How to Add Vintage Looks to your Living-Room Areas

Have you ever dream with specific part of your house with a classic look? At the present moment, we have become technology haunters and pattern followers of standards that define our daily life. However, some people still tend to go back in time and get the best of those gold times. Decorating homes with old time things, has settled a tendency which combines the old with the new. Vintage I not related with Victorian style anymore, but correlate items in a harmonic wave.  Part of the benefits of popularity on this style is the massive production on furniture that has a past look but it is deliver without non memory record. Market today offer typical items, such as, old typewriters, old models of cameras, or even treasure boxes, making of vintage a kind of antique proposal.

FinishBuild invites you to go further on history regarding to what is really vintage. When it comes to vintage, we talk about pieces of furniture and daily work objects that people use to have in households or stores. Vintage items are the objects of daily use in American occupations which are dated from the 1920s to 1960s.

Vintage style is also considered as retro, however what our today society has added is the variation of colors and materials who maintain the old-look style and structure but with a reloaded quality of products.

Having said this, we must ask you: Are you the old-fashioned character type? If you answer is positive, then FinishBuild is here to help you, and you know why? because possibilities are endless when it comes to vintage style. Here we have a list of certain objects you could use or purchase based on these classic movement. So, come with us and reuse with a new purpose to boost that retro style you have always wanted.

What to add for Vintage Style?


FinishBuild offers you two options. The first one is take a look of this article as a suggestion for reusing those items you have storage in your closet waiting for a good reason to get them out. The second suggestion is to check the list as possible items you could purchase in a flea market to enhance your home/apartment areas.

Subsequently, once again we remind you that the trick of creating the perfect set for a vintage look is to pick up the pieces you love the most. For what is worth the only person you need to agree with is yourself after all.


A chair is one of the elements that can be easily added to your living-room area as a vintage items but also with the functional benefit. However, even if it is not steady enough to sit on, you can use an old-fashioned chair as a stand for a colorful front porch plant or an old tin sign.

Coffee mugs:

Create a cute display for your favorite coffee mugs, is often a good option for those you appreciate the most, but you cannot use them for several or personal reasons. You can use them to fill them with colorful pencils near your home phone, or as a memory on the top of your chimney for those cold days.


Do you happen to have old rusty keys that do not play its role anymore? This is a special item that can add an original touch in any home, particularly in your living-room. Try to frame them for an interesting gallery wall or make them part of your curtains cord decoration.

Sewing machines tables:

This is one of our favorite items to add vintage style to any living-room or hall inside the house. The good part is that it can function as a decorative display table, or just for that lovely vase you have storage. Girls know better when it comes about maintain a polite amalgam of elements, use them as side tables, for instance, and do not hesitate on keeping that valuable piece, sewing machines would definitely resemble industrial chic.

The old dresser:

If you need another piece of furniture to fill your living-room space but you also want it to have the storage plus, an old dresser will do the trick for you. Old dresser can work as an ornament display area, a book & magazine storage place or just as reminder of those glory days when you were little.

Turning you living-room is a personal experience in order to treasure memories. You Dream it. We Build it!