FinishBuild’s Wood- Based Panel Products Review

Long time ago, man started to make more significant changes in the way he lived. This transition was made slowly; from caves or makesift shelters made of animal skins to look for more durable materials that help build long- lasting dwellings in order to create a more settled lifestyle. Wood used as a construction material, can serve as a primary, decorative element or support structure; as you might know chances are endless when it comes to this fabulous construction material. Today’s article is dedicated to wood- based panel products, which are great construction materials that come typically in flat or curved sheets; they are generally made of veneer, strands or fibers with a synthetic cured, using heat and pressure. Since they help improve strength and have stiffness properties; they are the result of blending wood resource efficiently and excellent manufacture process.

Wood panel products can be categorized as structural; which are designed and manufactured in order to resist forces and perform specific roles in structural systems (houses, buildings shipping containers), these products are made following mechanical properties criteria. There are also non- structural panels, which are mainly produced for other applications, not necessarily structural purposes, those applications can be furniture, flooring or doors; taking into consideration that other properties beside strength or stiffness are important.

Wood Panel Products

Today the quest to develop stronger, straighter as well as more efficient renewable products is still ongoing; this is an excellent effort to better use more earth- friendly construction materials. The following are some wood panel products reviews we have selected, in order to give you good reasons to choose the right one for you.


The making process of this outstanding panel product consists on gluing individual plies or thin layers of veneer together. Plywood can be made from both hardwood and softwood species, and can be also bonded with many types of adhesive. Those sheets of veneer are spread with glue and then laid up into a panel and pressed together with heat. When it comes to structural sheathing applications where the panel is nailed to a wooden frame to create walls, roofs and floors, softwood plywood is the first option taken into consideration. On the other hand, hardwood plywood is mainly manufactured for decorative applications, for instance: paneling, cabinetry. What we really like about plywood is how good can perform; its resistance to splitting, cracking and warping makes it the perfect replacement of solid wood in many applications.

Oriented Strand Board (OSB)

Also known as Waferboard, OSB is the result of comprised wood flakes which are sprayed with resin and wax, formed into a mat that is pressed under heat. Those flakes and layers of flakes are oriented in different directions in the lay-up process, in order to achieve desired properties. Oriented Strand Board is a very flexible material, hence is highly used like plywood as a sheathing material; it is also seen as a lower- cost substitute in many applications.


You can also find it as particleboard, and it is a panel product made from wood particles that are sprayed with wax, adhesive and then pressed under heat. This construction material can be done in very smooth surfaces that allow it to be used as surface coatings, veneer or overlays, adding that form decorative or working to your surfaces. Chipboard is a versatile material, appropriate for all general purposes in construction and furniture manufacture as well as for dry, moist and flame retardant applications.

Medium Intensity Fiberboard (MDF)


Its surface is flat, smooth and more uniform than that chipboard; this makes MDF preferable for finishing with paint, thin laminates or painted surfaces. Medium Density Fiberboard is made by mixing wax and resin with wood or cellulosic fibers. The main uses for this impressive construction material are: cabinets, furniture, molding, millwork and doors.  Logs, manufacturing residues and urban wood waste are the principal sources where the cellulosic furnish for MDF may come; the raw material is converted into fiber by using steam and mechanical action of disk refiner.


This is a variation of fiberboard that is pressed to higher densities than MDF and with other refinements to achieve enhanced properties. Hardboard is used for exterior siding, wall paneling and furniture. Wood panels are manufactured for specific uses accordingly with accepted commercial product standards; they are engineered composite products characterized by its properties such as strength, stiffness, dimensional stability and surface quality.

Additionally we can also mention wood composites, which are considered as eco- friendly material because of the relatively little energy used to produce them and their fully use log. Moreover, they are the result of waste resources and therefore they are classified as renewable materials.

In FinishBuild we believe that gaining experience with positive product attributes such as panel products is an exceptional way for both designers and consumers, to increase well into numerous innovations and improved technologies. Panel products have positively modified wood surfaces chemically, in order to enhance bonding of the synthetic adhesives now used; this translates into a more efficient use of these elements that permit their continued use in a much lesser quantities. Our main idea in FinishBuild is to encourage our clients to invest in a greener future; this can perfectly be achieved by making a better use of the timber resource and finding a way for inclusion of new panel technology into any of the panel categories. Benefits are wide when you decide on wood- based panel products for your home or building project; they allow quick housing construction, not to mention that the provide many superior properties if compared to other construction materials.

Browse on our website and find the most suitable wood- based panel products for you; whether you are looking them for general purposes in construction or furniture…you start, we Finish!