Heads Full of Ideas: Best Interior Designers

Creativity is an essential feature of the human psyche, actually it is one of those qualities that make us different from animal species, and we have practiced it for times. Interior designers are professionally skilled people who are able to help you create both functional and quality interior environment. They can also identify, study and in the most creative way resolve those home issues you might be dealing with, what is the result of this? You end up having healthy, safe and comfortable home areas to share and enjoy with your loved ones. In this article we are more that pleased to show you a little bit about both the most inspiring and young interior designers. They are amazing people who are known worldwide by their remarkable and imaginative works. Leaving our own mark in everything that we do has always been part of our nature, even in previous ages when our prime need was to find food or shelter, we naturally felt a desire of made us known in environments that we inhabited.

Today, that primal simplicity of our human desire to leave a mark has evolved, and now make things better and more comfortable has its basis on the premise of having organized the spaces we inhabit, and the aesthetic that we create for them. However, we might remember that being an interior designer does not necessary mean imposing their own ideas upon a certain space but to take the holistic view of observing how individuals use and enjoy the spaces they live in; thus interior designers do not only work based on what is right, instead they create a cohesive way to solve a set of problems and find the solution to unify the experience of any home space. The following are some of the most inspiring and young interior designers, whose inspiring work has made them be recognized around the world.

Most inspiring interior designers

Elsie de Wolfe. Known worldwide as “America’s first decorator”, was born in New York in 1865; she was educated in Scotland and after returning to the U.S. she became a professional actress, who at age of 61 gained the title of Lady when she married British diplomat Sir Charles Mendl. Elsie de Wolfe was the first professional interior designer in America. This interior designer based her work on single and harmonious features in an overall design statement, because she believed that home’s decoration should reflect the woman’s personality instead of the simple idea of the husband’s earning power. Among her most highlighted works we can mention that she restyled the house of Irving Placed, the one that she shared with Marbury (her successful literary agent). While in Versailles, de Wolfe went to decorate a home for social gatherings, and because of her exceptional performance doing it, she took on vast redecorating projects including Condé Nast, the Fricks, and the Hewitts. She was also recognized by her pioneering anti Victorian style of brighter, airier and more refined rooms that the area dictated, and that today is still celebrated.

Albert Hadley. Better known as “the dean of American decorators”, Albert was born in Tennessee and died at age of 91. Glamour and functionality were his main hallmarks, even though he boasted incredible projects for high society like Rockefeller, Astor, Getty, and Mellon; for him names were not the point but what you can achieve for the simplest person. He stand that glamour plays an important role in the process, but is not the essence. For Hadley interior design was about discipline and reality, rather than fantasy beyond reality. If we have to define it, modern style was his, in which he incorporated mixed design styles, thanks to his seemingly sense of balance and what best worked together. Among his clients, we can mention: redecorating the Kennedy White House, as well as other Kennedy’s homes.

Dorothy Draper. This style icon was born in Tuckerman in 1889; she believed in the boldly colorful, elegant, cheerful side of life, therefore her decorating style was based mainly in big florals, bold stripes, and bright hues. Draped had a magic touch for decoration (Draper touch). She opened what is possibly the first official interior design business: Architectural Clearing House in 1925. Draper decorated the Manhattan’s Carlyle Hotel in 1930 but perhaps her most enduring project was The Greenbrier in West Virginia in 1948. This iconic interior designer also published her own how- to book called Decorating is Fun! in 1939.

Young Interior Designers

Samuel Amoia. The 32 years old interior designer first worked under the iconic “master of adjacencies”. It is known that he is passionate about Parisian Art Deco. His work harmoniously mixtures the historical and the modern in new and original contexts. Amoia is characterized by his deft handling of negative space which creates a sort of poetry between piece of furniture, artwork and textures.

Benjamin Vandiver. This Nashville- based interior designer has an incredible urban and elegant approach to design which lies on his artful transposition of scale and texture. Even tough his palate veers towards the monochromatic and earthy; Vandiver knows where to inject a bright, singular element.

Young Huh. She abandoned her acquired law degree in order to take position as an intern at a design firm, and then she eventually founded her own firm. Young’s work is varied; she works with jute and distressed wood or silk velvet and chintz, her hands definitely have the ability to fit any project.

To sum up, we absolutely believe that what have lead these incredible interior designers we have mentioned to succeed is the harmonious encompass of conceptual planning, with aesthetic and technical solutions that they apply, in every home project they face and the consequences are achieving the desired results. Behind experiencing a comfortable home, a functional working area or even a gorgeous public space, there is the work of an exceptional interior designer and after reading this post you should be able to recognize it. The way we live, work, sleep or even play is directly influenced by interior design; such an amazing art is an essential part of our daily lives, because is all about how we experience the different spaces we are in. Likewise, it is worthy to highlight that in order to achieve an inspiring home project that appeal to your emotions, a multidisciplinary team is needed to work with an interior designer; contractors, architects, engineers, craftsmen, and furniture dealers play an important role in any building or makeover process. They are key people that work by the hand of an interior designer to optimize and harmonize the design you have always dreamed about.