Go Beyond Grills: FinishBuild Outdoor Kitchen Floors

Right surfaces create great conditions that will leave memories, which would last in your mind for a long time; based on this and before purchasing that giant grill, any refrigerator, furniture or excellent appliances, be sure you have the proper flooring to place it on. In FinishBuild we are convinced you will want to choose a floor that reflects your style and taste, and at the same time complements your house exterior’s décor. An outdoor kitchen should be as functional as your indoor kitchen and as inviting as your living room, it needs to be a place that pleasant expands your living space and allows you to cook, eat and spend quality time with family and friends. Summer is already here and this season invites families to organize backyard barbecues and grilling, however a well-designed and great surface will give you the opportunity to enjoy cooking outside beyond summer months. On our website you can find really good options for your flooring and also to accessorize the kitchen you will have outside home. An outdoor kitchen can be as simple as placing a grill, table and chairs, or as decorated as a fully outfitted kitchen with nice appliances and seating; whichever your case is in FinishBuild we need to suggest you that before making purchases think about the safety of this space, especially if the outdoor kitchen adjoins a pool or spa area, most of the time they are uncovered so this may represent a danger.

The flooring selection

If you are willing to install an outdoor kitchen in an area that was not a patio previously, you might consider the idea of paving the space, since this will be a part of your house with a lot of foot traffic, drooped pots and food splatters. Additionally, you need to opt for a surface that is able to resist sun, rain, wind and possibly snow or even ice. The following are some options you can evaluate before deciding which flooring you will install in your outdoor kitchen:


Pros and cons: by choosing natural stone as surface, you will give your kitchen a look that is both elegant and natural; additionally once installed, natural stone is tremendously durable and really low- maintenance. The downside of this flooring material is that can be expensive, furthermore it absorbs oil stains; but if you want to achieve this idea, consider sandstone, limestone or marble because they are considerably less expensive.


Pros and cons: versatility is a great feature in all home materials or elements, and that is what we constantly strive to offer to our clients; concrete is a versatile and durable material, it can be colored and finished for a variety of looks. This flooring material is easy to repair by just pull up the damaged area and replace it with a new tile. However, if you live in a cold climate apply a formula with base additive which will help concrete withstand low temperatures without cracking.


Pros and cons: this surface option may require constant cleaning and sealing every one year; the good part about FinishBuild’s wood decking is that is a very simple DYI projects, and this definitely lowers the cost of installation.


Pros and cons: this is a popular choice and in FinishBuild we can offer you a variety of colors and finishes; most important our porcelain tiles are adequate in terms of slip resistance. Our “full body” tiles are ideal if you want the color runs all the way through the tile so possible scratches show less. Once installed, tiles require a sealant to protect the grout from cracking.


Pros and cons: if you want to keep you outdoor kitchen traditional or classic, brick will be your best options since gives off a beautiful old- world look. It is low maintenance and considerably slip- resistant. The downside of brick is that ground shifts over time can make it difficult to shovel snow because of the irregular surface.

Factors to keep in mind

In order to reach the outdoor kitchen project you have in mind, do not forget to look down first, because any long lasting or comfortable outdoor space should have an appropriate floor, choose the best one for it by considering some key factors.


It is totally fine if you are shooting at whether a high luxury outdoor kitchen or a more traditional one; in any case “safety fist” is the adage you will need to keep in mind. Try to avoid any glazed or porous tiles as well as stone in your outdoor kitchen design, because they can be very slippery when wet and it is almost inevitable not to have water splashes while cooking or eating. There are flooring materials which meet the safety criteria needed to be used as surfaces, such as: concrete, brick, natural stone, porcelain or ceramic tiles.


After considering all the safety aspects of your future outdoor kitchen flooring, it is time to set a budget and stick to it in order to do not break the bank while achieving your design project. Among all the options, concrete is one of the most popular surfaces for these spaces because of its affordability and durability.


Once you have considered the two previous factors, it is time to get creative and define the look and feel your outdoor kitchen will have. It is essential that all the elements in this area match and complement each other; regarding this FinishBuild can give you some ideas about which exceptional styles can be achieved with our products: contemporary, traditional, tropical and so on.

Accessorize your outdoor kitchen and get inspired to cook up!

There is no need to run back and forth to the house when you are making your best preparations to delight your family and guests; you rather make sure to create a space where you can place everything you will use in those special moments with your loved ones.

You will need a food-prep surface, whether a custom built countertop or a small all whether table, a sin and some other appliances; they will assist you while cooking in the fresh air.

To keep the party going nightfall, you will certainly need good lighting so our suggestion would be use lighting rated for wet or damp locations, due to the fact that even though you want to provide an indoor vibes, you outdoor kitchen is still exposed to the elements.

Place a pergola or an umbrella to provide the chef with a sheltered area while cooking.

There are countless accessories you can find in our website, among them and for this project we can mention our minimalist and handsome carts, they are made of two planters and a few easy to find parts; by purchasing one of these you will have everything you need to cook up your barbecue fest and won’t have to carry thing from your indoor kitchen.

The surface you choose will play a really important role in establishing not only the style of your outdoor kitchen but its cost in the long term. Karen Schwartz of ERA Real Estate supports this statement by mentioning that “in any market a home with an outdoor area would help buyers choose it over another without one”, this means that any money you are thinking about to invest in an outdoor kitchen project will increase your home’s value.