How to Decorate a Mantel

There is never a shelf that is over. Whether to organize any of the rooms in our house, use it in a library or place any decorations that are attractive for us as well as for our visit.

A shelf never fails and even less if we know how to decorate it. There will always be an option to make each season change for us the option of having at least a new space in the house every time we want to have it.

They are just simple advice that we must have so that our shelf has the identity that we are looking for and that we want to have, besides with the option of combining with all the elements of our house without it being absurd.

By rule the colors that most resemble the shelf we want will depend on the elements we have around, evidently. Each one will go to his rhythm, his pace and his style without any factor can make it an act of repulsion.

What we have to think initially so that our shelf generates a visual impact we would have to think that it must be composed in different layers, of different textures that directly attack the vision of who sees it.

The redistribution of sizes that do not look like a symmetrical row but play rather the disorder usually reveals a great ease in our personality and in the way that others see us.

Do not exclude technology

Many people think that unifying technology with decoration is an exclusive act only for people who have money. Well, no. Placing that plasma TV near a ledge will give your space a certain air of being an advanced person. If you combine this with materials of nature will make of the space, where you find your shelf, a unique place.

Within much, balance

When things pile up and you have no way to hide it. Placing symmetrical things on the shelf will divert attention from everything else. If on it you place pieces that complement each other symmetrically: a painting that makes pairs and trios, for example.

If there is reflex, it is double

When we reflect, there is a double vision. And if we put a mirror on a shelf, because of its height, it manages to expand with great depth any place of the home.

 One does not have to think twice to know that having a mirror at a great height generates two things an illusory expansion of place and light. If you put two candles you may have a more mystical place than you might think.

The classic

You do not have to have a BigBen on your ledge to know the time, but the watches always give a touch of elegance that will keep the eye on the shelf.

Although the focal point is always on the clock, accompanying it with flowers, photographs and candles will exalt the great vigor of the shelf that is based on the movement of time. Wherever you see always you will be at the forefront, there is no time for good not to come.

There are multiple ways to keep the decor to a brim. Just count on the creativity to explore what we can put and what we can remove when we play to become the experts.

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