FinishBuild’s 6 Bathroom Illumination Tips

Chandeliers, decorative wall sconces and recessed lighting are probably your first options when it comes to light up your home’s spaces. When it comes to the proper lighting for your bathroom, this can represent and interesting design challenge since too often this home improvement is low (perhaps at the end) on the list of priorities relative to other rooms in the house. Fortunately, and due to the fact that bathrooms designing trends are becoming larger and more elaborate, right lighting has become even more essential to make the most of this important space.

In FinishBuild when we think of both bathrooms and kitchens, we totally agree with the fact that both of them require practical and functional fixtures solutions for a primarily task- oriented space. Choosing the proper lighting for your bathroom is key; too little and you won’t be able to see what you are doing, on the other hand too much lighting or poor placement will cause glare issued. So what you basically should take into account is that as you want for your kitchen, your bathroom lighting needs to be a choice with style and quality that is able to perform both, suits your décor and creates a comforting environment.

FinishBuild’s Recommendations

When we decided to start this article, our first idea was to transmit to our readers throughout the post that proper lighting design is not as difficult as you might imagine. Today lighting fixtures market offers an amazing and wide selection of wall mounted and vanity lights that can help you reach the style you want in this essential area of your home. Now the question is: how to pick the proper bathroom vanity lighting? We are sure that if you keep reading this article, you would find the answers.

Task Lighting

Since this is the light by which you can best see yourself, task lighting at the mirror must be an important element for you to consider. Instead of attaching those rounded fixtures vertically in pairs beside each mirror, you can try a single fixture mounted horizontally over the mirror. By using sconce mounted at eye level on either side of the mirror, you provide shadowless illumination, creating a great scenario for makeup application, shaving, tooth care and all the activities you do every morning in this room. Task lighting should be adjust with a dimmer, its functions will give you the freedom to control the illumination from the first activity you develop in the morning, until that last help you wind down at night; use fixtures that provide 75 to 100 watts, or what their equivalent in compact fluorescent 24 to 26 watt.

Accent Lighting

This type of lighting is ideal for those people who would like to add art in their bathroom, the most recommended fixture to reach this are recessed directional lights, because they provide a focused illumination for each piece of art you want to add in your bathroom. Accent lighting not only highlight the beauty of the piece you have selected but also adds visual sparkle, and this will be the right touch of this room.

Ambient Lighting

The way we can best describe the performance of this type of lighting is as fill light. When it comes to bathrooms with taller ceilings, ambient lighting fixtures can be installed along the perimeter of the space and it is incredible how functional they are. A pendant fixture with a translucent shade may be the source you were looking for to both decorative and ambient light.

Layered Lighting

This is very important for any room, but with even more emphasis in bathrooms since there are a significant variety of tasks that are done every day in the bathroom. Having layered lighting options which are designed for the specific needs of each task is something you can make by installing a downlight mounted over the sink; this provides general illumination that fills the area. When you mix multiple light sources, you are basically creating a balanced lighting plan. For instance, windows let in natural light so you should consider this as another exceptional lighting alternative, recessed lights near the shower also provide the right amount of illumination.

Avoid Too Many Light Fixtures

This recommendation is especially when dealing with vanity lights, there is such a thing as too much light! This is a common mistake that people make when they own a bathroom where there is a lot of natural light, three light fixtures are ideal for this case; they only illuminate the mirror without creating a spotlight.

Lighting High- Moisture Areas

This applies mostly for showers or tubs lighting, think about water and safety so our tip is to look for ceiling- mounted or recessed lighting, which is listed as a wet location option that is safe in wet conditions and also fully covered in glass.

Bathrooms are now on of the rooms in the house where people are spending a lot more time, this is an excellent reason to create an atmosphere which is relaxing and have a spa like influence. Make your bathroom a bright and clean space, to achieve this remember that overhead and task lighting are really important; another key element, in case you would like to enjoy adjusting the lighting intensity is by installing dimmers. Additionally avoid fabric shades on fixtures, especially if you have a Jacuzzi tub; instead you can consider brushed chrome, nickel or stainless finishes on your bathroom lightning fixtures that will perform better.