Hardwood Flooring

Remodeling and relocating new items in our personal spaces can be such wonderful experience or on the contrary, a hardly road. On this occasion Finish Buid staff would like to show you a bit more about the basics of hardwood flooring.

If changing the floor look into hardwood flooring of your chambers and studios are one of your major projects, you might find helpful these a few advices. Hardwood common names are Red Oak, White Oak, Maple, Walnut, Ebony, Ash, Hickory, Pine Cherry, Birch, Mahogany and Chestnut. These floorboards happen to combine pattern and string features that would definitely add a unique style because each configuration is exclusive.

While there are other types of wood used for flooring, the majority in this country is oak. The other wood species will have properties and behavior similar to oak. The main distinctive feature is that when it comes to get to know hardwood floorboards, floorboards are shown between 1 ½ inches to 3 ¼ inches wide.

Finish Build. Catalog 2016. OAK CAMEL

Right before jumping to choose, take into account the future purposes of your project space and the breadth of the product. Other laminate products might vary on measure matters. Take a look of the sizes, colors and patterns of wood floors before choosing.

It is possible to change your mind. If you are not satisfied with your current selection, it is feasible once you have installed your hardwood flooring it is not an inexpensive job to rip them out and replace it.  It is completely understandable, turns out that when you have not seen the floor in your own furniture space and wall colors, it is difficult to make a wise choice. Hardwood flooring is highly recommended for traffic areas, like a living room or foyer, consider Hickory, Maple, Oak and Ash or an exotic wood like black Acacia.

It is highly recommendable to be aware of the type of subflooring you are about to install either wood or concrete.  To make sure your floors do not warp, it is important to keep your floors properly ventilated. When the weather gets very cold, it may cause the floor boards to part.

In the flooring field it is common and actually possible to find replicates of any material you might imagine. So, either you might find yourself in the mood for oak, driftwood, or classic looks such as mahogany and pine, you can have it, but keep in mind the color. Plenty of samples and features are available for you.  Birch, concrete, stone and porcelain looks are also launched to the market, thinking about exclusive and elegant consumers.

With this been told, high technology and a creative mind seems to be the only request to laminate flooring manufacturing companies, possibilities are endless on this century. The caliber of any new hardwood flooring board installation will only be as good as the subfloor underneath. It is necessary to settle a flat steady surface in order to get its maximum of product efficiency. Keeping this in mind and enjoy your Finish project.

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