How to Separate Areas Without Doors

Did you know that in India there is a Villlage called Shani ShingnapuShani Shingnapur where doors are absent?  Well there is and despite this, no theft was reported in the village until 2010. However, when it comes to isolate home areas you can apply some alternatives that can work perfectly for open floor home areas to unify spaces. Besides home furniture items that usually work to visually and spatially delimit areas, you can also check FinishBuild picks for 2017:

What to take into account

The perimeter:

First step for you to set all the items properly is: visualization. According to ENTERPRENEUR, visualizing your success, achieving your goal, and completing the task is first recommendation when starting any project, therefore FinishBuild suggest you to grab a piece of paper and draft the purpose of each space in the perimeter in order to provide yourself an idea of the activities of each side of your household. One of the advantages of open spaces plan is that possibilities of interior design are endless, nevertheless make clear which functional zones can fit in the larger space, which uses need to be near each other, and what kind of furniture is required.

What FinishBuild Recommends:

2016 has been a new portal for innovating ideas in Décor and flats and houses are adopting the idea of unify spaces where enclosure is not as necessary as it used to be. On the other hand FinishBuild understand that even though we might be willing to share what define us the most, from time to time there might be things or simple social reunions that may require that sense of privacy or solitude.


Get a pleasant positive impact on yourself by adding your favorite patterns. Wallpapers are a very original way for fragmented home spaces, we suggest you to choose a wall with no windows and no doors. In addition to not overload these areas, paint the rest of the room the same color as the background of the paper and just wallpaper one wall. Bathroom, and living-rooms can get a sophisticated twist with an elegant grey print for instance. Use wallpaper to signal the “end” of one room and the start of another. Options on style and color are endless with wall covering!

This is one wise idea if you really want to divide areas with grace. You do not have necessarily build a whole subfloor, instead of that, explore with wood boards for playing with different levels within a room instead. FinishBuild suggest you to get the rustic touch with wooden pallets in the bedroom areas, try with an industrial mattress base frame. On the other hand using wood pallets to serve as a desk it can be useful when separating areas are a necessary task, try, for example, to locate then behind a sofa to maintain harmony between living-rooms and home studios.

Half walls:

Commonly known as half walls, knee wall or pony walls, are another suitable alternative for diving home areas in a no doors home plan. These home additions can considerably boost your home for isolate areas where solitude is necessary. So, whether is for bedrooms, or even bathrooms half are there to share you the feeling of connection and openness at the same time. However, you can also place it near the front door or between a kitchen and living room.

Sliding doors:

If you consider that a door might be required for a special place inside your home, FinishBuild suggest these type of doors that can adapt to the uniform but also open atmosphere of an open space plan. Through style, color and texture, sliding doors can be successfully used in minimalist interiors as they completely fit with the concept of the style which mixes elements with a rustic character with used and worn out look. We highly recommend them as partition walls in loft apartments helping the splitting of the living area.

Curtain walls:

A curtain wall can be a delicate divider between two spaces such as the living and dining rooms for example. A similar idea can also be applied to spaces like the bedroom to separate it from the bathroom areas. FinishBuild reminds you that if your goal is to find solutions that are flexible, curtains regularly tend to be the cheapest option. Curtains would definitely provide you plenty of privacy yet taking up almost nothing of space, and the best part is that whenever you are ready to get out of bed you just to slide them out of your way with one hand.


Last but not least rugs are a smart inclusion in any are you want to define, whether is for an special activity or just as a decoration item for a room. Visual interest and softness underfoot that large rugs provide can easily cancel the installing process of a physical barrier that might disturb the harmonious look and feel of the space.

When separating your room into smaller sections, the best you can do besides all FinishBuild options is allowing yourself to enjoy the process of creating the spaces of specific areas you want to actually be. So, whether is planning home or a yoga spot, trust your gut. Keep things that you love and keep into account that what really makes a place an outstanding stylish appealing is the character you add with your personal and individualist ideas you use to zones.

Dare to do it. We help you through it!