How to Mix Zen & Chic Style in Your Private Studio

Are you feeling overload? Is your home turning into a storage garage? We understand that at these changeable and stressful times, serenity and peace inside your home areas can also be affected by a huge amount of things that you not necessarily use daily. FinishBuild agrees with you on creating a heavenly space in the comfort of our own home with Zen help and your Feminine touch. Did you know that Zen refers to meditation? In interior design is synonym of equilibrium, congruence and recreation.

Though Zen is not a design style per se and does not come with step pattern, it is often associated with simplicity, plainness and purity of lines, which is more related to way of arranging home items and focused on creating an atmosphere that offsets the stress and hassle of your daily routine. If you live alone, FinishBuild guarantees you that adding Zen & Feminine touch would be not only an easy but also delightful journey.

Jumping right away on the task, with the first FinishBuild recommendation: nothing should mess your studio floor, nothing should be piled or stored on the floor. Whether you believe or not this would cut old mindsets and would clear everything on your path, literally speaking.


Basic top 4 you must take care of in your Studio


For a Zen style with your Feminine touch you must be in a deeply level of awareness on what truly makes you happy. A small home private studio does not require much space, philanthropic maturity or even a social status. It requires just what you truly need in order to be really productive.

  • Unfilled your mind: The good news is that it would need your creativity. FinishBuild step one is simplifying the room, taking into account that Zen means being more with less. Take your time on this stage, check what items you truly used on working hours. Discover yourself in the process on empty not only your studio but your mind as well. Donate is a feasible choice for the things you do not want anymore, and it would be truly use by those who actually need it.


  • Furniture: eliminating without sacrificing comfort, we suggest you to go for a few pieces of plain, simple furniture, a Zen private studio would only contain a few essential pieces of furniture but also a minimalist entertainment stand.


  • Your tool storage: define a place for everything. If you must have electronic devices, besides your computer, take into account that these devices are most often a source of distraction and therefore do not integrate in a fully Zen atmosphere. So, if you need to have your TV set in your private studio, make sure you place it in a discrete area or hide it in a specially designed cupboard. In addition try to hide wires and cables that could distort the serene atmosphere of the entire atmosphere.


  • Add some bohemian modern style: Think about photos of homes that are cluttered, and photos of minimalist Pinterest pictures. The ones with almost nothing are some of the most beautiful ones, some nice artwork, and a very few pretty decorations, are exactly what you can apply to your chic private studio. Take into account that Zen does not necessary mean cold. Explore the cozy side in combination with your feminine touch, wool carpets, for example, can provide you a real sense of comfort.


What you must have in a feminine studio

1. Light. Set your new train of thought into quality over quantity. Think of that home working area as the office you would love to have in your current job. Extrapolate the space, and own it by placing different sources of light which will allow you to control the intensity for any time of the day. Wall-mounted reading lights are a good choice since they are very practical as they can be oriented to emphasize the respective area, unlike bedside lamps which are rarely flexible.

2. Chair. A comfy chair can make the difference between an outstanding work performance and a regular one. Use this item carefully based on comfort and lumbar accuracy, remember that if it is going to be a place where you might spend more than 5 hours a day, you must state that you deserve a proper chair. In order to make it more chic & with your feminine side, try some Rose Quartz for, as we suggest on our last post. If you are not that girly type, try by adding some white flower details in the cushion on a soft tone palette.

3. Your favorite color. Try by mixing colors that make you happy with some nature items, plants are a good idea since they have a calming effect through their soothing green colors, plants also provide you oxygen. However, avoid flowers which need special maintenance, remember that the key is productivity and being fully present on your job. Bamboo or hanging terrariums, for example, make a good choice and are often included in zen décor.

4. Incense burning sticks. Create a cozy fireplace, if your private studio, try candles and incense burning sticks, or even a homemade linen spray and essential oils which are natural ways to enhance these areas with fresh scents, which can not only be calming when it is time to work, but also invigorating when it is time to be productive.

5. Metal and wood: In the case of wood, it is accurate to do not take them too seriously, if you happen to own a wood look floor that can be more than enough, in that case try to add some balance with other elements association. For adding metal to Zen but Chic studios try some lamps for lighting, and look around locally for artisans that do metal art.

One of the most benefits you will be absolutely grateful for is that, your Zen style private studio would always be easy to clean. The more stuff you have, the more you have to move to keep it clean. Think about how easy it is to clean an empty room compared to one with 50 objects in it. Have what you love and live it to the fullest.

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