Hardwood In A Living Room Inspired By India…And More

INDIA INSPIR DESTACADA 300x138 Hardwood In A Living Room Inspired By India...And More

Every flooring choice you made should bring a comfortable as well as an inviting feel to your home; this will deliver a striking design aesthetic to your space. Hardwoods are among the most durable and beautiful of flooring options; they are one of the few that will truly boost the value of the property as well, since there is a huge number of wood flooring styles and finishes that home and property owners can find. From FinishBuild’s point of view, this flooring alternative is a simple way to add luxury to a space. Aside from its visual appeal, hardwood is sturdy nature and its affordable price makes it a popular choice among other flooring options. Your living room is where you and your loved ones spend quality time, is the shelter where you and your family gather to talk over new projects, and furthermore your living room is what tells you have finally arrived home. What we are trying to say is that flooring plays an essential role in your house; this is why often upgrades can increase its value, and also help to better its aesthetics and functionality.

Create an authentic impact in your living room: FinishBuild suggestion

INDIA INSPIR 2 300x300 Hardwood In A Living Room Inspired By India...And More

A living room inspired by India

India is known for its delicate silks as well as other textiles, which are integrated from everywhere. Not for nothing this country is worldwide known for owing one of the seven wonders, which is the Taj Mahal; an architecture marvel, where it can be clearly appreciated the role of interior design. Through times, we have seen the different changes in interior design styles, for instance Minimalist or Contemporary, however Indian interior design style remains intact and clear stated. In case you are still wondering why we chose this country to be part of this article; the answer is very easy: based on India’s culture, amusing heritage and history, designers are embracing the rich colors and textures which are key elements of Indian design to incorporate them into their design projects. There are some other reasons that drove us to choose this style, and in order to add one more FinishBuild believes that handcrafted furniture (made with traditional Hindu methods), and printed cottons are two significant aspects that paired with our Calico hardwood as a surface for a living room with this style, will add a rustic appearance and really solid quality to any living room space.

INDIA INSPIR 1 300x300 Hardwood In A Living Room Inspired By India...And More

Before purchasing hardwood

Ok, you have made your decision on taking hardwood as your living room flooring, because you know this choice is both timeless and timely, plus it will add a beautiful look to your room; however there a few things you should review before you hand over that credit card, or sign any check.


6 reasons for choosing bamboo flooring 1 300x300 Hardwood In A Living Room Inspired By India...And More

You might probably know it, however we would like to let you know that each species of Harwood comes with its own particular characteristics; and depending on which part of the tree is cut, the wood’s color is determined. Moreover, natural variations of this material combine to create your floor’s unique natural beauty.

Pre- finished

This version of hardwood comes with multiple coats of sprayed urethane on its boards, which then turn into UV dried, and in this way creates a lasting finish. Pre-finished hardwood floors are already sanded, screened and stained from really manufacturing plants. This is the hardwood version we can offer you in FinishBuild, the one that can be screened and recoated at home in order to revitalize its finishes and refresh the flooring’s natural beauty.

Finish in Place

On the other hand, there is “finish in place” hardwood what basically means to having unfinished hardwood installed, sanded nor stained, and the coats of urethane needed are apply in your home; this version takes more time than pre- finished boards, however the results is a level of customization that cannot be found on any flooring store.

Consequences based on the effects of weather

Since it is a natural product, hardwood can asymmetrically expand and contract, depending on the changes in moisture and temperature. As a result, you can be found dealing with hairline cracks or some variations in height or width. In any case, if you are planning to install hardwood in a wet climate, be sure your home is well insulated. In opposition, if you live in a dry climate, you should think of using a whole house humidifier, this way you minimize the effects of weather.

6 reasons for choosing bamboo flooring 6 300x300 Hardwood In A Living Room Inspired By India...And More


Try to maintain the life of your hardwood by doing annual deep cleanings; remember that as your supplier, FinishBuild would be glad to help you with care guide for cleaning and maintenance.

Some of the hardwood flooring trends

Today’s flooring market opens up a whole new world of design possibilities, which certainly ease your making-decision process; these latest trends fit impressively your personal style and add more natural looks to the spaces where are installed.

Wider and longer planks

This is a great improvement since wider planks visually open up a small area; they are excellent for living rooms, master bedrooms or any area in your home, and furthermore they can be installed horizontally, vertically or even diagonally. Wider and longer planks are definitely on the rise.

INDIA INSPIR 3 300x300 Hardwood In A Living Room Inspired By India...And More

Gray tones

Regardinf this we need to emphasize that this hardwood style is gaining popularity in recent years, although it was first introduced to add a “neutral” tone whether for wall, carpeting or tiles. Now hardwood comes in this tone, and is the perfect way to revolutionize any of your areas at home. It comes in a range selection from light neutrals to deep saturated charcoals. Gray hardwood trend is absolutely a true statement piece.

6 reasons for choosing bamboo flooring 5 300x300 Hardwood In A Living Room Inspired By India...And More

Darker woods

People might think this trends resembles the traditional look pattern in any room, however today’s hardwood flooring is all about color, so as you choose a deep and dark color, you will reach an awesome bold design impact. Darker hardwoods come in an amazing variety of finish; from oak to cherry or walnut, they would help you create a sleek look.

Reclaimed hardwood

It is made from solid wood sources, and originates from old barns, farmhouses, beams or logs salvaged from rivers and lakes. Reclaimed hardwood is eco- friendly and this trend is appealing today’s green customers.

In brief, installing hardwood as a living room’s surface is one of the most popular flooring choices available, due to its ability to coordinate with any design style. The different tones it can be found nowadays, add to its beauty and its resistance a great option for high-traffic areas. FinishBuild is aware of the fact that flooring customers are looking for more personality from their hardwood floors; and as new technologies are emerging in the hardwood flooring industry, there will surely be more options available than ever before to suit consumers’ tastes and styles.

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