Ideas to Right Doors & Windows Treatment

Are you looking to create or transforming any of your home’s space into a stunning room? This home project can be achieved by selecting the right window and doors treatment however let’s be honest, with so many available options in the market than ever before this idea can be overwhelming for the inexperienced ones. Fortunately, FinishBuild would like you to examine some of the most craze and versatile window and door treatments options. Nevertheless, before to start with this subject let’s clear something up; people tend to refer to blinds and shades as the same home’s element, and it is certainly true that both complements have much in common for instance: both types of windows treatments add privacy and block out light, yet shades can be less expensive than blinds. Another key difference between them is that unlike blinds, shades are used to filter or soften light and blinds block it.

About windows treatment

Curtains and drapes

Well known by any of us, amusing or regular curtains and drapes are mostly used as the most common treatment of interior design. They both are able to filter our harsh and the gaze of your nosey neighbor, they can also set the mood and loon on any room in your home. If you are thinking of curtains for your interior spaces, it is important to consider both form and function and to solve this you may ask yourself do I want to block too much light? Am I trying to save energy?, if this is the case then you will probably need a heavier curtain rather than something lighter. Another good question you can ask yourself is what is the look I am looking to? Or do I want a formal or fun room? In this situation, silk, cotton or rayon can suitably be your choices. Type of hardware needed to mount the curtains, shape and size of your window, fabric and color are some of the other considerations you need to reflect about when choosing either curtains or drapes. Panels, blackout draperies, tiers and sheer are the most in demand curtains and drapes options you have.


As we have mentioned, these are different from blinds and they can be found in different materials such as; cotton, polyester and linen. Among the alternatives for shades as your window treatment you have: pleated shades, honeycomb shades, roller shades, Roman shades.


They are harder than shades, and are generally made of wood, composite materials, vinyl, aluminum or leather. A great bonus blinds offer is their versatility when it comes to light blocking, because they can completely be open or closed, as well as partially opened or closed. If you have to make the decision between shades or blinds; base your decision on whether you want a hard or soft material and how important id for you privacy and sun light blocking; we can tell you that blind is perfect in any of these areas. Regarding to the different version you can find from blinds, we can mention: wood blinds, faux wood blinds, vertical blinds, mini blinds (these ones are adorable!)


If the idea is to have a classic and elegant look in any of your home’s room, you can enjoy the privilege of having shutters as your window treatment. Function and style fused to offer you a exterior and interior design element that will be durable, yet it is relevant for you to know the varied versions you will find (wood, composite, vinyl); a great aspect about shutters is you can buy it in both great colors and finishes or even customize them to create an unique statement. Shutters can be: plantation shutters, café style shutters and on.

About blinds for doors treatment

Door with windows are definitely gorgeous, however they may leave less privacy in our homes than we have wanted. The following are some ideas FinishBuild would like to show you in order to choose the most suitable blinds for any of your doors’ style.

Proper blinds for French doors

The blinds you should opt for this type of door have to enhance the beauty of them as well as match the other window treatments in the room. Due to the fact that French doors’ handles get in the way of functionality, we would like to recommend you to buy shallow blinds that fit comfortably between the door and your French door’s decorative handles. When choosing blinds you need to take into consideration the amount of light you would like to let in; for full block light, blackout roller or honeycomb shade will be a wise choice, and in case you prefer some more light get in your room, light filtering shade will be the ideal option. Among the best window treatments for you French doors, you have: wood blinds, faux blinds, cellular shades, Roman shades, and Aluminum shades.

Right blinds for sliding glass doors

In FinishBuild we believe sliding doors a surely an excellent feature for any home, because they give an easy access to the outside area of your house without interrupting in your indoor or outdoor space; sliding doors also provide you with great view and allow a lot of natural light from the outside to let in. there are some considerations you need to know regarding thy type of doors, for instance; if you have any other window treatments around the room, it may be an amazing idea to decide on blinds for doors that harmonize with the other windows, vertical cellular shades are a great choice. Another consideration you might have in mind is that since sliding doors are high traffic areas, you should select a durable window treatment that is able to resist the daily use. Sliding panels, vertical blinds and vertical cellular shades are the most popular alternatives you have for sliding doors.

Appropriate blinds for front doors

Diverse challenges are presented by many front doors due to that they come in different shapes and sizes; and there is something more, with front doors you can absolutely control whether light or privacy as you do with other windows in your home. Regarding to the appropriate blinds for this type of floor, aluminum and cellular shades can perfectly be use in front doors plus, they are inexpensive and do not need a lot of space when raised. Aluminum blinds or cellular shades come in a variety of different colors and widths which opens you the possibility of choosing the one that best goes with your door. The options you count on as your front door’s blinds are: Roman shades, plantation shutters, sheer drapes, roller shades and woven wood shades.