Great Flooring Options That Your Kids Will Love

Homes with kids generally need to deal with much activity during the day; something similar happens with their floors. These surfaces stand up to high feet traffic because when kids are growing up discover and are curious about everything that surrounds them. As you choose your kids bedroom’s floor, there are some important considerations you should study before start with any kid’s flooring building or replacement. For instance, people tend to think of vinyl as a good idea in a child’s room because of its attributes such as resilience and highly affordability, however according to the nonprofit Center for Health, Environment & Justice this flooring alternative is not a wise choice due to the material’s phthalate and lead risks. Another idea you cannot try ever is installing wall to wall carpeting; this flooring material is not easy to clean and therefore can represent health problems for your kids.

Two sustainable and bold flooring materials


In the 50s this flooring material was old- fashioned call linoleum, but today its name has been updated and can be found in sheets, glue- down tiles or click (which is a snap- together system use by many DIyers). Marmoleum is an attractive as well as a sustainable flooring product that really eases the installation process. Due to the fact that it is soft and naturally antimicrobial flooring, kids with allergies or asthma problems won’t need to deal with extra elements that can negatively influence in their health.   What we completely adore about it is that comes in a variety of fun colors and patterns, which makes it ideal for a floor that your kids will love.


It might sound odd as a flooring option but believe us when we say that cork floors is truly soft, warm and looks gorgeous once installed. This earth- friendly alternative is available at big- box stores as FinishBuild; you can purchase cork floors in moderate inexpensive prices and what’s more, its installation is easy because you can find it in interlocking planks, as engineered wood or laminate. Give cork a try and you will fall in love with all the amazing patterns and tones you can find it.

Flooring Options that your kids will love

Stunning kid’s room décor is not only about amazing furniture or good- looking walls design. So once you know what type of flooring you will be using in your kids’ room, it is time to pick the look you want.

Make it colorful

Bright colors are really amusing for kids’ rooms, so if you want to make a commitment with your brand new cork or marmoleum floor; place a colorful and soft foam tile. It is great for toddlers and they are easy to clean plus, by having one of these in the room of your kid you will be also reducing the risk of not needed dangerous falls. The extra bonus you achieve with a colorful foam tile is that you can pack it up and transport it to any room in your home.

Vivid Rug Circles

We have mentioned that wall to wall carpeting is not the best flooring idea you can think of however, geometric rugs in vivid colors is a very attractive detail you can incorporate in your kid’s room. Moreover, if you happen to choose rugs for your cool teenager, you can opt for a less vibrant color and invest on a more neutral piece your children will love.

Make Your Kid Room’s Floor the Focal Point

Feeling bold? Do you want to create a unique look in the room of your kid? Choose your flooring material in an unforgettable color and pattern; bright color is our suggestion. Opt for a solid color, and be smart about the rest of the decorative details; different shades and textures are recommended to balance out the entire room.

 Your kid’s flooring choice

Since it is all about getting to know your kid as he or she grows up, it will be an excellent idea to listen to him/her in order to find out what are his/her ideas and what will make him/her feels comfortable in his/her bedroom. Make sure the flooring and designing choice has your kid’s point of view; base on that decide the wall and furniture colors and try to include those elements that best define your children’s personality.

Natural look

Since it is your kid bedroom’s flooring, and you have the option to add eye- catching details that best complement the full look; you might be interested in natural pine floorboards that suitable match with white walls. Add pretty vintage pieces and let toys perform the colorful detail of your kid’s room. Find meaningful and funny pieces and make your children’s bedroom look stylish no matter how messy it is.

Used for playing, learning and sleeping, your kids’ bedroom is a space that should be a reflection of their constantly growing personalities. Providing a calming and clean atmosphere is as important as offering a safe space to your children; make them happy and also allow them to discover new things surrounded by charming decorative pieces that can also work as functional loads of storage.

A good suggestion we might add to this topic is that you do not need to limit to the children’s department when shopping the items you will place in your kids’ room; vintage style is a convenient alternative, if combined with other bright color and durable elements, this idea can work beautifully on providing your children’s room an attractive appeal. Another significant consideration you should take into consideration is using only non- toxic, formaldehyde- free adhesives when installing your children bedroom’s floors. You should also opt for non- toxic sealers and cleaning products.