Flooring Flats Tips for Happy Neighbors

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On previous articles we have done general reviews of home areas. Even though our suggestions can be applied to any homegrown we would like to take a special concentration on flat or apartment areas, which can be a tricky at some point. We explain you why: Concerning from top to bottom areas, flooring products can be an annoying element, due to sound transmission. The setting process of a laminate or hardwood floor in place of carpet, for example, results in more impact travelling into the floor.

Noises like this can quickly turn out to be displeasure for downstairs neighbors, often without the upper property being aware of it.

FinishBuild recognizes that noise footsteps, chair scrape, dropped items can be a very discomforting factor that no one should have or might want on their daily basis. The thing is, despite the fact we love flooring products for they style and the difference they make in the appearance of any apartment, regarding durability, flats can be actually very challenging to keep up, in addition wear and tear factors should be a primary consideration when you are thinking on choosing a flooring product to lay in your apartment.

Nevertheless challenging is not synonym of impossible. Nowadays, flooring products are an attractive alternative but they are not always recommended for every type of building. Residential flats are generally designed to use carpeted flooring products, in the case of hard timber flooring surfaces is not appropriate in residential buildings for the reason that their susceptibility to impact noise transmission. Flats affected by impact noise problems can also suffer from more general issues of poor sound insulation.

Therefore, in order to maintain peace and harmony around your residence, we suggest you that before removing soft floor coverings, we recommend you to communicate with your downstairs neighbor about the current level of sound isolation between properties in order to identify if the sound protection is upright enough to allow the use of a hard flooring products on your surface. Generally, only specially designed flats with extensive floor structures are able to embrace hard flooring products without causing hostile neighbor response.

Noise impact

STCIIC Rating Scale70 300x203 Flooring Flats Tips for Happy NeighborsAccording to BuildDirect Company, sound transmission is ranked by three different principles, where each one defines a different way in which sound is diffused. Sound absorption of flooring product coverings may be measured on two of those scales. The third applies to room-to-room transmission, more appropriate for walls. As follow: IIC acronym for impact insulation class is measured in terms of how well sound vibrations travel through a floor to the room that is below your own.

  • IIC 50 has the least impact sound absorption quality. Regarding apartments it would be insufficient for most on a high floor short of a proper protection in the area between the floor and the ceiling below. Most stone and tile will fall into this category.
  • IIC 60 indicates a medium impact sound absorption quality and encompasses floorings such as wood, laminates, and some vinyls.
  • IIC 65 corresponds to high level of impact sound transmission absorption and includes superior sound reduction materials like carpet and cork.

Impact insulation class is importantly influenced by the faces and areas under the floor. These previous rating can be substantially improved by many options such as, setting underlayment, before your flooring products, isolation, or by floating the floor.

Reducing noise

NRC which corresponds noise reduction coefficient, measures the amount of noise that is absorbed by the material and not reflected. A room with a high NRC rating would eliminate background noise and echoes to help clarify speech. Without it, sound waves would bounce off the walls and crash into each other, creating a cacophony of continuous sound, making individual words impossible to distinguish. Vinyl, cork, and rubber for instance, have a fairly high NRC rating, with hardwood, bamboo, tile, and stone at the bottom of the scale for sound absorption.


What we recommend


flooring flats tips for happy neighbors 1 300x300 Flooring Flats Tips for Happy NeighborsNoise blocking is a strategic move to any sound proof area, since happiness is necessary last thing you need is a loudly and lousy floor. MoonWalk underlayment can perfectly go with FinishBuild flooring products, installation under floor boards in order to decrease the sound of footsteps and other noises being transmitted to the room below. On the other hand, other of the interesting features about MoonWalk underlayment is also useful in a bedroom or home office where a quiet environment is desirable. Humidity it would not be a problem either due to is manufactured moisture barrier, flooring areas, such as; studios and theater spaces would be safe, promising a high quality long lasting product as well. Another plus you could add to preserve your mental sanity and your flooring products performance is considering mats beneath furniture or equipment it might be a blessed to floor boards. Finally we close this episode, we encourage you to build possible, even on apartments, regarding keeping the sound quality, a private place is possible. 


   flooring flats tips for happy neighbors 2 300x300 Flooring Flats Tips for Happy NeighborsLaminate flooring can be customized to mimic the look of tile or even hardwood flooring. Even installing process can be noiseless because it is a simple process. In the case of flats, Finish Build Laminate flooring products can be a suitable match due to its durability and low maintenance. We also consider that since liquids splashing might happen form time to time, dark colors such as Driftwood, Heron, French Cottage could be a high quality proposal to your apartment  and in the case you own pets is even better.



Destacada 2 300x138 Flooring Flats Tips for Happy Neighbors

This element can be a delight because it is multipurpose, you can use it in order to take care of your flooring specific areas, such as, the entrance, for example which can be very messy at some point particularly if the apartment is in a rainy area or if your occupants have pets. On the other hand, we suggest you to choose a high-quality durable flooring product based on the thickness of planks. This can help you avoid replacing the floors, in case you decide to move out, and will also increase your flat price. FinishBuild reminds you that you can always choose, therefore, by boosting your style and priorities we can help you to examine the specific issues in order to choose accordingly.

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