Hair Salon Flooring Ideas: Durable Salon Floors with a Stylish Finish

Destacada 1 300x138 Hair Salon Flooring Ideas: Durable Salon Floors with a Stylish Finish

Trying to figure out which type of flooring would be best in your beauty salon? Working on the decision of your beauty salon floors is one the first things you need to think of; the layout of your salon will have a huge impact on the way your space looks, and therefore you will catch your clients or potential new clien

ts’ attention.  In FinishBuild we think you should keep in mind that due to the fact this place will get a high feet traffic, you will need to count on a resistant flooring and furthermore, since you and your employees will have enough work with your clients, it would be excellent to have a surface that is easy to clean because it would certainly be hair, dye and such after a hardworking day; embrace the idea of having a flooring in your beauty salon that covers everything, from its ease to maintenance to durability and styling in between.

Beauty Salon Flooring ideas

Consider carefully all the floor surface alternatives out there, and make a wise decision.

8 300x300 Hair Salon Flooring Ideas: Durable Salon Floors with a Stylish Finish

     Porcelain tiles floor ideas

We are glad to let you know that

in FinishBuild you can find this amazing surface material, visit our website and take a look at our medium or large size tiles; there is a wide range of porcelain or ceramic tiles that are made for commercial use and guarantee a long lasting beauty salon floor, they will fit your beauty salon flooring’s needs because our porcelain tiles are resistant to moisture, staining and wear, perfect features for any heavy foot traffic location.

9 300x300 Hair Salon Flooring Ideas: Durable Salon Floors with a Stylish Finish

Carpet salon floor

In case you decide to give a go to this flooring option, our suggestion will be to purchase it in tiles, so in case of dye or any polish

stain accident it will be easy for you to replace that damaged tile, this will save you money in the future term rather than replace the entire carpet surface. Regarding carpet on your beauty salon floor, remember you will have to clean it on a regular basis in order to maintain its appeal.

Beauty salon ideas: Hardwood floor

Among all its excellent features, this attractive flooring alternative can easily complement bright interior designs and this will make your hair salon appear more spacious and welcoming. FinishBuild hardwood is an exceptional prod

uct to work with and this is one of the many reasons we are recommending it as your beauty salon surface.

Vinyl hair salon flooring ideas

This material has increased its popularity in the flooring market because of its versatility to be installed in a lot of applications, whether at home or in commercial purposes. Vinyl is the most economical choice you can make and the results you will have by applying it are incredible; however it is important to think about the chemicals used in beauty salon such as polish remover, they can easily stain vinyl it would be better for you to purchase vinyl tiles that are covered with a chemical resistant layer which can protect you vinyl flooring for more than 10 years.

Laminate floor

1 1 300x300 Hair Salon Flooring Ideas: Durable Salon Floors with a Stylish Finish

As we always mention, it is an excellent choice since it has the ability to nail beauty salons for years due to the fact that is

high traffic resistant and plus, laminate flooring is a good stain resistant surface material so it is a truly suitable option for your beauty salon flooring project.

Durable Hair Salon Flooring Ideas: Bamboo tiles salon floors

Go further by having bamboo tiles as your beauty salon floor and experience its benefits, this option features a chemical resistant layer that can last a few years before another coating is necessary. Bamboo is one of the softest surfaces you can decide on, and your employees will thank you for this great characteristic.

 Hygiene must go first in your beauty salon flooring ideas

In accordance with some of the policies of the NSW (New South Wales) Health Ministry, hairdressers and barbers carry out procedures that need to be controlled by hygiene standards that are essential to keep both clients and beauty salons’ staff safe from any risk of infections, and we have selected some important hygiene standards, so you can be aware of them before developing you beauty salon floor project.

2 2 300x200 Hair Salon Flooring Ideas: Durable Salon Floors with a Stylish Finish

  • Lighting and good ventilations are two key factors you should provide in your beauty salon.
  • All your beauty salon’s surfaces should be made of materials that can be easily cleaned.
  • You need to make sure to have single- use towels or at least an automatic hand dryer.
  • Flooring options, whichever you choose must be non-slip.

Unconventional facts about beauty salons around the world

  • In Moscow (Russia), some hairdressing salons hire security guards in case they need them for to guarantee wealthy clients’ safety.
  • In China, some beauty salons based their services on the product’s brand: for instance if you ask for Wella Professional instead of Schwarzkopf Professional, prices will be different.
  • In Spain it is completely normal for girls as young as 13 to frequently visit beauty salons, for straightening and coloring services.
  • In Russia people can find beauty salons open 24 hours a day.

7 300x300 Hair Salon Flooring Ideas: Durable Salon Floors with a Stylish Finish


Purchasing and installing the right flooring for your beauty business is an important step you will take, in this way you can improve your sales since the appearance of your salon will reflect the look and feel your clients will feel attracted to, in FinishBuild we are ready to assist your chic and low maintenance design flooring project. Do your analysis, plan your project carefully and choose us as the company that will help you reach your beauty salon dream.


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