Gorgeous & original handmade vases for your home

Haven’t you experienced the fresh and great smell of a just cut bouquet of flowers? Don’t you love it? Beyond bringing beauty and fragrance, when you think of flowers as part of your home decor you are also providing your spaces with an array of health benefits, including mood improvement instantly. Expert suggest that people with fresh flowers in their homes are most likely to feel less worried and experiment fewer periods of anxiety or depression and in my opinion, this is an amazing reason to place flowers in your home than can easily take the place of a boring everyday table decor.

I don’t know about you, but I totally love spring and since this season has officially sprung; what a better moment to fill your home with freshly cut flowers? This post is about giving you some creative ideas and tips on how to make DIY flower vases, which will help you out displaying such gorgeous decorating element to complement your home’s style.

Textured clay vase

Your traditional clay vase can look prettier, it is just about get some inspiration and enjoy every moment of the following DIY home vase project.


Glass vases (as many as you are intending to create)

Glass paint

Puffy paint

Clear sealant

Step #1

To start this DIY project you will need to draw your design onto the outside surface of the vase. Use any color of puffy paint, because it won’t end up showing once you are done; however I would recommend you to use a lighter color, this way it will be easy to cover wit paint. There is a quick and innocent “trick” for tracing on glass if you do not feel confident in your freehand skills, you can simply tape the design you have chosen. The greatest feature of puffy paint is that gives you a gorgeous 3D clay texture effect, so be sure your lines have volume and are raised on the glass. Once you have trace your design, let it dry for a couple of hours before moving on to the next step.

Step #2

It is time to be creative, find your inner inspiration and choose the colors you want in your vase. You could opt for only one color for your vase, however the textured parts will look even better if you paint them in a different color; furthermore, if you want to add some extra “pop” to your pieces, you can try painting the inside rim a different color too! Make sure to apply two or three coats of paint, and hey! Remember to wait an hour in between coats. As you apply each coat, you will notice that your vase will look less like glass and more like clay.

Step #3

The last step is about spraying your new vase version with sealant. To accomplish this final step, you will need to follow the instructions on your clear sealant and then carefully spray your finished vase with sealant to protect it. Done! You have already achieved an original DIY home project; a lovely textured clay- like vase waiting to be filled with gorgeous spring blooms.

Gold patterned vase

When it comes about gold decorating items for a home, I just love the idea! Gold paint is one of my favorite materials to create vase, it adds elegant look to any of the room where you display your centerpiece.

Materials & tools

White square vases

Painters tape

Gold leaf paint

Small standard sponge brush

Small round sponge brush



Step #1

You will need to start by creating the stripes, wrap painters tape around the vase; and to make right stripe patterns, you can use a ruler and a pen to mark off every inch on each side of the vase, so you have even horizontal rows.

Step #2

Then use a sponge brush in order to apply the gold paint on the white areas. Feel free to create the patterns you want in your vase, diagonal patterns are an interesting and fun way to design the vase; you just have to apply the painters tape in a diagonal way, and then paint in between just the middle white space created on each side.

Step #3

At this point your vase might already look gorgeous, make sure to slightly apply the paint, in such way that you can guarantee perfect paint coverage for each stripe. Congrats! You have created another stunning DIY vase version that you can now fill with anything, fresh cut flowers, serving utensils, candies…options are vast!

Stone vase

DIY ideas for improving and enhancing your home’s beauty is also about using recycled materials, you make a small but significant impact on preserving our planet thus, you should feel a better person after you accomplish this project.


Pringles container (yes, a Pringles container)

Leak seal rubber coating


3M super spray adhesive



Paint brushes


Paper towels

Mod podge

Step #1

The first thing you need to do is spraying the rubber seal coating inside the Pringles container; this will avoid water leaks to show up.

Step #2

Now, turn the can on its side to spray a section of glue. Once it is all glued, place rocks in the best pattern you consider. Repeat this step across the entire piece until you have completely cover it with rocks…let them dry.

Step #3

Now that rocks have dried, it is time to use a knife to start spreading on the grout in sections. Before the grout dries, start to rub the grout off as much of the rock as you can, while at the same time you push the grout in between the rocks. Rub off the grout with a paper towel, and then take some water on a paint brush and brush around and across the rocks. Now, take a moist sponge and rubbed the rock down again. You will need to repeat this step until you grout the whole container.

Step #4

Let the grout dries, this usually takes one night. Lay the grouted rocks with some Mode Podge, this will provide your master piece with a shiny surface; allow it to dry and once it is completely dry, you will already have a stone vase ready to be filled with water and your favorite flowers.

There are many reasons why you should bring fresh flowers home from the market; they can contribute to create beautiful scenes in any of your home’s rooms. Creating your very unique vases version will be an interesting and rewarding experience, not only for you but for your family; plus, you will have the opportunity to display a grouping of your favorite type of flowers on vases that reflect your taste and personality.