FinishBuild’s Top 9 Entry Home Doors in Style

Did you know Feng Shui front door invites wealth into your home? Ok, let’s make first a nice and short review about this ancient art and science, known worldwide as Feng Shui: as you may know Feng Shui examines the placement of objects and how they affect the energy flow in your living environments; the way these objects interact with basically influence your personal energy flow, and therefore your personal flow affects how you think and act, which in turn affects how well you perform and succeed in your personal and professional life, so as you can notice Feng Shui affects every moment of your day, whether your are aware of it or not. According to this holistic art, front (entry) home doors will nourish your home. Moreover, the front door of a home is often considered a great opportunity to express your personal taste, in order to grab the attention of everyone; the idea then is to make your front door be as beautifully attractive as possible, as well as make energy and opportunities can easily come off the road and to your door. In every single article we share on our website, we always strive to show exceptional interiors ideas and tips that grab our dear readers’ attention and so inspire many of them; this is something that make us really happy.

Best picks for entry home doors in style

The main entrance of any home certainly reveals much about the house and the people who live in it. So, make the best of your home’s entry door project and get inspired by our holistic suggestion Feng Shui, or any of your life’s philosophy, reinvent how your home’s main entrance look and consider all of the key elements that can make your project successful.

Vibrant wood main door

The natural tones of wood add character to main entrances. A modern take on a classic look with add contemporary update to your home. We surely think this will be an excellent alternative if your home’s exterior is made of concrete and steel. Add some horizontal black wood panels to this idea and provide your front door with a little extra decoration that looks nicely bold.

Front door with elegant details

Wrought iron is undoubtedly the right alternative you will have to reach this front door project; this door material evokes and old world feel that will make an exceptional impact in your home’s exterior. Not to mention that this is a really little maintenance idea. So opt for a high quality metal door that stays beautiful for a lifetime.

Lively combination main entrance

Consider an eye- catching color to achieve this Craftsman entryway. Our suggestion? Vibrant blue door paired with yellow siding and white trim; this great combination will express your friendly and high- aesthetic version.

Front door that emphasizes elements

Emphasize the height of your custom main door with additional molding design that can be found above head and frosted floor to ceiling windows.

Modern main entrance

With this idea you are free to create a dramatic look and it does not matter if your have a small entryway space. Cool gray walls and stainless trim are what we thought to accomplish this look; it will transform an ordinary entry way into a gorgeous arrival point.

Front door with a sophisticated look

Because an entryway should be an inviting area for you and your guests, reflect your hospitable side and consider light trim work that pops again a brown shade doorway to provide your front door with an elegant touch.

Highlighted architectural features

A bold way to add interest to your entryway will be by having architectural details and a door that performs your home style at its best.

Unique doorway

You may need an architect’s advice on this idea, because of the blend of materials you will need to reach this front door project. We consider that a creative blend of materials will create a distinguishing overhang, which will add a sense of scale and purpose.

Eye- catching steel

In case that you are looking for modern styles in your home’s entry way, steel doors are the best options you will find not to mention they are available in any style, from traditional to contemporary and high- quality details in between; so you can choose the most suitable for your home’s project. Additionally, these types of door do not warp like wood doors.

Creative ways to add charm to your homes main entrance


The pathway that leads to your home’s front door needs to be as eye- catching as the your entry door; the following are some simple but absolutely pretty ideas to add more of your personal style to your home’s front door:

  • Choose to provide your home with a nice and fresh touch by using flower pots or any of your favorite creative green arrangements.
  • A mix of family photos and drawings in your entryway’s door will attractively fill that main hallway of your home.
  • Keep curb appeal for a year round by using seasonal potted plants at your home’s entryway.
  • Provide your home’s entryway with an always useful place to hang; you can place a wrought iron piece in order to have a rustic element in your home’s entryway where you can hold hats and outerwear.
  • Display an interesting table with your favorite collection of Chinese porcelains; as a tip we might add that the pieces you choose do not necessary need to match, but they do need to play together well.


The first aspect of your home that your guests see when they arrive is the main door, so why don’t make it the focal point of your home’s exterior? On the other hand, a magnificent front door gives great potential to possible sells, because it will be a feature that buyers will remember. An excellently finished front door let visitors know that the inside of your home is a well kept and gorgeous space; we need to add that paying attention to little details and well done accents will definitely showcase the interior artwork upon entry.

Whether you are renovating your home’s spaces or starting to build your dream house, dream about your home’s improvement project and o not settle it with normal…you start, we Finish!