Get the Best from Vinyl: Luxury Living Rooms

There is a section of the surface covering market that has been     noticeably evolving these last years; vinyl, which made its big first appearance in 1933 in a composition tile displayed at the Century of Progress Exposition in Chicago, however war years made scarce the product and it was not until the late 1940 that vinyl became well marketed. Since it is not a rigid material, and instead it can bend or roll and it can even react to the environment in a flexible way, vinyl flooring belongs to the “Resilient Flooring” category. In addition, as reported by Floor Covering Weekly (2012) in one of its article, vinyl flooring is experiencing high records in sales, and this is certainly due to the unique benefits provided by this covering material.  This affordable flooring option has made quite a few improvements to the classic designs when first introduced. Today’s flooring vinyl is available in advanced printing and texturing technologies, offering both the best looking and best performing; whether the style you are looking for is chic, rustic or contemporary, vinyl will definitely surprise you. What in FinishBuild likes us the most is the fact that when it comes to vinyl, this is another easy to install as well as maintain, long lasting option, and it also provides a comfortable surface to walk on.

Benefits of choosing vinyl as your flooring surface

By using advanced photographic technologies, the ability to imitate real hardwoods and stones is an incredible process done by vinyl flooring manufacturers. The following are some of the many benefits you take home when you decide on this flooring option:

Vinyl is an amazing realistic replication of natural materials; so the look and feel you can achieve at a lower cost are some of the features you can identify in this flooring product.

There are many brands that offer 100% vinyl material; and this especially for Luxury Vinyl Tile, which satisfies Green building standards and earns LEED points in commercial applications.

Vinyl eases the maintenance process; by simply use a damp mopping you can successfully cover the cleaning aspect.

Exceptional selection of sizes and shapes; they vary from each manufacturers but there are many available styles. FinishBuild’s planks have 6.5mm (9).

Highly resistant to scratch, stain, dent and scuff; and this is thanks to vinyl’s specialized wear layers, floors are also coat with urethane to enhance durability.

Extraordinary durability; most of the vinyl floors that have been treated with high technologies are constructed to withstand commercial war and tear, which make them ideal for high traffic areas and other areas of the home.

Budget friendly; economics factor are very significant for both commercial and residential applications, providing the look and feel of rich and natural material at a lower cost.

Our recommended areas to install it

There are some distinct layers applied in every vinyl sheet or plank that make it a quality product to be installed whether in light or high traffic areas. Here you will find the most suitable areas you can consider vinyl as your underfoot surface:

  • Kitchens
  • Bathrooms
  • Basements
  • Living rooms
  • Laundry rooms

Get the best from vinyl: FinishBuild Luxury Living Room Styles

With so many different colors and patterns, vinyl’s versatility makes it a homeowners’ perfect choice. These are FinishBuild’s luxury living room styles:

Our Smoked Tawny looks great in a smooth dark look; its aged effect is perfect for an authentic luxurious living room.

If you want to achieve a wood look in your living room, we totally recommend you FinishBuild’s Wild Lava; let the furniture and a fire place inject personality into your living area, and enjoy of a warm cozy space.

Go for a rustic appeal with our Mojave Desert; and add some stylish pieces of furniture to create a beautiful contrast between modern and light country style.

Show off the best of a sleek simplicity look, by selecting neutral colors in your furniture and our Silver Dollar vinyl planks to create an anchor between your living room and a pleasant conversation.

Repairing vinyl flooring

Accidents on any type of flooring are very common, and when it comes about vinyl surfaces there is no need to replace a whole plank or sheet just because it Is sustained some damage; instead of thisuse a scrap piece of the flooring material and install a “patch” which is practically undetectable.

Cut the vinyl piece

In this step you will need to cut a piece of scrap vinyl that matches the pattern around damaged vinyl. This piece should be longer and wider than the pattern around the damaged area.

Use adhesive tape in the scrap vinyl

Make the pattern of the scrap vinyl and the vinyl on the floor match, and tape the pattern down with duct tape; be sure the tape holds the piece firmly, however do not cover the pattern around the damaged area.

Cut the lines of the pattern

In this step we recommend you to use a straightedge and a sharp utility knife, and then cut along the lines of the patterns. Hold the utility knife straight up and down, cut along the break of the line rather than the center of the pattern line. Next, score the vinyl and press securely so the blade goes through the patch and the flooring vinyl.

Take out the damaged vinyl piece

Once you cut out the pattern, remove the tape and take out the damaged vinyl. To break the vinyl away from the adhesive you can use a putty knife.

Dry fit vinyl patch

Make sure to clean off the old adhesive and dry fit the patch; for this step use the utility knife to trim the patch where necessary and bevel the bottom edges.

Apply the vinyl floor adhesive

You can use the putty knife in order to applya coat vinyl floor adhesive to the floor.

Put the vinyl patch into place

Achieve this, press the patch into place; after that clean the seams with damp rag and lay a heavy object on the patch, so the drying time of the adhesive is properly achieved.

Mix a vinyl seam sealer

Once the adhesive dried, clean the patch’s seam and mix a vinyl seam sealer; sealer will melt the seam and so it will blend in with the rest of the floor.

As you could read vinyl is a very useful and adaptable material; it can be installed over concrete, wood or existing flooring. This durable flooring option stands up to moisture and it also  provides a broad range of natural designs, from realistic wood grains to elegant stones. Thanks to the important improvements vinyl manufacturers are showing, thinking of vinyl as your flooring option can make you imagine there are an endless design ideas to choose from.

As always FinishBuild encourages you and your design project, revolutionize your living room…you start, we Finish!

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