Hair and Laminate Flooring

Laminate floor boards are usually made of fiber and resin which are basically the leftovers of real wood. Taking a closer look of this process might seem to you, that manufacturing industries take advantage of every material in order to create a new one. Well, they do. Imagine a hairstyle salon, laminate flooring would be the extra hair recollected to make wigs. Certainly they need to go through a manufacturing process. But there is a wing for every single head. Same happens with laminate floor boards. Hair salons usually take an extra care for flooring cleaning too. Laminate floors are no exception.

Regarding laminate floor maintenance, first thing to take into account that vacuum time do not have to take much time. Keeping in mind light not abrasive cleaning products, is a good recommended idea that also would add a soft look. A broom and mop cleaning-time would be just good enough. Relating to scratch, it is pertinent to be aware of heavy furniture.  Maintenance of your flooring areas would allow you to assure the best floor tiles performance. Breathing in a mold atmosphere can cause asthma and chronic sickness in both children and adults.

  According to The Environmental Protection Agency, indoor air quality is one of the largest health threats that humans experience daily.  Fortunately hardwood flooring improves the quality of the air you and your loved ones, because remains hygienic. Generally, laminate flooring is dense covered with flat smooth layers, which avoid planks catching dust. Therefore there is not environmental opportunity to fungus and mites grow.

On the other hand, let´s face it, we are not masters of equilibrium and laminate floors might be our partners in crime on those spilt accidents. So even though we could have a nice wood look floor, you have nothing to worry about, with wiping up it is done.  On the other hand, if your floor has been a while with you, the finish may be becoming a bit thinner, which allows water or other spills to seep into the wood.  If that happens, it is suggested to repair the area of the floor which was wet.  In case the damage remains, you may need to substitute that specific tile with a new one.

When it comes to relocate furniture, items like furniture dolly can be a good option or why not, invite friends to come over and help you to lift that large oak couch to a different position.  Don’t ever drag it across the floor, because it may scratch the top layer of the planks or even damage the wood underneath the surface.  Adding felt contacts underneath furniture’s legs helps to prevent their weight from scratching and denting your hardwood floors. The type and amount of traffic you anticipate for your hardwood floors will affect the flooring material you can select.  Laminates are very durable, but remember the purposes of your space.  Softer woods, for example are usually not a good choice for high traffic spaces.

As your skin, flooring layers are also significant. If the area in which your hardwood floors are laid has a broad window, protect your floors from the direct sunlight by using sheer drapes or blinds.  Hardwood floors may be ill and affected by ultra violet rays.

The ecological performance has it’s a very special positive influence. Keeping nature and choose between different styles. So, whether you are thinking about a home redesign project with comfy and warm purposes, laminate flooring it could be the finest choice for your house, family and health itself.

Let the way you take care of your hardwood flooring reflect how you look after things you value.  Your hardwood floor will not only bring physical beauty into your living quarters, but will also bring in a feeling of homey coziness that could match with any future furniture relocations.


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