging, rag folds add a definitely distinct uneven pattern. Ragging joins a more textured look but also can hide a damaged wall issues with style. On the other hand rag rolling techniques give walls the dramatic effect such as crushed velvet, parchment, chamois leather and brocade appearance. Therefore, explore ragging with fabrics, such as linen, lace, and burlap. We guarantee you a exceptional cool look.

Set it. We build it!