Get ready! You can now buy stylish furniture at FinishBuild

In FinishBuild we have done an interesting remembering exercise. We have gathered together in order to check and analyze what improvements our company has achieved in these last months; it was actually a very rewarding activity that has made me think of my first posts. Going a little bit back in time, I remember that the first products we could offer to our clients were basically related to flooring. Times have changed, and today we as a home company are one step closer to become an online store where people can buy almost everything they think about when it comes the time to build or remodel any space of their homes.

FinishBuild recently expanded its home product offers, and I am loving all of the gorgeous new pieces; from eye- catching vanities and furnishings, to comfy and beautiful sofas and sectionals for your living room. Decorative elements for you home, top-quality building materials and very functional fixtures whether for your kitchen or bathroom are just some of the many new options we have to offer you. I am very excited to show you through this post all of the alternatives you will have to opt for, if you decide to build and fill your home with us.

I cannot share with you some of my favorites pieces without letting you know first what brands FinishBuild has carefully chose in order to bring brand- new home products for each space of your property. Kronoswiss, Nuvelle, Parkay Floors and Moonwalk Underlayment remain our best choices when it comes to flooring options for you, why? Well there are several reasons I can mention, in order to describe those essential features that FinishBuild studies before opting for those brands, among them: creativity, eco- friendly materials, high- quality and innovation. These brands have convinced us to keep trusting on them, and thus today we can absolutely be sure that you will find a wide selection of laminate, engineered and hardwood flooring alternatives with all of the accessories your flooring project requires.

On the other hand, we have Grako which is one of the leading distributors of amazing furniture in the United States. Uruguay was the place where this international company begun its accomplishments, and Miami is where you can find its headquarters today. With great effort and dedication Grako has made it to conquer the United States from East to West, as well as many Caribbean, Central America and South America countries. What we really like about Grako is its great modern furniture designs, they totally manage to produce and distribute high quality pieces that can definitely make your home look prettier and more functional. Then we have chosen Eago sanitaty ware co, as our best professional bathroom products manufacturer to provide you with excellent bathroom pieces and accessories. Its products variety ranges from shower cabins, to acrylic or glass wash basins, and shower panels in between. Based on its domestic market success, FinishBuild have considered Eago as the best choice to complement your bathroom’s look and functionality.

Now an interesting selection of my favorites new offers for you, feel free to visit FinishBuild’s online store to see and acquire any of these home products:


From our French Cottage line and manufactured by Kronenhahn, Neige Oak and Cendre Oak will add character to any of the underfoot surface you decide to install them. In addition, you can find Parcho Tread with riser and Chocolate Parkay texture in our Antique line, manufactured by Parkay Floors. And to complete your flooring picks, I have to mention Brazilian Cherry, Almond and Concrete from our Trends line, manufactured by Kronenhahn.


LED lamps is the name of the line we have given to incredible lighting fixture that will make any of your interior or exterior spaces bright as never before. From metal lamps to flower table lamps, we have carefully selected gorgeous pieces for you, all of them designed and distributed by Grako. Our Furniture offers have also been chosen from Grako home products and my favorite pieces are beautiful dining tables, that have pretty tempered finishes with glass at the top that is holding by a chrome base. Additionally, there are comfortable living room choices at out Sofas & sectionals line, the sofa with a right chaise included is one of my favorite alternatives. You can also find MDF coffer tables with white lacquer finishes and chrome legs.


Frees standing cedar wood with chrome tub filler tub, or a rounded modern bathtub with double seat corner are just two of the interesting options you will find in our new line; all of them manufactured by Eago.

At FinishBuild, in home building as well as decor we want to provide our customers with high- quality and exceptionally priced furniture, flooring, housewares and decoration options; this make us work on carefully select variety and as many choices as possible. We are constantly improving our delivery service, to make it faster and so we can satisfy our clients’ demanding requests. We have decided to grow a little bit as a home company, and therefore we strive to have a great customer service which is ready to assist your next home improvement project. In brief, FinishBuild works at the convenience you expect from us; so please do not forget about browsing online to see with your own eyes all of the features I have mentioned in our brand-new offers. Pick up your favorite ones online and create the home you have always wanted…you dream it, we Build it!