Flooring Tips for Outstanding Basements

In the matter of basements choosing the right flooring products can be tricky, let´s find out why:

Taking a look of the characteristics of basements, FinishBuild review a few basic configurations, which involve rectangular disposition, an at-grade stairway entry and a flat, smoothly gable roof as well.  Most basement houses were constructed of concrete although some were built using concrete blocks underneath grade in addition to stucco materials, brick and also wood siding above grade.

These types of constructions are a beautiful example of how a compound of one or more materials can unify in order to create a huge and strong well-based peace of structural design. Therefore, in relation to choosing proper flooring products for basements considering different factors might require your special attention.

Go through a pair of elements

Water. Since basements are different to other areas of the home, due to the fact that is under the ground, we suggest you to think about water. Well known by its reputation, water is the first important element for human beings, for basements not that much. Moisture is the first factor we would love you to take into account in order to have a clean and durable basement space.

Temperature. Think in advance, underground rooms, such as, basements remain literally grounded, which make them warm expected, temperature speaking, consequently if you are not into considering an air cooler in your project you might want to elude extra hot materials.

What we suggest

FinishBuild options for waterproof flooring for basements are porcelain tiles. Not only because of its resistance, but they are durable and allow for adequate water proofing. Attributable to the fact that basements are susceptible to the excess moisture factor, we conclude that a waterproof basement floor is the best choice for easy maintenance in order to avoid sometimes damp environment or even water damage situations.


A concrete basement floor doesn’t have to be boring. Add simple basement floor paint and achieve a fresh look with an extra layer of durability. At FinishBuild we have the opportunity to offer you a gamma of textures and we consider that in addition to it, light and clear colors might go very well with underground rooms, such as, BEIGE Africa porcelain, which can add a delicate and also casual optical effect. But if you are thinking on going industrial, metal patterns might be a good choice. However, these tiles are usually the result of glazing, where a metallic feature is added to the final firing process.

Proper hands

In case you need whether is proper assessment or removing and replace materials of your basements areas, remedies can be as simple but ion this special situation regarding moisture we definitely suggest to arm yourself with professional knowledge assistant that will guide you through appropriate basement preparation. Tips, like using foam tubing to insulate the affected area can help keep condensation on cold water pipes from dripping. Nevertheless we recommend you to do it on the hand of a professional.

Care & Maintenance

Regarding porcelain maintenance, first thing to take into account that vacuum-time do not have to take much time. Keeping in mind light not abrasive cleaning products, is a good recommended idea that also would add a soft look. A broom and mop cleaning-time would be just good enough. Relating to scratch, it is pertinent to be aware of heavy furniture.  Maintenance of your flooring areas would allow you to assure the best floor tiles performance. Keep into account that breathing in a dusty atmosphere, basements in particular can cause asthma and chronic sickness in both children and adults.