Headboards for Bed: Master Bedroom Furniture

One of the most romantic love demonstration of love is a breakfast in bed for your loved ones. You must agree with us on the fact that spending time in bed, reading, writing of even watching tv, is part of those little escapes to reality that can provide us a certain gratifying sensation of peace. Even though many might consider eating is only considerable when you are sick, at FinishBuild we believe that comfort rise up when you add a pleasant but also comfy headboard.

Advantages of having a headboard in your master room

Headboards are generally use for aesthetics. Aiming to a luxury bed furniture, headboards were originally used to insulate the bed, they started to become a status symbol of grandeur and wealth. However we have another reasons why having a piece of furniture like this can enhance your master room area.


Headboards for bed can be used as:

An inviting backdrop. Headboards would always provide you a focal point in your master bedroom. As a bedroom furniture, headboards are great way to add as a visual anchor to your mattress location, and there are plenty of varieties available which can ease your process of choosing the one that can work as an accent to your existing color scheme or bedroom style.

A siting back funding. Did you know that after a while, the grease that you naturally emanate can leave some marks in your wall? This meaning that if you have the habit of place yourself against your bed wall.  So whether is for greasy hair and sweat from a long train routine, it is quite common to see where their head may be coming into contact with the surface of the wall. This is where headboards role is accurate, in the case you enjoy sitting in bed to read, eat, use your phone or laptop, then you probably appreciate relying on an upholstered headboard for example, which can provide your back with contented while sitting upright in bed.

Pillow packer: If you are into having lots of pillows, then headboards are going to fit your setting. Headboards are quite efficient at keeping pillows in place, for those who frequently get annoyed at pillow slipping between the bed and the wall, will definitely find some tranquility with this bedroom furniture.

Multipurpose configuration. Headboards offer you another alternative when it comes to find a place to store you home items inside your master bedroom. Some headboards can now provide overhead storage in the way of shelves, and configured nightstands where you can place books, lamps or simply use the space for adornment.


Types of Headboards for your Bed

1.The canopy look: The canopy headboard look provides you the modern look on a medieval design, characteristically suspended from the ceiling beams using ropes, fabrics draped over to act as insulation against the bitter winter cold. We think that this style can suit you perfectly if you enjoy royal style, and the good part is that you can achieve this look at a reasonable price by getting inexpensive fabric that you like both sides of, a rope and a sheave simple system.

2.Four poster with headboard. As a variation of the canopy, come the four poster headboard that can come with or without draping fabric, which besides given you the sense of warmness and coziness, this design was a classic example of the 15th century where only the truly wealthy owned this bed furniture.

3. Covered headboard. Or commonly known as upholstered headboard. This bedroom furniture items introduces a more lightly way of support in comparison to canopy headboards. As the name suggest these headboards come covered with fabrics that depend on the style you want, however these materials sometimes tent to be vulnerable to oils from hair and skin causing stain patterns. Nevertheless, that strictly depends on the material applied, leather for example is a long-lasting fabric but can be expensive than others. Regarding style, and presentations, upholstered headboards design are also available on button-tufted, which besides providing a sophisticated and elegant look, also magnifies your comfort.


4.Iron headboard. I must personally say that this headboard option allows you to fit in any style you might want to pull trough. Whether is a classical, urban or even industrial style, iron headboards can enhance your master bedroom in an easy-going way. It also good to mention that these structures would add the strength you need for relying on cold seasons, or reading-times. Nowadays, new iron headboards come in many different powder-coated colors and finishes, so you definitely would not have a problem with finding the color you love.

What FinishBuild Recommends: Materials for Headboards in a Master Bedroom

Laminate: Laminate cannot also allow you to build your own multi-purpose nightstand headboard, but also can work if you are into a single and mobile laminate unite to rest on. FinishBuild laminate products can offer you a wide variety of fine refinished boards that are reasonable with your budget and actually ready-to-go. Matching your style regarding bedroom furniture would be a delight, since we count with a gamma you only need to choose between which is the color that can rally match your master bed. Headboards could easily display on Driftwood, with our LAVA tone, ARENA or if you preferred a clearer look, we suggest you SAND DOLLAR ACACIA in our Forest line.

Metal: Regarding more industrial looks we also have looks like Copper and Bronze for headboards. Generally these materials are highly durable and offer stability and natural bold touch. Stainless Steel is also another popular chromium look, which make of headboards a tough material over the years.

Vinyl: Vinyl sheets are one of the recommendations I have just checked for headboards. Even though I am not into adding this type of material to a bedroom, because of the multiple reviews on toxic levels, I would like to suggest vinyl as a way of giving an unusual but 100% personalized headboard and not to mention the fact that you would unquestionably have the adherence you need for breakfast on Sundays.

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