How to basket for plants in the heights

Not necessarily our plants have to be relegated to outdoor furnitures or to the ground. We can have them in our house without being a disaster or they look out of place, rather they will be part of our decoration.

One way to take advantage of airspace is through hanging plants. They can be very decorative in addition to serving to bring some nature and fresh air inside our home. Macramé is very common for these needs, but as we like to recycle, we will use an old T-shirt to hang our plant.

Step #1:

Cut the shirt horizontally in 3 strips (the thickness will depend on the size of the shirt and how big you want to make this hanger)

Step #2:

Cut in half these circles to get 6 equal halves (below you have the drawings)

Step #3:

Fold these 6 pieces of fabric in half and make a knot at the top, which will be where it is going to hang.

Step #4:

Divide into four groups of three pieces of cloth and make a braid with each group halfway and tie a knot

Step #5:

Re-divide the bottom of the fabrics, this time take two pieces on one side and add another piece of fabric on the other side, anúdalas (see this photo)

Step #6:

Several centimeters below the knots you have just made, do another, combining 2 fabrics of one knot and one of another.

Step #7:

And a little lower, to the last knot with all the fabrics.

You just have to put it in the chosen place and enjoy your baskets filling them with whatever you want, plants, fruit, desk accessories and even for the keys in a corner of the hall to enjoy creating.


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