How to create the right living space environment for a child with ADHD

Becoming a parent is, to say the least, the biggest responsibility someone can take on; there is nothing else that is more important than this life changing experience. Even though I am not a mother yet, I have heard it is incredible how the enormity of such life- defining issue can be. But how does it feel to have a child with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)? Well, there are parents who describe it as an overwhelming way to live their lives; however, they do a lot in order to help control and reduce the symptoms. I have known some people who have children with ADHD and to my mind, it is really admirable how they contribute to help their children overcome daily challenges; they do it all! They channel their children’s energy into positive arenas, and set a structured daily plan for them.

Parents of children with such conditions must know that the idea is to empower, and not to control kids who have been labeled ADHD. They should then make sure their child is surrounded by the right living space environment; this is a crucial aspect that needs to be taken into consideration. After doing some research, I have compiled some suggestions that might help you develop the ideal living space environment for your children or teen with ADHD; you will be able to improve your home living style but most important, you will provide your child with optimal living conditions.

Optimal changes to the bedroom

When it comes to provide your kid with an optimal bedroom environment that contributes to eliminate those common things that increase your child’s anxiety levels, it would be very important to keep the walls within view fairly plain if possible, windows can be a distracting element for your child so strive to face his/her workspace away from them. In addition, too many toys in your child’s room or any other distracting item will certainly lead to more opportunities for distraction; good ways to address this is by focusing on what your kid loves the most, and store those items in out of sight or out of mind areas. In the long term, this will gradually allow you to explore new interests for your child. Regarding color options for the bedroom, fortunately there are plenty of alternatives; greens, muted browns, warm earth tones or calming blue hues are the best ideas you can opt for. Serene images put in nice artwork for your child’s bedroom is another great idea you can consider; gently flowing river over ranging ocean scene, or calming nature scenes such as flowers, gardens or trees are interesting alternatives that if placed in a limit number of posters, will harmoniously minimize visual distractions. By making these small changes, you will promote a soothing environment for your child with ADHD.

Optimal changes to the rest of your house

A proper home design for your child with ADHD will make the difference in his/ her development; this is why it is so important to create ADHD friendly spaces throughout your home. Start by creating a low- distraction work area, where there is little background noise that allows your child doing his/her homework and studying in a quite environment. Many homeowners love having eye- catching and colorful home items in each area of their properties, however for parents of children with ADHD it is recommended to forget about decorative objects that can easily distract their children, it would be better to strive for a relaxing almost spa-like feel home; with calming vibes that beautifully combine your and your child’s styles. Other aspects you should carefully check at home are good chairs, proper lighting, and temperature levels that make your child feel comfortable; this will be the best supportive way to create a home that meets your entire child’s needs. Place a workstation where you can close the blinds when it comes the time for your child to study

Today there are plenty of options you can choose from the home market, in order to offer your child with ADHD supportive ways that can lead him/her to live and enjoy of a stable, happy and suitable home. From beautiful work area designs, which can perform all of the features required by children with ADHD, to soothing wall color pallets that contribute to balance their moods or anxiety levels, you will totally succeed at being a parent of a child with this disorder; making small but significant changes at home will go a long way on helping your child to achieve a life that not only promotes learning for them, but also alleviate the symptoms of ADHD. Of course, it will be vital to address child’s problems at an early stage; this will certainly increase the chance of offering them a successful life.