How to make a corner shelf

When we lack space or want to decorate artfully, we are always looking for new options. Any place in the house seems like a good idea.

Almost always we forget some places but everything depends on the point of view that you look at. The corner gives more depth than perhaps any other space and is not difficult to do.

With a little wit and some materials, you can take more advantage of any room without having to complicate too. Without being too complicated and without having to spend too much time.


– Two DM boards of 60 x 60 cm.
– Decorative strips of pine wood.
– Pattex No More Nails, from Pattex.
– Headless nails.
– White paint.
– Lija.
– Marker to cut the miter.

This is done

1. To obtain the triangular shelves, draw two cross diagonals on each table and cut them. If you do not have the necessary tools, ask to have it cut in a DIY store. Pass a sandpaper through all the songs, to soften them and eliminate splinters.
2. Measure the slats and miter them with the help of a marker. Each batten should measure 10 cm less than the shelves. Pass a sandpaper all over the surface of each piece and paint them in the same color as the shelves. Before fixing them to the wall, check that they are perfectly straight, if necessary, with the help of a level. Then, fix them with special glue and reinforce them with nails without head to support the weight without problems.
3. Finally, place the shelves on the slats.

Ready, in less than we buy the decorations, we have a new room furniture without complications.

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